The Laughing Derby

If you’re ever in the Louisville area, specifically the Highlands, then be sure to check out this fabulous comedy club! It’s rated number 5 on the list of a good night out in Louisville!

My dear friend and I won a couple of tickets one day, so we decided to give it a try. We were not disappointed! I personally had one of the best times of my life, especially since we were in the second row. The comedians are very interactive with the crowd! I got called on at least 3 times. You will literally be on the edge of your seat, trying to fight back the tears from laughter.

Decent prices on food and beverages, which are both well worth it, in my opinion. Also, the tickets themselves are fairly cheap. Anywhere between 12-30 dollars and you’re guaranteed a spectacular time.

Another good thing about the Laughing Derby, is that it’s in the heart of the highlands. There’s plenty of bars, fine restaurants, and shopping outlets around every corner. There’s also a straight shot down bardstown road to get to downtown Louisville, where you will find the Hard Rock Café!

There really is nothing like my old Kentucky home, so when you visit, make sure you take full advantage of the beautiful metro area!


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