Who’s Side Are You On?

There’s two companies that has shook the world by storm, Apple and Android. There’s no other competition. Personally, I am an apple fanatic. I’ve had the iPod touch since they first came out, and I’ve had the phone since iPhone 4. I have carried from the 4, 5S, 6+, and now the 6S+. I also have the iPad mini. I even had the iPod nano and the iPod touch. So it’s safe to say who’s side I’m on. It actually runs in my family. But what’s so special between the two brands? Let’s take a look and find out.

Apple made its debut to the public in December of 1980. The company generated more capital then any other business since the Ford Motor Company in 1956. But nobody really noticed apple until 2001, when apple introduced the first ever iPod audio player, which could hold around 1,000 songs, which made music lovers lose their minds, including myself!

Since then, the innovation of apple  prospered and bloomed into one of the biggest and richest companies in the world. The iTunes music store launched in 2003, having an access to as much music as your heart could handle. Then, in 2007 the apple company dropped computer from their name and just became apple, inc. while introducing the iPhone and the iPad, and of course the birth of touch screens. But the innovation doesn’t stop there, now that apple has created the apple watches, Apple TV, Apple car play, laptops, and even wireless ear phones. It’s safe to say they won’t stop surprising us any time soon!

Now let’s look at Android. As well all know, Android is an operating system created by google, one of the other biggest companies in the world. Android was founded in 2003, bought out by google in 2005, and hit the consumers’ eyes in September 2008, just a year after apple introduced their first iPhone.

Android is the best selling operating system on tablets, and has held that position since 2013. Android is also taking over with android tv, android auto for cars, and android wear, notebooks, cameras, and even game consoles!

Something i find interesting is that Android’s default userface is based on direct manipulation, which means using touch inputs that correspond to real-world actions. These actions include pinching, swiping, tapping, and reverse pinching to manipulate objects on the screen. How cool is that?

I also love the locking pattern of the Android, where as Apple, it can only be a set of numbers or letters. But both brands have added some new, cool unlocking mechanisms, which brings me to the third part..

lets compare them!

-Apple introduced the TouchID, allowing you to bypass the code, with the recognition of any finger print that you download into your product, ie, tablet, phone, etc. whereas android introduced the similar feature, along with face recognition, which I think is cool as hell!

-In terms of camera usage, Apple wins hands down, but in terms of storage, Android wins by a long shot, offering google photos with unlimited, free space, whereas Apple’s iCloud makes you pay for more space.

-let’s tal about these keyboards! I love that both companies have introduced the virtual keyboards, allowing the phones to be nothing but screen! But android wins this one, due to their swipe gestures along with their punctuation. Apple does the most when autocorrect is enabled. No, I didn’t mean duck. 😒

-One thing I wish Apple would do, is what Android does. The layout of apps on the android is beautiful, along with their widgets. Multiple pages and displays for you to edit as you please. Whereas Apple’s layout is pretty basic and boring.

Now, with a few comparisons listed. Let’s talk about the real deals. The iPhone 7 vs. the Galaxy S7, which runs on Android Marshmellow..

-they’re both the best looking and well built devices ok the market, but the iPhone 7 is the third take on the design that was introduced in 2014. By contrast, the S7 only has a minor update from last year’s S6 model.

-Apple has cut back on the antenna lines while maintaining the same curvaceous metal body. On another note, Apple did say farewell to the 3.5mm aux port. Which I am seriously not excited about, because now you get a hideous adapter to plug into the charging port just to listen with headphones… If you still use the wired set!

-Apple introduced the beautiful wireless head phones at the same times as they dropped the 7 and the 7+! I want them so bad so that I can bop down the street and lose them instantly!

-The S7 edge introduces the beautiful curved edge display!

Some more cons? As we know about the Apple, headset port gone, but you get a second camera on the 7+… wow! As if one isn’t enough. 🙄😒 poorest update I’ve ever seen.

But what about the S7? Reports of batteries and phones melting? That’s some serious problems if you ask me, I hope Samsung and android can get that worked out quickly, or everyone may become an apple eater!



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