O.C. Recap Before the Reunion

What can truly be salvaged after so many brutal lies and so much painful gossip? I guess that’s a question only the cast of Real Housewives of Orange County can answer.

This season was intense, to put it mildly. We witnessed a lot from each cast member.

Tamra Judge – The second OG! Making her appearance on season 3! We witnessed Judge push through her constant bodybuilding training. she had a goal, to compete in the Fitness competition, which, she completed successfully and did it stunningly! We also saw some growth from Judge this season, she kept to herself and did her best to steer clear from gossiping about others. But on the dark side of things, we did witness the horrific car accident she was in, with three of the other cast members, Heather Dubrow, Vicki Gunvalson, & Kelly Dodd. We also watched, in agony, as the truth about Judge’s relationship with her daughter came to light. And, of course, all the fighting she was in, with Shannon Beador, Meghan Edmonds, Vicki, & Kelly.

Heather Dubrow – I felt a lot when learning more of Dubrow’s story over the past four years. She stands behind her husband for any and everything. I love how she continues to push him in the right direction, in terms of stepping up and being more involved with their family’s lives. We all love a workaholic because that’s for survival, but you can’t forget about your family. But, what really touches me, is the fact that he is aware, and he cares. We also saw in the season finale that their new home was finally finished!

Shannon Beador – 2 years into the show! I must admit that Shannon is my second favorite member! (Heather is my first); I love Beador’s attitude, her witty sense of humor, her corny jokes, it’s the whole shebang! We witnessed quite a bit with the Beadors’ this season. From the true feelings of her mother-in-law, digging up the scandal, lies and gossip about her being abused, to them selling their home!

Vicki Gunvalson – Gunvalson, the only cast member that originated from season 1, aka the OG of the O.C., was pleased when her daughter and grandchildren moved back home to the O.C. from Oklahoma. We also witnessed her trying to “fix” the broken relationships with her friends, due to the cancer scandal last season. She did get a new boyfriend, again! I am happy that she doesn’t give up on love. Given that she was the outcast, she had no problem instantly linking up with Kelly Dodd, which was a true, deadly combination. My heart went out to her, when she had to be evacuated via helicopter during the dune buggy accident.

 Meghan Edmonds – Ok, over the past two years, Edmonds was a real roller coaster ride for me, personally. She opened her partnered business, got pregnant, visited her ancestors in Ireland. Now, for her darker side, she came off very careless when Judge and the other ladies were in the Dune accident, she also played deaf, dumb and stupid when the girls tried to get her to go visit Vicki in the hospital. But one good thing about Edmonds, is that she never hesitated in telling any of the girls how she felt about their actions. Honesty is respected, always. But sadly, we will not be seeing Edmonds on the show anymore! *Sad face*

Kelly Dodd – The newest & wildest cast member, I mean she literally takes the cake. We get a good inside look into Dodd’s life during her premier. For starters, I want to say that I think she is a great mother to her daughter, & a great daughter to her mother. But the rest gets a little hasty. Dodd is very bubbly, funny & outgoing, but she has one hell of a dark side. When she feels like she is being attacked, Dodd can just fly off the handle, not thinking about what she’s saying, before she says it. This can be very damaging to people and relationships. She said some real crazy things, like mad cray cray. From calling some of the ladies the C word while at a dinner party, to talking about Judge’s daughter, & selling Gunvalson’s idea that Beador’s husband beats her, which was after she told Beador that she understood why her husband cheated on he. She says these hurtful things, then just turns around and apologizes, like its supposed to heal. We also saw her struggles with her ex/renewed husband. Do you think Dodd will be returning as well?

You put all these mixes together in one room, & it’s bound to be explosive. This season was one of the most intense seasons that I have seen by far. How will the reunion be? Stay tuned to find out!


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