Those Queens that Scream

Scream Queens is a hot topic, & has been since the first season premier back in September of 2015. The show has casted some very well known celebrities in the nation, such as Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Stamos, Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, & Ariana Grande, just to name a few.

I must admit that I didn’t give the show any time of day. I actually waited until the entire season was over when I started watching it. But once I turned it on, I could not turn it off. As a matter of fact, my own father started watching it with me and he also got addicted! We spent hours talking and assuming who the Red Devil was and who would be murdered next, yet we were always wrong. I love shows like that, that always keep you guessing. My favorite part of the show was when Nick Jonas’s character was announced gay, I was like “YASSS ZADDY”, but was quickly crushed when he was murdered. But other then him, the drama was intense and was real!

But now that we’re in season two, we have the all so sexy Taylor Lautner! They kill one handsome man and bring in another! Keep serving us, producers, you’re doing it right! But lets be honest, it’s not the handsome men that keep bringing us back. It’s the stuck up, so dingy, chanels’. Everyone inspires to be them, ha-ha! But for me, it’s all about Miss Niecy Nash, aka Denise! She keep me in pain from cracking the hell up! She is a straight up mess and I straight up love her! Plus she is always representing Quantico, her traning facility, as well as the hit television show. (In which, I also recommend, but that will be another post)

Just for some laughs and giggles, lets do a small cliff note on the second season. This season takes place in a hospital, which Munch invested in, after leaving the messy university situation. She hunts down and hires all the chanels, as well as Zayday Williams, since she is experimenting her business. But oh no! There’s another killer on the loose! And this time, it’s a Green Devil! whoa! The thing I love about this Fox Show, is that they use every corner of comedy horror to their advantage. Corny, corny, corny, with a dash of horror all over it. Quite a few cast members have already been killed off, only four episodes in. So again, they’re really making you guess and wonder.

Is it a mean girl? Crunch Munch? OR Psycho, Hester? I guess we will just have to keep watching to find out!

But I want to get into one political stand point, one that so noticeably stuck out. The trump costume, on the latest episode of season 2. Ivanka  & IvanaTrump, to be exact. Just an idea I had, is this Fox’s way of showing who they support? I mean two women from the Trump family, that does speak volumes, doesn’t it? I leave that for you to decide, while you’re also thinking about who the killer is.

This show just really keeps on getting scarier and scarier doesn’t it?


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