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Roaring Fires of Gatlinburg

One of the most beautiful places in the south east has been undergoing a horrendous outbreak of wild fires, which started Monday afternoon, November 28th. It has struck right in the middle of Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, which is one of the highest tourist locations in the South. The spread of the fire was due to the 87 MPH winds, which scattered embers across the entire surrounding area, while the cause of the fire is unknown at this time, though there are speculated reports that it was ‘man-made’. The wind also knocked down power lines, and drought strucken trees, causing new fires to spark.

“It was like a perfect storm,” Cassus Cash, superintendent of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, said.

So far, three people have lost their lives in the fire outbreak. We hope that the body count doesn’t rise as the situation gets under control. “It is absolutely devastating,” said Mark Nagi of the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Just like the West Coast forest fires, this one is hard to get under control, especially when high winds & storms help it speed up the process of spreading.

Many structures have been completely ruined, such as Gatlinburg’s Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort & Spa, the Alamo Steakhouse, Myterious Mansion of Gatlinburg, & even the Mountain Lodge.

Other structures were close to the fire, but no damage has been reported at this time, such as Dollywood, Arrowmont, Black Bear Fall, and the Chapel at the Park.

One structure that has me concerned, is Ripley’s Aquarium. Staff had to evacuate for safety precautions, leaving the marine animals behind. I’m very glad everyone got out safely. but I am not too pleased about the animals being left behind. I am sure they would be safe, since they’re surrounded by water, but a life is a life.

There are many photos circling the web, as well as every social media outlet. The damage that has taken place is truly devastating. It pains my heart, because I have been to Gatlinburg every year, since my first year of visiting, back in November of 2012.

It is truly one of the most beautiful places you could ever travel to. Mountains surrounding your every move, with delicious places to dine at, & many fun attractions to attend. There is never a dull moment while visiting Gatlinburg.

I’ve been to the Aquarium, the Titanic exhibit, Trudy’s Wax Museum, Every store in Gatlinburg, especially on the strip. I’ve been on the lifts that take you through the mountains, I’ve been to the whiskey brewery, & of course, the fudge house!

Even though Gatlinburg received majority of the damage, the surrounding counties of Sevier, Green, & McMinn were also in range to receive potential destruction as well. 12,000 people were without power in Sevier County, & all three counties listed above, cancelled school on Tuesday, for safey precautions.

It really does blow my mind that Tennessee has seen so much destruction in the passed couple of days. I’ve been planning a trip to go there, but now I guess I will have to wait until they can get themselves back on solid ground.

My heart does go out to the civillians of The surrounding area, as well as the entire state of Tennessee. But most importantly, my heart goes out to the loved ones who lost someone during this horrific event.

God Bless Gatlinburg, Tennessee, & everyone who has to face this destruction.



Updating Video Log…

I know I haven’t written a blog post today, but trust & believe when I say that I have been working. I actually uploaded four videos to my YouTube channel, & have made two more after, just waiting to be uploaded as well.

Please be sure to check out my Video logs, while you continue to follow my website blog.

I appreciate all of the love & support that I continue to receive!

Link to my YouTube channel is pasted below. You can also access it though the YouTube Tab located on my page!


My Old Man

Today’s post is going to be a very personal one. My cat, named pooter, aka “my old man”,¬† passed away saturday, November 19th. So this is dedicated to him.

This is a story of a nine year old boy, and a baby kitten, changing each other’s lives.

I still remember the fisrt day that I ever met him. He originally belonged to my uncle. I walked into his bathroom to go potty, and there was this little tiny, orange furball meowing at me, keep in mind, I was like 9 years old. I instantly fell in love! So, i went home and told my mom about him, and that my uncle said that if we wanted him we could take him. Well, the next thing I know, she’s walking in the door with that little tiny ball of orange fur, & I just screamed.

Pooter was my very first four-legged pet, at least the first that wasn’t classified as a rodent. (Technical first four-legged pet would’ve been my gerbil). He literally fit in the palm of my hands, he was the tiniest little ball of fluff, & I just couldn’t stay away from him. I remember my mom always yelling at me to leave him alone, ha-ha.

We kept him in our bathroom, like my uncle, because he was so small, that we wanted to make sure he didn’t get hurt. But after like two weeks, we finally opened that sliding bathroom door and let him rome free! Well, as free as I would let him. I literally kept him glued to me.

Our place eventually became a zoo, as I am a huge animal lover, always have been, always will be. My mom bought me another gerbil, and I had a badass fish tank full of fish, inlcuding my favorite, angel fish. Pooter had a field day with them! Ha-ha. Don’t worry, no animals or fish were ever harmed. Pooter was always a bit of a scaredy cat. God love him.

Pooter was legit a part of the family. He moved with us every time, which was a total 3 times, before we settled. Except he never made to New Jersey with me. I always thought he would. ūüė¶

he also gained many brothers and sisters along the way. We had buddy, Orange Juice, Smokey, Smokey, & Smokey. yes, ha-ha, three smokeys’, three different times. He also had Bella (puppy), Neveah (puppy), Pom-Pom, & piggy. Smokey #3, Pom-Pom, & Piggy where his last sibling when he passed. Smokey #3¬†is a lay, chunky, black and white cat, while Pom-Pom is a rather ‘special’ Pomeranian, & Piggy is a mini pug, which is why her name is Piggy! XD

Pooter was definitely always surrounded by love, and human food, thanks to mom!

He slept with me almost every night of my life for the 15 years that we had him. He always talked to me, & you’re damn right I talked back to him. We had a real special bond. See, Pooter had trust issues, so he didnt like being help, picked up, none of that. But when it came to me, he would sit in my lap, let me hold him like¬†a baby, all of that! When he got older he also started coming around more often (when he was younger, he would run and hide when other people would come around). My old man defintely became ‘chill’ after a few years, ha-ha.

Everybody loved him, not one person was scared of him. Hell, he probably got more attention then I did! XD But that’s ok, because he was one hell of a loveable, fluffy kitty.

This was literally like my little baby. We grew up together. Both just babies when we met. I can only imagine how my momma feels.

People can be so cruel, and heartless when it comes to animal losses, & I’m just like, where I come from, we have hearts, and if you have a heart, after 15 years of someone or something being in your life, its going to hurt like hell when you lose it. Yet people will be quick to cry when they break their new iPhone 7. Bish please. He was my baby, and grew up to be my old man.

Pooter Butt will never be forgotten, & he will always be missed. He had a good life. Hopefully one day I will get to see him again.

Thanks for listening. Sorry if this story seems a little messy, the emotions and memories just kind of poured out.. Much love to all.


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Tis the Season to Thank

History of the Holiday

In September of¬†1620, a ship¬†known as¬†the Mayflower left Plymouth, England, carrying¬†over one hundred ¬†passengers‚ÄĒan assortment of religious separatists seeking a new home where they could freely practice their faith and other individuals lured by the promise of prosperity and land ownership in the New World (America). After an uncomfortable crossing of the ocean that lasted 66 days, the immigrants¬†dropped anchor near the tip of Cape Cod. One month later, the Mayflower crossed Massachusetts¬†Bay, where the Pilgrims began the work of establishing a village at Plymouth. In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. For more than two centuries, days of thanksgiving were celebrated by individual colonies and states, until 1863, in the midst of the Civil War,¬†when President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day to be held each November.

Food for thought, New York was the first state to accept the Thanksgiving Holiday, back in 1817. Crazy, right? I see you New York! But, isn’t it crazy that it has only been like 200 years? My mind is blown.

Keep in mind as well, that we have officially entered the most busiest time of the year, for traveling as well as shopping. Stay safe people!

A Yearly Celebration

Every state celebrated differently, back when it was a ‘state holiday’, some states would have parades, while others feasted & spoke to God on their religious beliefs.

Many people may not know this, but thanksgiving is not about feasts & turkeys, its not even about parades. The original definition for thanksgiving was for religious beliefs. All Americans were encouraged to ask God to ‚Äúcommend to his tender care all those who have become widows, orphans, mourners or sufferers in the lamentable civil strife‚ÄĚ and to ‚Äúheal the wounds of the nation.‚ÄĚ

Another fun & interesting fact is that Thanksgiving was originally set on the last Thursday of November. It was only in 1939, when Roosevelt moved it up to the previous week-as we now know it to be November 24th-to help boost retail sales during the great depression. It looks like the ‘Corporation Power’ took off a lot earlier then we all presumed.

Thankful For What?

Every year, people set a single day to gather with friends & family, to give thanks, show love, & stuff faces with delicious foods. Now, why people don’t do this year round, I will never know, but its still sweet, nonetheless.

There’s always something to be thankful for. For me, personally, I’m thankful for my life, for god allowing me to continue to fight another day on this earth. I’m thankful for my blessings in life, that, with good dedication and hard work, have blown up in my life. I am thankful for my loving parents, who have taught me compassion, love, & comfort in life. I am thankful for my family, whom have good through so much hell & high water, yet still all stand by one another. I am thankful for so much in my life, that I could literally sit here all night. Every day I remain humbled, I just get to go all out on this extravagant day.

What are you thankful for this year?




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Alola Monsters Come To Life!


If you are like me, then you have followed Pokémon since the very first generation. Originally released in 1996-with red, blue, & yellow (green was released in Japan)- Pokémon to the gaming world by storm. For me, it started with the video games, than I started collecting the Pokémon cards-which I still have, & yes, I still collect!- before you knew it, I was Pokémon everything! I had Pokémon clothes, blankets, toys, pillows, video games, cards, you name it, I had it.

Let me just say, Pikachu has forever been, & will always remain, my favorite!

Over the passed twenty years, the creators at Game Freak have continued to whip up some amazing adventures, along with creating some rather interesting Pokémon. There are now seven generations of Pokémon, & 801 to collect! That is a lot of Pokémon, & I am glad to be alive in this age! I cannot wait for the day that the creators break 1,000 monsters to collect.

What I like about Pok√©mon, is that every monster that the company creates, there is a history behind it. Often, a lot of people think that the creators just throw random ideas together and give it a name, but this is not the case. If the Pok√©mon cannot be found in our real world-i.e. Rattata is a rat in the real world- then the Pok√©mon can be found in cultural mythology-i.e. Ho-oh is the king bird of Imperial China. So, its safe to say that they’re serving you a fun game, and a good dose of history, if you know where to look!

The Bright Sun & Elegant Moon

The creators really shook some s**t up when they created these two chapters of the Pokémon world.

  • No more gyms! – that’s right, there are no gyms in this series. Instead, you go through trials & challenges, & when completed, you will receive Z crystals instead of gym badges.
  • Elite Four? – Yes, of course there is still an elite four, & just like in Black & White, you can fight in whatever order you wish. But the new catch? Instead of fighting a champion, you fight the professor! YAS!
  • New Pok√©mon- obviously. You get a handful of newbies, 80 newbies, to be exact. So its not a lot, but its more then X and Y.
  • Legendary monsters – I personally have an issue with this. There are 17, count them, SEVENTEEN legendary Pok√©mon, yet you can only get certain ones, depending on the game that you play. That’s only usually possible with the main legendaries, for instant- like Ho-oh was for Gold & Lugia was for Silver. But in this case, they switched it all up!¬†Now, I will say that they allow you to catch multiples of certain legendaries, so that you can trade for the opposite via the GTS. But the hassle of searching for someone willing to trade, ugh.
  • Fashion back in style! – In Sun & Moon, they continued the fashionably sensitive styles of clothing and hair decorations, which was introduced in the 6th generation of X & Y.
  • No more Mega Stones- this is actually funny, because in the post game, you get the mega ring, along with the mega stone for Alakazam.. They tried to trick us by saying they were taken out, they lied!

It took me 34 hours to beat the game. Yes, 34 hours. Because I am a Pok√©mon fanatic! I also make sure I have a strong team. I am now going through the ‘post game’ series, while working on completing my pokedex, until January when I will be able to transfer my COMPLETED pokedex over to Moon… Oh yea. See, on my Pok√©mon alpha sapphire, I have 720 out of 721, I’m just waiting for Meloetta to drop in December!

How do you feel about Pokémon Sun and Moon?

I know it’s a complete game changer, but it’s something to get used too and enjoy.



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AHS: My Roanoke Disaster

I love me some American Horror Story. I’ve been addicted to the show ever since the first season dropped in our hungry laps.¬†The creators, Ryan Murphy &¬†Brad Falchuk, gave us something different to look forward to every year, since every season is a different story.

American horror Story aired for the first time back in October of 2011, which was called murdered house. After that season, the creators stuck to the timeline of delivering us horror around the Halloween time, until we hit season 6, Roanoke, which aired in mid September of this year. Roanoke is also the shortest season now, with only ten episodes to the title, while the previous seasons had 12-13 episodes per title.

Shortest season? Robbed of two episodes?! We’re already off to a bad start, aren’t we? *sigh*

I really was disappointed in this season, like, very disappointed. The season kicked off with a bang! I was jumping left and right, I loved how they did the creation this season, set up like a ‘true story’ scenario, with reenactments. ¬†It was believable, it was emotional, & it was intense.

But then things got a little sour, at least for me.

the show turned quickly into a ‘reality TV’ kind of set up. which was alright, I mean, if anyone watched reality TV in real life, then they could handle this. But it seemed a little corny. You would watch the beginning of the season, and see who loves who, get the feel for each character, then they just switched it right up. Next thing you know, this one is dating that one, she killed him, he cheated on her. Like, AHS went from horror to legitimately being about reality TV drama.

But that wasn’t the worst for me. What really got under my skin, was the fact that everyone died off so quickly! After the 5th episode, everyone started dropping like flies. I’m pretty sure that they killed off 4 characters in one showing. I was just sitting there like “wtf?”

The creators do a really fine job of keeping us hooked & keeping us on our toes. So when I started this season, I expected nothing short of being rocked… But sadly, I wasn’t all that rocked. More like shocked, shocked that it was kind of crappy. I feel like the creators just rushed through the production of Roanoke. Not to mention a lot of the same actors played multiple roles within the show, which I know that they do that from time to time, but this title seemed to be excessive with it.

I can say this, though! There are two things that I loved about Roanoke. The first is that so many cast members from previous seasons, were in this title. I was literally tickled when I saw all of the familiar faces, even actors from season one, such as Taissa Farmiga. The second thing I loved about Roanoke, is the fact that the main character’s name was Shelby Miller, which¬†was my full name, before I added Marroquin to it! So, I was lightweight famous! HEEYY! Ha-ha.

The producers are already working on season 7, which is fabulous! So lets hope and pray that the new season wont be as all over the place as this season was. Fingers crossed!

What did you think about season 6?

What do you think the new season will be about? A tie in to a previous season? Or another new kick off?

One thing is for sure, they’ll have me waiting, very impatiently!

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Flint H2 Old

Flint is located 70 miles north of Detroit, Michigan. A city of 98,310, where 41.6% of residents live below the poverty line and the median household income is $24,679.
The state of Michigan took over Flint’s finances in 2011. Even though Flint’s water supply fund was $9 million in the red, officials were using some of this money to cover¬†the shortness¬†in¬†their general fund. While a new pipeline connecting Flint with Lake Huron was under construction, the city turned to the Flint River as a water source during the two year transition. The Flint River had been the city’s primary water source decades earlier, but Flint switched to Lake Huron in 1967, purchasing its supply through the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.
The water in the Flint River downstream of Flint has been of poor quality, and was severely degraded during the 1970s, due to “the presence of fecal coliform bacteria, low dissolved oxygen, plant nutrients, oils, and toxic substances.” In 2001, the state ordered the monitoring and cleanup of 134 polluted sites within the Flint River watershed, including industrial complexes, landfills and farms with pesticides and fertilizer. The river water was found to be 19 times more corrosive than water from Detroit. Since the water wasn’t properly treated, lead from aging lines began leaching into the Flint water supply after the city tapped into the Flint River as its main water source.
CNN states that “Governor Snyder announces an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease occurred in the Flint area between June 2014 and November 2015, with 87 cases and 10 deaths. It is unclear, however, whether the spike is linked to the water switch.” Which I think is so funny. Mainstream media will never place the blame where it is needed, but will blame the city itself for having “piss-poor” water treatments since the dawn of time. It started in April of 2014, people start dying from disease beginning June 2014 onward… Hmm. Who is doing the testing? Not just on the water, but on the autopsies as well?
Several lawsuits have been filed against government officials on the issue, and several investigations have been opened. On January 5, 2016, the city was declared to be in a state of emergency by the Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, before President Barack Obama declared it as a federal state of emergency, authorizing additional help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.
A total of ten Government Officials have been charged with criminal offenses, thanks to our good man, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette.  From Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, all the way to Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. these charged stem from misconduct, to tampering with evidence, & neglect.
I hope they are all found guilty, to be honest. These are peoples’ lives that are being effected, adults, children, parents, friends. 10 deaths, 10 lives’ gone, just like that.
Hopefully it won’t take too much longer for the water supply to be repaired in Flint. I know it will take some time to build that pipeline, but some other guides to help in the meantime, are very necessary. I think all options should still be looked at. I know tests are still being ran on the water, & it will take them time to review the results to see if it has progressed or digressed. ¬†
My hearts continue to go out to Flint, Michigan. One of the most humane supplements for life, can be destroyed in a heart beat, & nobody cares to notice because they’re only worried about when that new iPhone drops. This is a sad world. God Bless us all!
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NES Throwback to Future!

This throwback Thursday is going to be dedicated to the worldwide gamers out there, including myself! We’re going to step into the past, & wrap around to the future. All thanks to the Nintendo Company!

Where did Nintendo Come From?

Fusajiro¬†Yamauchi, who manufactured “Hanafuda” (flower cards) Japanese playing cards in Kyoto back in 1889, is the man behind the Nintendo name! He established his company as an unlimited partnership, Yamauchi Nintendo & Co. back in 1933. Yamauchi worked on many distribution techniques for nearly 20 years, while the company went through many different name changes, until 1963, when the final name: Nintendo Co., Ltd. was revealed. They began manufacturing games in addition to their playing cards.

It was nearly 100 years later, along with a new president takeover by Hiroshi Yamauchi, when the company dropped the Nintendo Entertainment System, which was in 1983 for Japan, & 1985 for part of America. Both instantly became a major hit. This was the hottest thing on the market since the Atari dropped in 1977. The three major cartridges that dropped with the system in 1983 were, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., & Popeye. 17 other titles would drop soon after, with the 1985 American-partial release, including the infamous Super Mario Bros.  Nationwide release took place in 1986. Talk about a wait!

Nintendo: Then & Now

Since the initial release of the Entertainment System, Nintendo continued to shock their consumers, with the first Gameboy dropping in 1990, which was a perfect way for gamers to play their favorite games on the go, no cords, just batteries! The Super Nintendo dropped shortly after, in 1992 – the year¬† I was born, heyyy! Fast forwarding, they delivered us the Nintendo 64, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, SP, & Micro. Lets not forget the last console that didn’t work on motion, the Nintendo GameCube. Nintendo then decided to make us get up, by dropping the Wii, and recently, the Wii U! As far as handhelds go, we left the Gameboys in the past, while Nintendo introduced the DS systems, which over time, turned into a 3D world! The DS was the highest profiting system in the history, profiting at 151.52 million.

So, its safe to say that Nintendo has been busy over the history of their business, which, in turn, has been keeping us consumers busy as well! With newer systems, brings new games & adventures. My personal favorites in the Nintendo world are:¬†Pok√©mon,¬†Resident Evil, Zelda, Super Mario,¬†& Donkey Kong. But that’s not even a third of the nearly 10 thousand titles that have been made available for the Nintendo systems.

The Classic That Rebirthed!

Everything has been fabulous over the expansion of the Nintendo life. But nothing is ever better then the original. This is a fact, no matter what the subject is! With that said, the NES continued to be the best, in fact, it was so impactful, that the creators just re-launched the NES this year! it’s half the size, pre-loaded with 30 games-including Zelda, Donkey Kong, & Pac Man–¬†& its only 60 dollars! What a bargain! The NES Classis Edition is the newest, hottest thing on the market. I personally think its going to be a fabulous addition under many classic¬†gamers’ Christmas trees!



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Virtual World: The New Reality?

Ever wonder what it would be like in a virtual world? I’ve been there, and the feeling is unspeakable!

2016 has definitely been a head turning year for almost everyone across the globe, from NASA’s Juno spacecraft visit to Jupiter, the new iPhone 7,¬†2016 world Olympics in Rio, to yes, the publication of the Virtual World.

Many will argue & speculate that VR has been around for a long time, which is actually true, & in many places, such as science centers, you can participate in being a part of a virtual experience, along with certain consoles opening the doors with 3D displays. But as for the own personal use of¬†Live¬†VR, it didn’t really kick off until this year.

There’s still a lot to learn about the VR world. It can be very dangerous, if not handled with care, or responsibly, which is why all VR systems come with consumer warnings. PLAYERS BEWARE… YOU’RE IN FOR A SCARE!!!! MUAHAHAHA… sorry, let me focus.

On a serious note, please do be cautious when playing. I have witnessed a lot of people losing it, as far as falling, hurting themselves, breaking things around them, etc. Good thing we can’t drive with theses things, could you imagine?! No bueno.

VR History

The first VR head mount made its debut in 1960, known as the Telesphere Mask. Since then, companies have been working on bring the VR into motion, pun intended. The video game industry has continued to drive the development of consumer virtual reality unabated. Depth sensing cameras sensor suites, motion controllers and natural human interfaces are already a part of daily human computing tasks.

Companies like Google have released interim virtual reality products such as the Google Cardboard, a DIY headset that uses a smartphone to drive it. Companies like Samsung have taken this concept further with products such as the Galaxy Gear, which is mass produced and contains ‚Äúsmart‚ÄĚ features such as gesture control.


What is VR?

Virtual Reality can be best explained as: the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. Unlike traditional user interfaces, VR places the user inside an experience. Instead of viewing a screen in front of them, users are immersed with things such as goggles, earphones, and even hand & feet equipment to calculate movement. By simulating as many senses as possible, such as vision, hearing, touch, & in some cases even smell, the computer is transformed into a gatekeeper to this artificial world.


 Is It Worth It?

I think it is definitely worth it, just from the experience alone. But I think it¬†will be more worth while, in the future, when they have more games & experiences to offer with the systems. I personally tried the VR system through Microsoft, & it was intensely fabulous. I¬†tried out¬†the underwater experience. They also offered rock climbing, but I wasn’t about that life! Ha-ha. I have not tried PlayStation or Samsung’s VR systems. But I’m sure they’re just as amazing. I cannot wait to see what they offer us in the near future.

Are you looking to purchase one? If so, which system will you choose? May the VR be with you!


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Xbox One Probz

Have you ever had issues with the Xbox One to the point that you just want to throw it out of a window? I have.

I must admit, I am one of the biggest gamer system nerds of all time. Some may even call me a flip flopper, for the fact that when I was a child, I always played on the Nintendo systems. Then, when I was about 10, I got hooked on the PlayStation, thanks to the Resident Evil franchise. I was loyal to the Sony system for a long time, from the first PlayStation, to the second generation of PlayStation 2.

But when I was 16 years old, my older cousin gave me a choice. He told me he would purchase me one of the new systems for my birthday. So, I was stuck between the PlayStation 3 & the Xbox 360, & for some reason, I decided to give the Xbox a try. You know, see what Microsoft was all about, since it was the only brand I haven’t tried.

I was not disappointed. My cousin loaded me up with the system and some games. I was given Assassins Creed, Left 4 Dead, Eragon, & Gears of War. So, it was safe to say that I was busy for quite some time!

I was officially hooked, I instantly got a Xbox live gold membership, I was all involved in the live parties, co-op game plays, the whole nine. I even made some good, life long friends through Xbox live, & all over the world!  I fell in love with Xbox. By the time I got the Xbox one, I had over 30 video games for the 360.

On to the next One, literally…

When the Xbox one dropped, I was very excited. I loved that the system was updated to be a blu-ray player, as well as display better graphics on screen. The model alone, was a beautiful look in the physical display, along with the touch screen power support! I wasn’t too happy about the lack of games, but¬†I was ok with it, because that’s usually standard when new gaming systems drop.

But some things that I did not, and do not like are very impactful on my decisions for purchasing a future Xbox system. The fact that the Xbox One has been out for two years now, and the game options are still so slim, or not interesting enough to purchase. Also, I really cannot stand the fact that, you have to download each game you play, to the Xbox One, when on the Xbox, you just needed the disc.. So what’s the point of having the discs for the new system? You have to decide what games you really want to play, because unlike the 360, the memory is built in on the Xbox One, so no switching out boards when you hit your limit, which is problem number 2 for me. But, my main issue with the Xbox One is, the fact that the system is always freezing. For example, if I open YouTube, & watch some videos for a bit, then switch it up and play a game, then try to go back to YouTube, YouTube will freeze, & the only way to fix the problem, is to restart the whole system. This will happen with any app.

What does Xbox support do to fix the problem? continually tell you to delete, & re-install the app, restart the console, check settings, repeat. No. Matter. How. Many. Times. It. Happens.

I wish Xbox/Microsoft would’ve spent more time trying to fix the current issues with the first generation of the Xbox Ones’, instead of coming out with the second models, being slimmer, & in different colors.

Which system does your heart belong to?

Reality Snapbacks

The Sisters Vs. Jacqueline

We all know and love the Real Housewives of New Jersey. The hot water between Teresa and Jacqueline have been the main topics of discussion during this season. It seems as if it were impossible for the two Italian princesses to move passed the bad history.

It was safe to say that after the season finale, Teresa, along with Melissa, washed their hands of their on again, off again¬†friendship with Jacqueline. ¬†After the many harsh, honest, & secretive remarks, the three Jersey wives’ decided that nobody would change or grow up to make things work. Between liars, cheaters, con artists, and continuous blame games, I’m honestly surprised that nobody through any punches.

During the reunion part two, we really saw the true feelings as to why Teresa has issues with Jacqueline. She stated that Jacqueline was, allegedly, the reason why Teresa got in trouble, & that Jacqueline ran her mouth to the Feds, aka, police.

But Teresa then went to say, after they took a small break on the reunion, that she doesn’t think Jacqueline went to the police herself, but that she talked to people, who went to the police, & that Jacqueline “had people do the dirty work for her”. Of course Jacqueline says this is very false, and that she would never do that to a friend.

As for Melissa and Jacqueline, I guess she thinks that Melissa is now a “soldier” for Teresa, so that went down in the drain real quick! Ha-ha. But on a serious note, I think it was a jealousy thing, for the fact that the two sisters have finally worked through their issues & became closer. Jacqueline made if clear during the reunion, that she wouldn’t have said a word to Melissa to fix their issues. So, Melissa took that as their friendship was never authentic.

It’s safe to say that they, Jacqueline and Teresa, wanted to work through their problems and fix their friendship, but both felt set up at different times. Instead, of trying to talk things out, they would turn around and throw low blows. Rather factual, or not.

Melissa and¬†Teresa both say that Jacqueline is “disgusting” as well as a “Sh***y friend” during the reunion. I personally think this time that the bridges are too damaged to try and rebuild them. I personally feel like Bravo tried to force their friendship back by making a collage clip of their history of good moments, plus making them hug it out at the end of the show.

What do you think will happen between the sisters and Jacqueline? Do you think Jacqueline will return on the next season?

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YouTubers’ Collision Course

Picture it, you’re scrolling through YouTube, you see an interesting title, such as, ‘Most intense street fights compilation’,¬† so you click on it, and every other video is of some girls, popping their a** cheeks… Ok? What does that have to do with street fighting? Nothing, right.

Now, don’t get it wrong, I love me some YouTube. I run YouTube every day, more then I do regular television. But, at least my channel is authentic. I mean I don’t give false titles to get views. I give the title of what it is, and the description¬†gives the details of what¬†you will be seeing, that way you can decide if that’s something¬†or not that you would like¬†to see.

I find it so frustrating, when I see falsified clip art¬†& titles, because you’re wasting my time in watching something that isn’t true¬†to the evidence. Another example would be, searching for a television clip, you see the clip art is what you’re looking for, you see that the title is what you’re looking for, but then you click on it, and its someone giving a 15 minute opinion. Like, no, that’s not what I wanted.

YouTube should be able to get that sorted out. It brings in so many viewings and ratings. They also make a lot of money from the site, so its save to say that they’re popular & wealthy enough to bring some efficient updates. Not to mention that it’s a part of Google! One of the biggest search engines in the world! ¬†¬†¬†

As for the ads, though! They have to show 15 ads per video watched (varies, depending on the length of the video) and it’s annoying. They vary from 5 seconds, to approximately 2 minutes long, and some of them don’t even come with a skip button! It’s too much. I learned the hack to it though! Check this out, the ad pops up right, you can hit the back button, then just click on the video again, and it will skip the ad and just go straight to the video you’re trying to watch… You’re welcome! ūüėõ

Let’s come together so that YouTube can fix these small problems! If I have to pick one over the other, please fix the ad situation, because the ads are really over doing it. I can search through some videos, that’s cool, but them ads need to go! They’re really too much. Which¬†problem would you choose for them to fix?