Basketball Wives’ Throwing What?!

We all know that the fifth season of the BBWLA franchise has had its fair share of tea, shade, & drama. Continuing the beef between EP, Shaunie O’Neal and returning cast member, Brandi Maxiell, had the viewers wrapped! We all wanted to know what was going to happen once Brandi tried to assassinate Shaunie’s character, but once the duo made up, everyone was overall pleased to see the two women use their maturity to squash the drama.

But was anyone expecting the brawl between Tami Roman & DJ Duffey?!

Tension continued to rise after Duffey offered to help Tami with the production of her daughter’s music video. Tami continued to be dissatisfied with Duffey’s ‘professionalism’ or lack thereof. When Tami tried to dismiss Duffey from the line of production, & Duffey began to scream out names of ‘high up’ celebrities, inlcuding Drake. This was not acceptable to Tami, nor her daughter. Threats were made and arguments continued between the two BBWLA stars, when Jackie Christie presented the trip to Portugal. Tami was not pleased when she found out that Duffey would also be tagging along. She constantly told Jackie to keep them seperated, so that it wouldn’t come to blows. But the seperation didn’t last long, when they both tried to be mature and enjoy the trip, & this of course turned into a brawl in the middle of Portugal. It started out as a conversation between the two ladies, confronting the issues that took place. Tami took too much and tried to walk away, but Duffey couldn’t stop talking, so Tami came back around the table and confronted Duffey, face to face, when the fists started flying. Duffey began to swing once Tami was held back.

The chase through Portugal made hsitory! Tami was not finished with the freshly annoucned DJ. But production and security made sure that Duffey was nowhere in site, to try and calm the situation down. Who’s ready for the reunion?! I know I am!

But there’s talks in the street that the beautiful executive producer, Shaunie, delivered another phenominal “Thank you for your services” announcements to some of the cast members.

I guess we will just have to watch the reunion to find out what happens. I’m especially excited to see Malaysia jump out of her seat to go after one of the Angel ladies.


sip.. sip.. sip..


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