Saudi Arabia

“It’s one of the most secretive cities on the world” says a private reporter. 

This really struck my attention, because when you think about it, no tourists are allowed in the city, no recording is allowed whatsoever,  and if caught, you can be jailed for up to five years!

But what is it exactly that they want to hide? Is it because they totally downgrade and disrespect women? Publicly execute civilians? Control thoughts and beliefs? Or is it because they teach children in school to punish others, such as the Shia, and Christians’ by death? 

Whatever the case may be, I feel that the Saudi Arabian government doesn’t want us to be completely knowledgeable, because they know the world would step in and try to change these horrible ways. 

I am happy to relay about the change in their human rights, though! A lot of activists are starting to stand up, protest, and speak out, including women, You go girls! 

A young man has created a website, called liberal Saudis, which exposes their practices, and it has caused a huge outrage. Though he is practicing freedom of speech, he is threatened with jail time due to him “provoking Islam”.

 But let’s not miss or even remotely forget Loujain al-Hathloul! She is one of the most remarkable women’s activists in the region. She spent 73 days in prison for taking part in the campaign of women driving, & even drove to the city limits! She served her time, got out, and continued doing what she felt was right, and now? Well now she is one of the first women election candidates of Saudi Arabia!

Maybe good things will soon come to Saudi Arabia? I personally hope so. I wouldn’t mind visiting one day, if the future laws allow it! It’s just a beautiful site, and can be a lot more fun without the shed of anymore blood.


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