AHS: My Roanoke Disaster

I love me some American Horror Story. I’ve been addicted to the show ever since the first season dropped in our hungry laps. The creators, Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk, gave us something different to look forward to every year, since every season is a different story.

American horror Story aired for the first time back in October of 2011, which was called murdered house. After that season, the creators stuck to the timeline of delivering us horror around the Halloween time, until we hit season 6, Roanoke, which aired in mid September of this year. Roanoke is also the shortest season now, with only ten episodes to the title, while the previous seasons had 12-13 episodes per title.

Shortest season? Robbed of two episodes?! We’re already off to a bad start, aren’t we? *sigh*

I really was disappointed in this season, like, very disappointed. The season kicked off with a bang! I was jumping left and right, I loved how they did the creation this season, set up like a ‘true story’ scenario, with reenactments.  It was believable, it was emotional, & it was intense.

But then things got a little sour, at least for me.

the show turned quickly into a ‘reality TV’ kind of set up. which was alright, I mean, if anyone watched reality TV in real life, then they could handle this. But it seemed a little corny. You would watch the beginning of the season, and see who loves who, get the feel for each character, then they just switched it right up. Next thing you know, this one is dating that one, she killed him, he cheated on her. Like, AHS went from horror to legitimately being about reality TV drama.

But that wasn’t the worst for me. What really got under my skin, was the fact that everyone died off so quickly! After the 5th episode, everyone started dropping like flies. I’m pretty sure that they killed off 4 characters in one showing. I was just sitting there like “wtf?”

The creators do a really fine job of keeping us hooked & keeping us on our toes. So when I started this season, I expected nothing short of being rocked… But sadly, I wasn’t all that rocked. More like shocked, shocked that it was kind of crappy. I feel like the creators just rushed through the production of Roanoke. Not to mention a lot of the same actors played multiple roles within the show, which I know that they do that from time to time, but this title seemed to be excessive with it.

I can say this, though! There are two things that I loved about Roanoke. The first is that so many cast members from previous seasons, were in this title. I was literally tickled when I saw all of the familiar faces, even actors from season one, such as Taissa Farmiga. The second thing I loved about Roanoke, is the fact that the main character’s name was Shelby Miller, which was my full name, before I added Marroquin to it! So, I was lightweight famous! HEEYY! Ha-ha.

The producers are already working on season 7, which is fabulous! So lets hope and pray that the new season wont be as all over the place as this season was. Fingers crossed!

What did you think about season 6?

What do you think the new season will be about? A tie in to a previous season? Or another new kick off?

One thing is for sure, they’ll have me waiting, very impatiently!


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