Hollywood, Love, & Hip-Hop

If there’s one show that confuses me at times, its Love & Hip Hop. The show in general will have cast members in the opening credits that we rarely or never see on the show, and we will see re-occurring members that aren’t part of the credits at all.

But regardless of that fact, they never hold back in the drama, shade, & fights.

I feel like the only main topics of this season were Princess’s & Ray J’s wedding, Nikki Baby’s love triangle, Brandi’s secret store partnership, Moniece’s sex tape scandal, Lyrica’s & A1’s momma drama, & Teairra Marie’s court date.

One thing I am mad disappointed about, is the fact that we rarely ever saw Fizz. He is way to fine to be MIA. I’m just saying. He was only aired here and there, but got the main camera time when he was splitting with Miss Nikki Baby, & when he confronted Jason Lee about Moniece’s sex tape. Did anyone else get hot and bothered when Fizz was getting all mad and intense, or was it just me? Woo, let me reel it back in. Anyway, I hope that we get to see more of him on the next season.

But let’s go ahead and jump straight into Miss Nikki & her lovely little threesome, with safaree & Rosa Acosta. I really do like Nikki, but she seems as if she does not really want to settle down for anyone, which I can partially understand, since she has a huge guard up after losing her brother to alcoholism. My heart really does hurt for her. But Fizz has said that she just fame hungry, & that she doesn’t have serious intentions when it comes to being faithful and loyal. Is that true? I mean she did grow her pimp hand this season, juggling a man & a woman, both who are also very sexy! Go head Nikki baby! It does seem that she is down for safaree only, at the moment, but I guess we will just have to wait until next time to truly find out if it was legit.

Now, I would like to discuss a topic that I haven’t listed yet, & that would be the separation between Shanda & Willie Taylor. My heart legitimately broke. Yes he was wrong for cheating, I do not believe in it, whatsoever. However, I have never seen a man hurt so much from his own actions, I mean he is a real man, to own his mistakes, as well as to suffer from them. There’s so many cold hearted people in the world who don’t even lose sleep over their actions. So I have high hopes in my heart that they will be reconnected by the time the next season airs. He’s a real man who honestly loves his wife.

I don’t know what it is about mothers, but they really seemed to have taken over this season!

Ray J’s mother had some hardcore feelings about Ray J and Princess taking the vows, and not one time did she try to hold them back. I think she made both of them feel uncomfortable, Ray J for the fact that his mother couldn’t accept his happiness, & Princess for the fact that she just wanted to be a daughter figure to her. I am glad they were able to work it all out before the wedding, though! That wedding was beautiful too, might I add, & I legit cried when I saw Princess’s daddy.

As for A1 and Lyrica’s mothers, man, ha-ha. They had the most intense moments on this season. I actually never thought they would get along, after A1 & Lyrica eloping, Lyrica G, Lyrica Anderson’s mother, repossessing the car she bought for them, and the explosive fights between the moms. But I am very happy to see them getting along and trying to make things work by being mature and more open minded. Do you think it will last?

I can’t wait for the reunion, to see where everyone stands, but I’m mostly excited for the new season already! I just hope & pray that my girl, Teairra Marie will be on the screen, & not behind bars!




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