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Those Queens that Scream

Scream Queens is a hot topic, & has been since the first season premier back in September of 2015. The show has casted some very well known celebrities in the nation, such as Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Stamos, Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, & Ariana Grande, just to name a few.

I must admit that I didn’t give the show any time of day. I actually waited until the entire season was over when I started watching it. But once I turned it on, I could not turn it off. As a matter of fact, my own father started watching it with me and he also got addicted! We spent hours talking and assuming who the Red Devil was and who would be murdered next, yet we were always wrong. I love shows like that, that always keep you guessing. My favorite part of the show was when Nick Jonas’s character was announced gay, I was like “YASSS ZADDY”, but was quickly crushed when he was murdered. But other then him, the drama was intense and was real!

But now that we’re in season two, we have the all so sexy Taylor Lautner! They kill one handsome man and bring in another! Keep serving us, producers, you’re doing it right! But lets be honest, it’s not the handsome men that keep bringing us back. It’s the stuck up, so dingy, chanels’. Everyone inspires to be them, ha-ha! But for me, it’s all about Miss Niecy Nash, aka Denise! She keep me in pain from cracking the hell up! She is a straight up mess and I straight up love her! Plus she is always representing Quantico, her traning facility, as well as the hit television show. (In which, I also recommend, but that will be another post)

Just for some laughs and giggles, lets do a small cliff note on the second season. This season takes place in a hospital, which Munch invested in, after leaving the messy university situation. She hunts down and hires all the chanels, as well as Zayday Williams, since she is experimenting her business. But oh no! There’s another killer on the loose! And this time, it’s a Green Devil! whoa! The thing I love about this Fox Show, is that they use every corner of comedy horror to their advantage. Corny, corny, corny, with a dash of horror all over it. Quite a few cast members have already been killed off, only four episodes in. So again, they’re really making you guess and wonder.

Is it a mean girl? Crunch Munch? OR Psycho, Hester? I guess we will just have to keep watching to find out!

But I want to get into one political stand point, one that so noticeably stuck out. The trump costume, on the latest episode of season 2. Ivanka  & IvanaTrump, to be exact. Just an idea I had, is this Fox’s way of showing who they support? I mean two women from the Trump family, that does speak volumes, doesn’t it? I leave that for you to decide, while you’re also thinking about who the killer is.

This show just really keeps on getting scarier and scarier doesn’t it?

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The Laughing Derby

If you’re ever in the Louisville area, specifically the Highlands, then be sure to check out this fabulous comedy club! It’s rated number 5 on the list of a good night out in Louisville!

My dear friend and I won a couple of tickets one day, so we decided to give it a try. We were not disappointed! I personally had one of the best times of my life, especially since we were in the second row. The comedians are very interactive with the crowd! I got called on at least 3 times. You will literally be on the edge of your seat, trying to fight back the tears from laughter.

Decent prices on food and beverages, which are both well worth it, in my opinion. Also, the tickets themselves are fairly cheap. Anywhere between 12-30 dollars and you’re guaranteed a spectacular time.

Another good thing about the Laughing Derby, is that it’s in the heart of the highlands. There’s plenty of bars, fine restaurants, and shopping outlets around every corner. There’s also a straight shot down bardstown road to get to downtown Louisville, where you will find the Hard Rock Café!

There really is nothing like my old Kentucky home, so when you visit, make sure you take full advantage of the beautiful metro area!

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Mr. Potter Lives On…

Let me start off by saying that I finished this book in less then two days! It’s a fabulous read & you get sucked right in.

It picks up right where the deathly hallows (book 7) left off, except it’s in the name

of the children of Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, & Draco.

This book is full of suspense, emotions, & anticipation.

I literally carried it around with me from beginning to end, & I was truly devastated when I finished it! I’m a Harry Potter addict and I need more!

Will we be seeing more from the astounding J.K. Rowling? I surely do hope so. She knows she has addicts to take care of!

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Who’s Side Are You On?

There’s two companies that has shook the world by storm, Apple and Android. There’s no other competition. Personally, I am an apple fanatic. I’ve had the iPod touch since they first came out, and I’ve had the phone since iPhone 4. I have carried from the 4, 5S, 6+, and now the 6S+. I also have the iPad mini. I even had the iPod nano and the iPod touch. So it’s safe to say who’s side I’m on. It actually runs in my family. But what’s so special between the two brands? Let’s take a look and find out.

Apple made its debut to the public in December of 1980. The company generated more capital then any other business since the Ford Motor Company in 1956. But nobody really noticed apple until 2001, when apple introduced the first ever iPod audio player, which could hold around 1,000 songs, which made music lovers lose their minds, including myself!

Since then, the innovation of apple  prospered and bloomed into one of the biggest and richest companies in the world. The iTunes music store launched in 2003, having an access to as much music as your heart could handle. Then, in 2007 the apple company dropped computer from their name and just became apple, inc. while introducing the iPhone and the iPad, and of course the birth of touch screens. But the innovation doesn’t stop there, now that apple has created the apple watches, Apple TV, Apple car play, laptops, and even wireless ear phones. It’s safe to say they won’t stop surprising us any time soon!

Now let’s look at Android. As well all know, Android is an operating system created by google, one of the other biggest companies in the world. Android was founded in 2003, bought out by google in 2005, and hit the consumers’ eyes in September 2008, just a year after apple introduced their first iPhone.

Android is the best selling operating system on tablets, and has held that position since 2013. Android is also taking over with android tv, android auto for cars, and android wear, notebooks, cameras, and even game consoles!

Something i find interesting is that Android’s default userface is based on direct manipulation, which means using touch inputs that correspond to real-world actions. These actions include pinching, swiping, tapping, and reverse pinching to manipulate objects on the screen. How cool is that?

I also love the locking pattern of the Android, where as Apple, it can only be a set of numbers or letters. But both brands have added some new, cool unlocking mechanisms, which brings me to the third part..

lets compare them!

-Apple introduced the TouchID, allowing you to bypass the code, with the recognition of any finger print that you download into your product, ie, tablet, phone, etc. whereas android introduced the similar feature, along with face recognition, which I think is cool as hell!

-In terms of camera usage, Apple wins hands down, but in terms of storage, Android wins by a long shot, offering google photos with unlimited, free space, whereas Apple’s iCloud makes you pay for more space.

-let’s tal about these keyboards! I love that both companies have introduced the virtual keyboards, allowing the phones to be nothing but screen! But android wins this one, due to their swipe gestures along with their punctuation. Apple does the most when autocorrect is enabled. No, I didn’t mean duck. 😒

-One thing I wish Apple would do, is what Android does. The layout of apps on the android is beautiful, along with their widgets. Multiple pages and displays for you to edit as you please. Whereas Apple’s layout is pretty basic and boring.

Now, with a few comparisons listed. Let’s talk about the real deals. The iPhone 7 vs. the Galaxy S7, which runs on Android Marshmellow..

-they’re both the best looking and well built devices ok the market, but the iPhone 7 is the third take on the design that was introduced in 2014. By contrast, the S7 only has a minor update from last year’s S6 model.

-Apple has cut back on the antenna lines while maintaining the same curvaceous metal body. On another note, Apple did say farewell to the 3.5mm aux port. Which I am seriously not excited about, because now you get a hideous adapter to plug into the charging port just to listen with headphones… If you still use the wired set!

-Apple introduced the beautiful wireless head phones at the same times as they dropped the 7 and the 7+! I want them so bad so that I can bop down the street and lose them instantly!

-The S7 edge introduces the beautiful curved edge display!

Some more cons? As we know about the Apple, headset port gone, but you get a second camera on the 7+… wow! As if one isn’t enough. 🙄😒 poorest update I’ve ever seen.

But what about the S7? Reports of batteries and phones melting? That’s some serious problems if you ask me, I hope Samsung and android can get that worked out quickly, or everyone may become an apple eater!


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Clowning Around

Creepy clowns, brutality, robbery, hysteria, police action, clown hunts. Sounds likes something out of a movie, right? Wrong. This is going on in real time, in our own backyards! Clown hysteria has taken the nation by storm, which began on the 21st of August in Greenville County, S.C., where suspicious charaters with circus clown attire, white face paint,  and yes, even chains, were causing havoc and allegedly trying to lure kids into the woods.

 Since then, more and more sitings have popped up over the nation, even the world. Reports coming in from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Idaho, and even the U.K.

 Clowns are supposed to be harmless and funny, right? Well this is no laughing matter as Halloween peaks around the corner. Officials are calling for safety nationwide, in which I couldn’t agree more! This is getting a little out of crontrol. Too many clowns are popping their red noses up out of nowhere. But the funny part is, most officials ask you to not harm them, as it COULD just be a prank. I’m sorry, but if one is blocking my way, while holding a bat, or a chain link, then I may need to defend myself. I’m sure majority, if not all of my readers would agree.

 Ronald McDonald, who has been the face of McDondalds since 1963, has taken on a makeover in appearance due to the sightings and the effect it’s had on our community. Very thoughtful from such a creepy man!

 What I find very interesting, is the cause of this clown phenomenon. What is the influence? Attention seekers? The release of the remake of Stephen King’s “It”? Or was it season 4 of the remarkable show “American Horror Story”? You may have forgotten that clown, but I surely haven’t! *Shivers*

Reality Snapbacks

New Jersey Crisis

There have been a lot of horrible things going on with Teresa Guidice, from freshly getting back home from her time away, to having to say goodbye to her hubby, Joe Giudice, as he left to do his time. It’s good to say though, that she has the love and support of her four beautiful daughters, friends, and family, especially her brother and sister-in-law, Joe and Melissa Gorga.

When Teresa got home from her time in camp, she just wanted to start over fresh with everyone, whether it would be to start over with friendships, or just clean the slate and leave it at that, like Teresa did with her cousins and former RHNJ castmates, Kathy & Rosie. But some people just couldn’t let it happen. Jacqueline Laurita, another RHNJ cast member, who has made her return for season 7, seemed to have a lot to say about Teresa, from re-hashing the past, throwing shade on her ‘time at camp’, trying to drive a wedge between her and Melissa, to accusing her of having an ‘army’.

But others will speculate that Jacqueline acted out of pain, & reacted due to being ‘attacked’. I partially agree with this, I do believe she was hurt, because she’s had a frienship with Guidice for all of ten years, so it caused her great pain when she noticed how close Guidice and her sister-in-law have become, which Laurita had no problem voicing during their getaway trip to Vermont. I, however, do not believe that she was attacked, because she initiated a conversation amongst others, then called Teresa’s friend, Robyn Levy, a soldier for teresa, which then sparked some hideous drama. But when Laurita was ‘threatened’, she provoked the situation by sitting on the lap of Levy, instead of walking away. So in my opinion, she wanted the fight. Guidice had every right to ask questions at the dinner table, because she wasn’t around when the initial confrontation took place. She just needed an explanation, but instead, Laurita flipped the vermont script, by attacking Melissa out of nowhere, & trying to drive that wedge between the sisters, that have finally found a lovely stable ground to build upon. Just messy.

Do you think we will see more of Jacqueline on RHNJ?

But the most heartbreaking moment was when Guidice had to kiss and hug her husband goodbye, so he could head to camp. Guidice is very old-fashioned, so she doesn’t believe in divorce, and that her family is everything. She has been in Mr. Guidice’s life since she was sixteen years old. So the pain she feels, is surely on a tremendous level. This will be her longest time being seperated from him, since he will be im camp for a whomping 41 month, or just 3 years, which trumps Teresa’s time at camp, only having to go away for 11 months, just under a year. We know she is hurting, but Guidice is phenominal at wearing a smile. She is such a strong woman, who doesn’t need any help. But regardless, her brother and sister-in-law won’t leave her side. They’re always together on Sundays for family dinner. It’s also good to note that they converse with Joe Guidice at least once a week, whether it’s through phone calls, letters, or emails. It’s also safe to say that even though this is a heartbreaking moment, it has brought the family closer together.

How do you feel about Teresa and her current situation in life?

LBGT Rainbows

Equality For All… Almost!

This is a big year for the LGBT community, specifically on the 26th of June, when the Supreme Court ruled in Obergrfell vs. Hodges, in which all 50 states must license and recognize gay marriage. Guam, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, U.S. Virgin Islands, & the Northern Mariana Islands also recognize same sex marriage. The gay community, including myself, wept tears of joy that day.

Two years prior to this astounding achievement in our history, June 26th 2013, the Supreme Court ruled that section 3 of defense of marriage act was unconstitutional. DOMA forbade federal government from recognizing same sex marriage, in which Hawaii fought to enact in 1996. I’m glad to say that is now officially history.

Of course, with all the glory, also comes the hate and anger. Nearly a year after the Supreme Court ruling, 49 beautiful U.S. patrons lost their lives at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. What hatred do you have in yourself that is so extreme that you must take the lives of innocent people? To destroy their family’s lives?

That’s what’s nice about America, this is supposed to be the land of the free. We should be able to live the way we freely wish to live, as long as it doesn’t break the federal laws that are set in place to make America a safe place to live. Last time I checked, this is a religious belief issue, which, if I’m correct, we keep separate from government.. Unless that law has also changed?

We still have work to do, though. The transgender community is still struggling to find their way into the ‘freedom’ of things. The same goes for pansexual, along with the other sexual preferences in existence. But I have good faith, that there are plenty of good hearted people out there that understand that us as humans want to be free, happy, and loved.


LBGT Rainbows

Rainbows in New York!

This year, NYC and the UN LGBT Core Group partnered to paint a fabulous rainbow crosswalk leading into the United Nations headquarters to celebrate the diversity and resiliency of the LGBT community. NYC is pleased to enforce their policies that empower all people, no matter of race, gender, ethnicity or identity – to live free from harassment and violence.

New York and United Nations are doing it right! The most powerful move made by one of the most powerful companies in one of the most powerful cities! This will open so many opportunities for the LGBT community, and will hopefully send a powerful message across the world.

I have never been more pleased to be a New Yoker! We’re changing the rules of equality, one nation at a time!

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The Idiot Elections

One wants to deploy immigrants, the other is cool with killing full term babies. Which is the less of the two evils?

For a year now, we have been seeing these two familiar, powerful, & ugly faces all over our televisions, and taking over social media. But now the clock is officially ticking, with voting just a few weeks away!

These debates have been real interesting to say the least. I’ve watched every single one, then would jump on twitter and just watch the comments and the aggression fill my timeline.

I like to stay neutral during this specific debate, because I don’t like neither one of them. I actually plan on voting independent for the first time since my voting allowance! (First time was Obama!) but the violence I witness from the citizens of America, over some piss poor candidates, really just breaks my heart. I don’t see how anyone could understand what they were saying anyways, because when I watched the debates, I just felt like I was watching two middle schoolers argue back and forth, calling each other stupid. I feel like my IQ dropped 10 points per debate.

• Lets talk about Monica, uh, I mean former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

We can definitely say she has a lot of experience with the GOP system, given that she was the First Lady of former President, Bill Clinton in 1993, a senator for the United States senate, & of course, Secretary of State. She’s also a strong women’s rights & human rights activist. Obama is also a huge fan and supporter, which is, in my personal opinion, the only good thing she has going for her.

During her debates & campaigns, she continued to address a variety of issues she believes in, such as student debt, which is a personal favorite because your boy needs a blessing. Others include criminal justice reform, campaign finance reform, improving healthcare coverage and costs of the Affordable Care Act, & of course, women’s rights.

But she’s a bit of a flip flopper when it comes to other hot topics, such as: gay marriage, which she used to despise but now supports. She also now has a plan to combat climate change, while in the past she was all for fracking. Though she claims this should be implemented in exceptional cases, Clinton does support the death penalty. But this whole agreeance with late term abortion, is a little distasteful for me. I’m all for pro choice, but you don’t need 6 months or more to decide. As far as open borders, I mean that’s better then a gigantic wall, right? Some moderation is good. Bring the people over who want a good, free life, but keep the murderers. We have enough of those here in America already.

But  what about her responsibilities for security in Benghazi? When she was scheduled for her testimony on the attack at the outpost, she had to cancel due to a virus and various health issues… hmm. 🤔

Many people questioned the timing of her illness, including members of congress, which I mean, can you blame them? It’s seemed to be a perfect convenience. But she did eventually take full responsibility so.. kudos.

These emails though! From scandals to leaks… Woo! I’ve been waiting for this one! First of all, someone who has been in the government system since the 80s, definitely knows better then to use a private server without permission, especially while serving Secretary of State.. & she deleted them?! Over 33K emails.. like girl, wtf? Of course, all charges were dropped against her. Go head girl! Play stupid! That’s what you do best! Just like with your husband and Monica!

As for the nineteen thousand Democratic National Convention emails that were leaked.. well, let’s just say it proved some ideas that people already knew. It revealed how officials favored Clinton over sanders, therefore sought to undermine his campaign. Since then, Wasserman Schultz announced that she would step down as DNC chair… oh, spicy.

Now for this old business man turned GOP Candidate, Donald Trump..

The only experience this man has is business. He’s a chairman for trump hotels and casino resorts, as well as the trump organization.. must be nice to not pay taxes.

Overall, this man is crazy. He wants a huge wall as a border line from Mexico, he allegedly has harassed many women as well as degrades them, he is very racist, and he likes to grab things by the kitty cat, to say the very least. The only thing I love about him is his constant replies to Hillary of “you’re wrong”

The only time I agreed with trump was when he told Hillary he’d have her in jail for her email scandal. I also think he made a good point when he said in the final debate that if him befriending Russian president, Vladimir Putin would prevent a war between the our countries, that he’d be ok with that. Honestly, I would too! I don’t know about you all, but I ain’t trying to die today.

Politics? Haha, sure. He disagrees with women having unrestricted rights to abortion, but again, he made a good point when he said it should be early term, not late term. He disagrees in expanding Obama care, he STRONGLY disagrees in green energy prioritizing. He, of course, disagrees in the higher tax rate on the wealthy. He also disagrees in the pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants… shocker. Nor does he support the expansion of free trade, which we all knew due to the fact that every other sentence is about how NAFTA was the worst document that the clintons ever signed. That’s about all we get out of this man because all he likes to discuss at the debates is who has endorsed him, while crying that the judges always give Hillary more talk time than they do him.

I’m for the libertarian this term, I’m just saying. He’s our only hope for survival. I don’t know what happened to America for us to end up with these two candidates as president.

It breaks my heart that we don’t hear from the libertarian unless we do some hardcore research. Why are we giving these two buffoons all the limelight? Like, enough is enough.

And the fourh candidate? One that nobody ever hears from. We don’t even know where she stands because nobody gives her, nor the libertarian, the opportunity to voice what they would do for our country.

How will you vote this year?

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Saudi Arabia

“It’s one of the most secretive cities on the world” says a private reporter. 

This really struck my attention, because when you think about it, no tourists are allowed in the city, no recording is allowed whatsoever,  and if caught, you can be jailed for up to five years!

But what is it exactly that they want to hide? Is it because they totally downgrade and disrespect women? Publicly execute civilians? Control thoughts and beliefs? Or is it because they teach children in school to punish others, such as the Shia, and Christians’ by death? 

Whatever the case may be, I feel that the Saudi Arabian government doesn’t want us to be completely knowledgeable, because they know the world would step in and try to change these horrible ways. 

I am happy to relay about the change in their human rights, though! A lot of activists are starting to stand up, protest, and speak out, including women, You go girls! 

A young man has created a website, called liberal Saudis, which exposes their practices, and it has caused a huge outrage. Though he is practicing freedom of speech, he is threatened with jail time due to him “provoking Islam”.

 But let’s not miss or even remotely forget Loujain al-Hathloul! She is one of the most remarkable women’s activists in the region. She spent 73 days in prison for taking part in the campaign of women driving, & even drove to the city limits! She served her time, got out, and continued doing what she felt was right, and now? Well now she is one of the first women election candidates of Saudi Arabia!

Maybe good things will soon come to Saudi Arabia? I personally hope so. I wouldn’t mind visiting one day, if the future laws allow it! It’s just a beautiful site, and can be a lot more fun without the shed of anymore blood.

Reality Snapbacks

Basketball Wives’ Throwing What?!

We all know that the fifth season of the BBWLA franchise has had its fair share of tea, shade, & drama. Continuing the beef between EP, Shaunie O’Neal and returning cast member, Brandi Maxiell, had the viewers wrapped! We all wanted to know what was going to happen once Brandi tried to assassinate Shaunie’s character, but once the duo made up, everyone was overall pleased to see the two women use their maturity to squash the drama.

But was anyone expecting the brawl between Tami Roman & DJ Duffey?!

Tension continued to rise after Duffey offered to help Tami with the production of her daughter’s music video. Tami continued to be dissatisfied with Duffey’s ‘professionalism’ or lack thereof. When Tami tried to dismiss Duffey from the line of production, & Duffey began to scream out names of ‘high up’ celebrities, inlcuding Drake. This was not acceptable to Tami, nor her daughter. Threats were made and arguments continued between the two BBWLA stars, when Jackie Christie presented the trip to Portugal. Tami was not pleased when she found out that Duffey would also be tagging along. She constantly told Jackie to keep them seperated, so that it wouldn’t come to blows. But the seperation didn’t last long, when they both tried to be mature and enjoy the trip, & this of course turned into a brawl in the middle of Portugal. It started out as a conversation between the two ladies, confronting the issues that took place. Tami took too much and tried to walk away, but Duffey couldn’t stop talking, so Tami came back around the table and confronted Duffey, face to face, when the fists started flying. Duffey began to swing once Tami was held back.

The chase through Portugal made hsitory! Tami was not finished with the freshly annoucned DJ. But production and security made sure that Duffey was nowhere in site, to try and calm the situation down. Who’s ready for the reunion?! I know I am!

But there’s talks in the street that the beautiful executive producer, Shaunie, delivered another phenominal “Thank you for your services” announcements to some of the cast members.

I guess we will just have to watch the reunion to find out what happens. I’m especially excited to see Malaysia jump out of her seat to go after one of the Angel ladies.


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