The Idiot Elections

One wants to deploy immigrants, the other is cool with killing full term babies. Which is the less of the two evils?

For a year now, we have been seeing these two familiar, powerful, & ugly faces all over our televisions, and taking over social media. But now the clock is officially ticking, with voting just a few weeks away!

These debates have been real interesting to say the least. I’ve watched every single one, then would jump on twitter and just watch the comments and the aggression fill my timeline.

I like to stay neutral during this specific debate, because I don’t like neither one of them. I actually plan on voting independent for the first time since my voting allowance! (First time was Obama!) but the violence I witness from the citizens of America, over some piss poor candidates, really just breaks my heart. I don’t see how anyone could understand what they were saying anyways, because when I watched the debates, I just felt like I was watching two middle schoolers argue back and forth, calling each other stupid. I feel like my IQ dropped 10 points per debate.

• Lets talk about Monica, uh, I mean former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

We can definitely say she has a lot of experience with the GOP system, given that she was the First Lady of former President, Bill Clinton in 1993, a senator for the United States senate, & of course, Secretary of State. She’s also a strong women’s rights & human rights activist. Obama is also a huge fan and supporter, which is, in my personal opinion, the only good thing she has going for her.

During her debates & campaigns, she continued to address a variety of issues she believes in, such as student debt, which is a personal favorite because your boy needs a blessing. Others include criminal justice reform, campaign finance reform, improving healthcare coverage and costs of the Affordable Care Act, & of course, women’s rights.

But she’s a bit of a flip flopper when it comes to other hot topics, such as: gay marriage, which she used to despise but now supports. She also now has a plan to combat climate change, while in the past she was all for fracking. Though she claims this should be implemented in exceptional cases, Clinton does support the death penalty. But this whole agreeance with late term abortion, is a little distasteful for me. I’m all for pro choice, but you don’t need 6 months or more to decide. As far as open borders, I mean that’s better then a gigantic wall, right? Some moderation is good. Bring the people over who want a good, free life, but keep the murderers. We have enough of those here in America already.

But  what about her responsibilities for security in Benghazi? When she was scheduled for her testimony on the attack at the outpost, she had to cancel due to a virus and various health issues… hmm. 🤔

Many people questioned the timing of her illness, including members of congress, which I mean, can you blame them? It’s seemed to be a perfect convenience. But she did eventually take full responsibility so.. kudos.

These emails though! From scandals to leaks… Woo! I’ve been waiting for this one! First of all, someone who has been in the government system since the 80s, definitely knows better then to use a private server without permission, especially while serving Secretary of State.. & she deleted them?! Over 33K emails.. like girl, wtf? Of course, all charges were dropped against her. Go head girl! Play stupid! That’s what you do best! Just like with your husband and Monica!

As for the nineteen thousand Democratic National Convention emails that were leaked.. well, let’s just say it proved some ideas that people already knew. It revealed how officials favored Clinton over sanders, therefore sought to undermine his campaign. Since then, Wasserman Schultz announced that she would step down as DNC chair… oh, spicy.

Now for this old business man turned GOP Candidate, Donald Trump..

The only experience this man has is business. He’s a chairman for trump hotels and casino resorts, as well as the trump organization.. must be nice to not pay taxes.

Overall, this man is crazy. He wants a huge wall as a border line from Mexico, he allegedly has harassed many women as well as degrades them, he is very racist, and he likes to grab things by the kitty cat, to say the very least. The only thing I love about him is his constant replies to Hillary of “you’re wrong”

The only time I agreed with trump was when he told Hillary he’d have her in jail for her email scandal. I also think he made a good point when he said in the final debate that if him befriending Russian president, Vladimir Putin would prevent a war between the our countries, that he’d be ok with that. Honestly, I would too! I don’t know about you all, but I ain’t trying to die today.

Politics? Haha, sure. He disagrees with women having unrestricted rights to abortion, but again, he made a good point when he said it should be early term, not late term. He disagrees in expanding Obama care, he STRONGLY disagrees in green energy prioritizing. He, of course, disagrees in the higher tax rate on the wealthy. He also disagrees in the pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants… shocker. Nor does he support the expansion of free trade, which we all knew due to the fact that every other sentence is about how NAFTA was the worst document that the clintons ever signed. That’s about all we get out of this man because all he likes to discuss at the debates is who has endorsed him, while crying that the judges always give Hillary more talk time than they do him.

I’m for the libertarian this term, I’m just saying. He’s our only hope for survival. I don’t know what happened to America for us to end up with these two candidates as president.

It breaks my heart that we don’t hear from the libertarian unless we do some hardcore research. Why are we giving these two buffoons all the limelight? Like, enough is enough.

And the fourh candidate? One that nobody ever hears from. We don’t even know where she stands because nobody gives her, nor the libertarian, the opportunity to voice what they would do for our country.

How will you vote this year?


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