Beverly Hills: New Season, Same Fights

We all know & love the Beverly Hills Housewives franchise, created by Bravo. They have continued to keep us hooked through 6 intense seasons.

& now… They’re about to drop the seventh season right into our laps!

Two familiar faces have left the show. Miss Kathryn Edwards, which, in my personal opinion, was a nobody. I feel that she was just trying to get back into the fame light, after her scandal with O. J. Simpson, back in 1994. Also, while she was on the show, she showed that she was a little two-faced, & just plain nasty, when she continually bumped heads with a few of the co-stars. So, buh-bye Kathryn!

We also lost our beautiful, stunning, & fantastic Yolanda Hadid! This literally broke my heart, when she announced it on the season 6 reunion. She gave me so much life! She was never scared to stand up for what she believed in, & she was just a strong & remarkable woman. But after her now, ex-husband, filed for divorce, due to the fact that he couldn’t take helping her through her lymes disease anymore, she decided to call it quits and focus on herself and her children. God bless this remarkable woman!

But we can count on seeing the familiar faces of Lisa Vanderpump, Erika Giradi (YASSS!), Lisa Rinna (maybe she’s learned to keep her mouth shut?), Eileen Davidson, and Kyle Richards (Which also means we will still be seeing & hearing about her sister, Kim Richards, who has been battling her sobriety for some time now).

There’s one new face added to the show, too! Her name is Dorit Kemsley! She’s a proud wife to Paul Kemsley, & a mother to their two children: Jagger & Phoenix (beautiful names!) I am very interested to learn more about her!

How will this season go down?

Stay stuned for the premier on Tuesday, December 6th! Go to for more details!


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