God Bless Thy Nation

Come one, come all

We are ready for the fall!

Trump wins the presidential election by a whopping 279-228 electoral votes, though Hillary did lead in the popular votes (59,392,837 – Trump) (59,599,237 – Hillary). The nation literally fell into shell shock, even the ones who were on Trump’s side. Nobody truly excepted it. He won 30 out of the 50 states that make up this beautiful country.

There are a lot of mixed feelings and emotions floating around this country, and its only the first day after the election. I’ll be the first to say that I am pleased that Hillary didn’t win, but I’m not completely pleased with Trump, neither.

Here are my reasons why:

His campaign trail was a little messy. He made it very aware that he wanted to ship all immigrants back to their home countries, he wanted to change the laws that have been previously passed by other presidents, specifically the law allowing gays to marry, aka marriage equality, and not to mention him outbursts on women.

Now, I’ve done my research, I’ve watched the campaign from beginning to end. I do support his outlooks on abortion, unlike Hillary, who believed that getting a late abortion is acceptable, because full term babies don’t have rights. I support him in wanting to take out isis. I support his becoming ‘friendly’ with Russian president, Putin, to prevent World War 3. I support him trying to fix the corruption in our government.

He already has a plan for the first 100 days in office, which is, interesting, to say the least. He will introduce “broader legislative measures” such as:

  • Middle Class Tax Relief and Simplification Act
  • End the Offshoring Act
  • American Energy and Infrastructure Act
  • School Choice and Education Opportunity Act
  • Repeal and Replace Obamacare Act
  • Affordable Childcare and Eldercare Act
  • End Illegal Immigration Act
  • Restoring Community Safety Act
  • Restoring National Security Act
  • Clean Up Corruption in Washington Act

Some of his ideas have changed, such as the immigration deportation. This outlook went from removing all illegal immigrants, to removing the criminal illegal immigrants.

I honestly felt a lot better when I found out this information. If Trump can open his eyes and see that not everyone falls under the same category, and keep immigrants here that follow the law and rules, that just want to better their lives, then he can show how good of a person, that he wants everyone to believe.

But one thing I struggle with, is the LGBT community… I know he has flip flopped on the topic quite a bit, inevitably wanting the marriage choice to go to the states, while wanting to originally overthrow the ruling on Obergefell vs. Hodges, which passed marriage equality, due to his belief that marriage should be more traditional. While his vice president, Mike Pence, believes gay people can become straight, through electroshock therapy…. HUH?

I really hope that he does his job right, and makes America great again, in all the RIGHT PLACES! How do you think these next 4 years will pan out?


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