The not so ‘Soulja’ Boy

Soulja Boy, born DeAndre Cortez Way, was fired from Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood.  The truth has been revealed and it’s quite disturbing.

But first, lets list some positive things about the Boy..

Soulja Boy made his debut in 2007, when his hit record, Crank that (soulja boy) shattered the U.S Billboards Hot 100.  Since then, he has released three studio albums, and one independant album. Apart from the music career, Soulja also dropped his clothing line in 2008, just a year after his first record release. But a lot of people today know him from his constant appearance on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, which lasted for
only 2 years, before he got the boot. 2014-2016, RIP Soulja, ha-ha.

Now, let’s get to the tea!

According to TMZ, the rapper was fired from the show after threatening his girlfriend, Nia Riley, with a gun on social media. He tried to play it off by saying he quit because the show was too “ratchet” & that his brand was “too big for the show”, but he was indeed, fired.

After Nia posted a meme to instagram, indicating that she’s single, then posting a picture of her eating “street meat”, Soulja lost it, after calling her a hoe,
he told her to take off the shoes he bought he. Than he shot back, with another woman! But that isn’t the worst part..

Soulja Boy took to his Instagram to openly threaten his former girlfriend & VH1 co-star, Nia Riley with gun violence. In the video, Soulja flashes the pistol repeatedly while telling Riley’s newest love interest to stop antagonizing him before he finds “some shooters outside of his house.”

“F*** you and f*** Nia Riley,” he states, while pointing the barrel of the pistol directly at the camera lens. “I’ll kill y’all b***h a** n***as.”

This doesn’t even include all of the drama Nia had to endure on the show! What about last season, when she caught Soulja cheating, so they had a sit down with the other woman, who doesn’t deserve her name listed, & she attacked Nia?! Just messy.

A source said that his actions were that last straw, & has now crossed the line “from irrelevant to irrational” what he did was irresponsible, dangerous, and the producers took that as a threat. This is not the brand, nor the franchise that VH1 wants to have. Also, they would have felt partially responsible if anything would have happened to Nia.

Soulja and Nia have been off and on for so long, is this the final straw? I personally think Nia deserves better. She has stood by his side from day one, she need to catch an EPO and keep her fine a** moving!

It’s safe to say that the Boy, won’t be returning, but do you think we will be seeing more of Nia Riley in the future?


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