The Sisters Vs. Jacqueline

We all know and love the Real Housewives of New Jersey. The hot water between Teresa and Jacqueline have been the main topics of discussion during this season. It seems as if it were impossible for the two Italian princesses to move passed the bad history.

It was safe to say that after the season finale, Teresa, along with Melissa, washed their hands of their on again, off again friendship with Jacqueline.  After the many harsh, honest, & secretive remarks, the three Jersey wives’ decided that nobody would change or grow up to make things work. Between liars, cheaters, con artists, and continuous blame games, I’m honestly surprised that nobody through any punches.

During the reunion part two, we really saw the true feelings as to why Teresa has issues with Jacqueline. She stated that Jacqueline was, allegedly, the reason why Teresa got in trouble, & that Jacqueline ran her mouth to the Feds, aka, police.

But Teresa then went to say, after they took a small break on the reunion, that she doesn’t think Jacqueline went to the police herself, but that she talked to people, who went to the police, & that Jacqueline “had people do the dirty work for her”. Of course Jacqueline says this is very false, and that she would never do that to a friend.

As for Melissa and Jacqueline, I guess she thinks that Melissa is now a “soldier” for Teresa, so that went down in the drain real quick! Ha-ha. But on a serious note, I think it was a jealousy thing, for the fact that the two sisters have finally worked through their issues & became closer. Jacqueline made if clear during the reunion, that she wouldn’t have said a word to Melissa to fix their issues. So, Melissa took that as their friendship was never authentic.

It’s safe to say that they, Jacqueline and Teresa, wanted to work through their problems and fix their friendship, but both felt set up at different times. Instead, of trying to talk things out, they would turn around and throw low blows. Rather factual, or not.

Melissa and Teresa both say that Jacqueline is “disgusting” as well as a “Sh***y friend” during the reunion. I personally think this time that the bridges are too damaged to try and rebuild them. I personally feel like Bravo tried to force their friendship back by making a collage clip of their history of good moments, plus making them hug it out at the end of the show.

What do you think will happen between the sisters and Jacqueline? Do you think Jacqueline will return on the next season?


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