Stronger Together & Tomorrow, Together

We all know Hillary Clinton’s slogan: “Stronger Together” and it has rallied up quite a few of her followers.

But this slogan of hers has really caught my attention, because, being a gamer, I’ve had the luxury to play Alien Isolation for Xbox One, & one of the main slogans in the game play is Apollo’s “Tomorrow, Together”

Why does this stick out to me? Well, Let’s start with Alien Isolation first.

The story line of the video game, is that Amanda Ripley is in search for her mother, Ellen Ripley. In which, if you grew up watching the movies, then you know exactly who that is! anyways, when she lands onto the ship with her co-pilots to search for her mother, she learns a lot about Apollo, which is the android mainframe, in control of the ship. Of course the alien is on board, along with the killer robots. So to sum it all up, these killer robots have the slogan “Tomorrow, together”, yet they’ve gone mad and have killed almost everyone on board, while trying to protect the alien, so that it can be returned to Earth.

Now, on with Hillary.

Hillary is a horrible person, in my book. She’s secretive, she’s sneaky, by deleting thousands of confidential emails, & she supports outer countries that kill people. I feel that she also aids and supports the terrorist countries and pays for the people to create militias to start wars. She also antagonizes other countries, such as Russia, so that they can take the initiative to start a third World War. Yet, we’re supposed to be ‘songer together’…

All of Clinton’s campaigners, are basically the androids, while Clinton is the mainframe. For example, the FBI was about to go through 650,000 emails in 8 days. In other words, there’s 691,200 seconds in 8 days, so they reviewed over one email per second… How in the hell is that enough time to decide if there’s anything criminal or not? SEE?!?!

So, these go hand in hand. The androids in the game carry almost the same exact slogan as Clinton, and they’re both just evil beings. Which leads me to believe that we all better have an ‘Amanda Ripley’ deep down inside of us, to make sure we can ensure our safety and survival. Because, Clinton is going to lead us straight into the monster’s mouth!

Elections are a day away people! I see so many celebrities voting for the monster. Though I do feel that either candidate will create a war for us. Clinton will take us into WW3, & Trump will take us into a civil war, right here on our homeland. But something tells me that she is going to win, no matter what, because that’s the kind of power these disgusting people hold.


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