Immigration Hypocrisy

This is something I posted to a friend’s status. (Which I deleted, so no mutuals will find it) I also cut out the name, to keep it private. I figured I’d share it as a whole, instead.

One thing that really irks my nerves, is peoples’ true colors coming out about illegal immigrants. So I’m going to give my piece.

I know a lot of people who are illegal immigrants. They are some of the most kind hearted, hard working, respectful people I have ever met. They have more respect then most Americans. Are they murderers? No. Are they drug dealers? No. Are they out to steal from Americans? No. Are they criminals? No. the ones I’ve had the HONOR of meeting, have done nothing but try to have a better life for themselves and their family. That’s why they work 16 hours a day while making half the money that Americans make, while never getting to see their families.

But Americans want to say they’re stealing our jobs? Can I just please see a show of hands that would get up off their asses and do some hardcore manual labor, like working in fields from sun up to sun down? Or would go work at a restaurant for 16 hours while making only 6-8 dollars an hour?

Can I get a show of hands for innocent Americans who have never murdered someone, or robbed someone, or who has never committed a crime, no matter how petty?

See, Americans tend to forget where we came from. Last time I read a history book, it was the British who came here (which are our ancestors, in case anyone forgot, which it so seems like) and murdered more than 80% of the native Americans who had originally owned this land. So what are we? This may be our home now, but that’s because our ancestors had to wipe out nearly the entire original population.

If I recall correctly, we started a revolution because we wanted a better life. Just like that of some of the immigrants I know. Hmm, funny how hypocritical this nation can be.

So before people go labeling others just because of their skin tone, or lack of “pure American blood” you should probably do your research, learn your history, and get to know others.

That is all.


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