Alola Monsters Come To Life!


If you are like me, then you have followed Pokémon since the very first generation. Originally released in 1996-with red, blue, & yellow (green was released in Japan)- Pokémon to the gaming world by storm. For me, it started with the video games, than I started collecting the Pokémon cards-which I still have, & yes, I still collect!- before you knew it, I was Pokémon everything! I had Pokémon clothes, blankets, toys, pillows, video games, cards, you name it, I had it.

Let me just say, Pikachu has forever been, & will always remain, my favorite!

Over the passed twenty years, the creators at Game Freak have continued to whip up some amazing adventures, along with creating some rather interesting Pokémon. There are now seven generations of Pokémon, & 801 to collect! That is a lot of Pokémon, & I am glad to be alive in this age! I cannot wait for the day that the creators break 1,000 monsters to collect.

What I like about Pokémon, is that every monster that the company creates, there is a history behind it. Often, a lot of people think that the creators just throw random ideas together and give it a name, but this is not the case. If the Pokémon cannot be found in our real world-i.e. Rattata is a rat in the real world- then the Pokémon can be found in cultural mythology-i.e. Ho-oh is the king bird of Imperial China. So, its safe to say that they’re serving you a fun game, and a good dose of history, if you know where to look!

The Bright Sun & Elegant Moon

The creators really shook some s**t up when they created these two chapters of the Pokémon world.

  • No more gyms! – that’s right, there are no gyms in this series. Instead, you go through trials & challenges, & when completed, you will receive Z crystals instead of gym badges.
  • Elite Four? – Yes, of course there is still an elite four, & just like in Black & White, you can fight in whatever order you wish. But the new catch? Instead of fighting a champion, you fight the professor! YAS!
  • New Pokémon- obviously. You get a handful of newbies, 80 newbies, to be exact. So its not a lot, but its more then X and Y.
  • Legendary monsters – I personally have an issue with this. There are 17, count them, SEVENTEEN legendary Pokémon, yet you can only get certain ones, depending on the game that you play. That’s only usually possible with the main legendaries, for instant- like Ho-oh was for Gold & Lugia was for Silver. But in this case, they switched it all up! Now, I will say that they allow you to catch multiples of certain legendaries, so that you can trade for the opposite via the GTS. But the hassle of searching for someone willing to trade, ugh.
  • Fashion back in style! – In Sun & Moon, they continued the fashionably sensitive styles of clothing and hair decorations, which was introduced in the 6th generation of X & Y.
  • No more Mega Stones- this is actually funny, because in the post game, you get the mega ring, along with the mega stone for Alakazam.. They tried to trick us by saying they were taken out, they lied!

It took me 34 hours to beat the game. Yes, 34 hours. Because I am a Pokémon fanatic! I also make sure I have a strong team. I am now going through the ‘post game’ series, while working on completing my pokedex, until January when I will be able to transfer my COMPLETED pokedex over to Moon… Oh yea. See, on my Pokémon alpha sapphire, I have 720 out of 721, I’m just waiting for Meloetta to drop in December!

How do you feel about Pokémon Sun and Moon?

I know it’s a complete game changer, but it’s something to get used too and enjoy.




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