New Jersey Crisis

There have been a lot of horrible things going on with Teresa Guidice, from freshly getting back home from her time away, to having to say goodbye to her hubby, Joe Giudice, as he left to do his time. It’s good to say though, that she has the love and support of her four beautiful daughters, friends, and family, especially her brother and sister-in-law, Joe and Melissa Gorga.

When Teresa got home from her time in camp, she just wanted to start over fresh with everyone, whether it would be to start over with friendships, or just clean the slate and leave it at that, like Teresa did with her cousins and former RHNJ castmates, Kathy & Rosie. But some people just couldn’t let it happen. Jacqueline Laurita, another RHNJ cast member, who has made her return for season 7, seemed to have a lot to say about Teresa, from re-hashing the past, throwing shade on her ‘time at camp’, trying to drive a wedge between her and Melissa, to accusing her of having an ‘army’.

But others will speculate that Jacqueline acted out of pain, & reacted due to being ‘attacked’. I partially agree with this, I do believe she was hurt, because she’s had a frienship with Guidice for all of ten years, so it caused her great pain when she noticed how close Guidice and her sister-in-law have become, which Laurita had no problem voicing during their getaway trip to Vermont. I, however, do not believe that she was attacked, because she initiated a conversation amongst others, then called Teresa’s friend, Robyn Levy, a soldier for teresa, which then sparked some hideous drama. But when Laurita was ‘threatened’, she provoked the situation by sitting on the lap of Levy, instead of walking away. So in my opinion, she wanted the fight. Guidice had every right to ask questions at the dinner table, because she wasn’t around when the initial confrontation took place. She just needed an explanation, but instead, Laurita flipped the vermont script, by attacking Melissa out of nowhere, & trying to drive that wedge between the sisters, that have finally found a lovely stable ground to build upon. Just messy.

Do you think we will see more of Jacqueline on RHNJ?

But the most heartbreaking moment was when Guidice had to kiss and hug her husband goodbye, so he could head to camp. Guidice is very old-fashioned, so she doesn’t believe in divorce, and that her family is everything. She has been in Mr. Guidice’s life since she was sixteen years old. So the pain she feels, is surely on a tremendous level. This will be her longest time being seperated from him, since he will be im camp for a whomping 41 month, or just 3 years, which trumps Teresa’s time at camp, only having to go away for 11 months, just under a year. We know she is hurting, but Guidice is phenominal at wearing a smile. She is such a strong woman, who doesn’t need any help. But regardless, her brother and sister-in-law won’t leave her side. They’re always together on Sundays for family dinner. It’s also good to note that they converse with Joe Guidice at least once a week, whether it’s through phone calls, letters, or emails. It’s also safe to say that even though this is a heartbreaking moment, it has brought the family closer together.

How do you feel about Teresa and her current situation in life?


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