Jersey Shore Throwback

I will never forget the night that Jersey Shore aired across my television. I had just got done reorganizing my room, made some delicious dinner, and sat back for, what seemed to be, an interesting ride! I was not disappointed.

There was plenty of hair gel, skimpy clothing, & GTL for the cast members throughout the reality series. The cast started out in Seaside Heights, NJ, before venturing to Miami Beach in season two, then returned back to the original South Jersey Shore for seasons’ three, five and six, while they took their fist-pumping trademark to the historic Florence, Italy in season four.

Six seasons, 83 episodes, in a time span of 2009-2012. I can honestly say that they did not give me enough GTL moments! I wish the cast would reunite for another hit series, but given that everyone has grown and formed their own businesses and families, I don’t think we will be seeing that dream come true. *Tears*

The Jersey shore has given us a dose of drama that I don’t think anyone that had the honor of watching, will ever forget. From Snooki getting punched in the face, & getting arrest on the beach, Jwoww fighting Mike in one season, and Sammi Sweetheart in another, Mike bashing his head during the confrontation with Ronnie in Florence, to the constant blow outs between Ronnie and Sammi. But let’s not forget the infamous Angelina, who left on the first season, due to getting fired from their job, which in turn got her kicked out of the house, and again in season 2, during the Miami debut. She left in Miami, because she was in multiple fights: slapping Pauly D, fighting Snooki after sleeping with Vinny, and was caught up in the Jwoww-Snooki-Sammi situation. After this, she did not return! YAY!

But we cannot forget all of the awesome times they had on the show. There were constant pranks going on. They always had each others’ backs. There were some beautiful bonds created between them. They found love on the show, specifically Jwoww with Rodger, and Snooki with Jionni. My personal favorite moment was when Sammi and Ronnie were finally able to get on the same page and form this healthy status in their relationship. I was praying they would get married… Damn Sammi and Ronnie, what happened?! *Heartbroken*

MTV’s Jersey Shore franchise has become so popular, that many other shows are being made in other countries, such as A French Jersey Shore, which will be like U.K.’s  Geordie Shore, an official licensed franchise. Whereas  many other ‘knockoffs” have been made in other countries, such as Australia’s the shire, New Zealand’s the G.C., and much more, that are not licensed for the franchise.

All I know is that they gave me life! I felt joy, pain, happiness, sadness, the whole nine. I felt like I was a part of their family, going through every scenario with them, as I sit back and watch it all unfold. I will not even be ashamed to say that I follow them all on twitter, except Angelina, ha-ha.

Here’s an update on some of the cast:

  • Vinny just got his own show with his parents on the food network!
  • DJ Pauly D is still DJ’ing and traveling the world!
  • Snooki is slaying in her business and at being a mommy
  • Jwoww is being the best mommy she can, with Rodger right back her side

I need them back in my life and on my television screen. How about you? Do you want to see a reunion? Or we you glad that the fist-pumping days are over?


If you’re interested in seeing a video I made for the Jersey Shore throwback, then please click on the YouTube link on my page, watch, and enjoy!


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