NES Throwback to Future!

This throwback Thursday is going to be dedicated to the worldwide gamers out there, including myself! We’re going to step into the past, & wrap around to the future. All thanks to the Nintendo Company!

Where did Nintendo Come From?

Fusajiro Yamauchi, who manufactured “Hanafuda” (flower cards) Japanese playing cards in Kyoto back in 1889, is the man behind the Nintendo name! He established his company as an unlimited partnership, Yamauchi Nintendo & Co. back in 1933. Yamauchi worked on many distribution techniques for nearly 20 years, while the company went through many different name changes, until 1963, when the final name: Nintendo Co., Ltd. was revealed. They began manufacturing games in addition to their playing cards.

It was nearly 100 years later, along with a new president takeover by Hiroshi Yamauchi, when the company dropped the Nintendo Entertainment System, which was in 1983 for Japan, & 1985 for part of America. Both instantly became a major hit. This was the hottest thing on the market since the Atari dropped in 1977. The three major cartridges that dropped with the system in 1983 were, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., & Popeye. 17 other titles would drop soon after, with the 1985 American-partial release, including the infamous Super Mario Bros.  Nationwide release took place in 1986. Talk about a wait!

Nintendo: Then & Now

Since the initial release of the Entertainment System, Nintendo continued to shock their consumers, with the first Gameboy dropping in 1990, which was a perfect way for gamers to play their favorite games on the go, no cords, just batteries! The Super Nintendo dropped shortly after, in 1992 – the year  I was born, heyyy! Fast forwarding, they delivered us the Nintendo 64, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, SP, & Micro. Lets not forget the last console that didn’t work on motion, the Nintendo GameCube. Nintendo then decided to make us get up, by dropping the Wii, and recently, the Wii U! As far as handhelds go, we left the Gameboys in the past, while Nintendo introduced the DS systems, which over time, turned into a 3D world! The DS was the highest profiting system in the history, profiting at 151.52 million.

So, its safe to say that Nintendo has been busy over the history of their business, which, in turn, has been keeping us consumers busy as well! With newer systems, brings new games & adventures. My personal favorites in the Nintendo world are: Pokémon, Resident Evil, Zelda, Super Mario, & Donkey Kong. But that’s not even a third of the nearly 10 thousand titles that have been made available for the Nintendo systems.

The Classic That Rebirthed!

Everything has been fabulous over the expansion of the Nintendo life. But nothing is ever better then the original. This is a fact, no matter what the subject is! With that said, the NES continued to be the best, in fact, it was so impactful, that the creators just re-launched the NES this year! it’s half the size, pre-loaded with 30 games-including Zelda, Donkey Kong, & Pac Man– & its only 60 dollars! What a bargain! The NES Classis Edition is the newest, hottest thing on the market. I personally think its going to be a fabulous addition under many classic gamers’ Christmas trees!




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