Clowning Around

Creepy clowns, brutality, robbery, hysteria, police action, clown hunts. Sounds likes something out of a movie, right? Wrong. This is going on in real time, in our own backyards! Clown hysteria has taken the nation by storm, which began on the 21st of August in Greenville County, S.C., where suspicious charaters with circus clown attire, white face paint,  and yes, even chains, were causing havoc and allegedly trying to lure kids into the woods.

 Since then, more and more sitings have popped up over the nation, even the world. Reports coming in from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Idaho, and even the U.K.

 Clowns are supposed to be harmless and funny, right? Well this is no laughing matter as Halloween peaks around the corner. Officials are calling for safety nationwide, in which I couldn’t agree more! This is getting a little out of crontrol. Too many clowns are popping their red noses up out of nowhere. But the funny part is, most officials ask you to not harm them, as it COULD just be a prank. I’m sorry, but if one is blocking my way, while holding a bat, or a chain link, then I may need to defend myself. I’m sure majority, if not all of my readers would agree.

 Ronald McDonald, who has been the face of McDondalds since 1963, has taken on a makeover in appearance due to the sightings and the effect it’s had on our community. Very thoughtful from such a creepy man!

 What I find very interesting, is the cause of this clown phenomenon. What is the influence? Attention seekers? The release of the remake of Stephen King’s “It”? Or was it season 4 of the remarkable show “American Horror Story”? You may have forgotten that clown, but I surely haven’t! *Shivers*


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