YouTubers’ Collision Course

Picture it, you’re scrolling through YouTube, you see an interesting title, such as, ‘Most intense street fights compilation’,  so you click on it, and every other video is of some girls, popping their a** cheeks… Ok? What does that have to do with street fighting? Nothing, right.

Now, don’t get it wrong, I love me some YouTube. I run YouTube every day, more then I do regular television. But, at least my channel is authentic. I mean I don’t give false titles to get views. I give the title of what it is, and the description gives the details of what you will be seeing, that way you can decide if that’s something or not that you would like to see.

I find it so frustrating, when I see falsified clip art & titles, because you’re wasting my time in watching something that isn’t true to the evidence. Another example would be, searching for a television clip, you see the clip art is what you’re looking for, you see that the title is what you’re looking for, but then you click on it, and its someone giving a 15 minute opinion. Like, no, that’s not what I wanted.

YouTube should be able to get that sorted out. It brings in so many viewings and ratings. They also make a lot of money from the site, so its save to say that they’re popular & wealthy enough to bring some efficient updates. Not to mention that it’s a part of Google! One of the biggest search engines in the world!    

As for the ads, though! They have to show 15 ads per video watched (varies, depending on the length of the video) and it’s annoying. They vary from 5 seconds, to approximately 2 minutes long, and some of them don’t even come with a skip button! It’s too much. I learned the hack to it though! Check this out, the ad pops up right, you can hit the back button, then just click on the video again, and it will skip the ad and just go straight to the video you’re trying to watch… You’re welcome! 😛

Let’s come together so that YouTube can fix these small problems! If I have to pick one over the other, please fix the ad situation, because the ads are really over doing it. I can search through some videos, that’s cool, but them ads need to go! They’re really too much. Which problem would you choose for them to fix?



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