Equality For All… Almost!

This is a big year for the LGBT community, specifically on the 26th of June, when the Supreme Court ruled in Obergrfell vs. Hodges, in which all 50 states must license and recognize gay marriage. Guam, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, U.S. Virgin Islands, & the Northern Mariana Islands also recognize same sex marriage. The gay community, including myself, wept tears of joy that day.

Two years prior to this astounding achievement in our history, June 26th 2013, the Supreme Court ruled that section 3 of defense of marriage act was unconstitutional. DOMA forbade federal government from recognizing same sex marriage, in which Hawaii fought to enact in 1996. I’m glad to say that is now officially history.

Of course, with all the glory, also comes the hate and anger. Nearly a year after the Supreme Court ruling, 49 beautiful U.S. patrons lost their lives at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. What hatred do you have in yourself that is so extreme that you must take the lives of innocent people? To destroy their family’s lives?

That’s what’s nice about America, this is supposed to be the land of the free. We should be able to live the way we freely wish to live, as long as it doesn’t break the federal laws that are set in place to make America a safe place to live. Last time I checked, this is a religious belief issue, which, if I’m correct, we keep separate from government.. Unless that law has also changed?

We still have work to do, though. The transgender community is still struggling to find their way into the ‘freedom’ of things. The same goes for pansexual, along with the other sexual preferences in existence. But I have good faith, that there are plenty of good hearted people out there that understand that us as humans want to be free, happy, and loved.



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