My Old Man

Today’s post is going to be a very personal one. My cat, named pooter, aka “my old man”,  passed away saturday, November 19th. So this is dedicated to him.

This is a story of a nine year old boy, and a baby kitten, changing each other’s lives.

I still remember the fisrt day that I ever met him. He originally belonged to my uncle. I walked into his bathroom to go potty, and there was this little tiny, orange furball meowing at me, keep in mind, I was like 9 years old. I instantly fell in love! So, i went home and told my mom about him, and that my uncle said that if we wanted him we could take him. Well, the next thing I know, she’s walking in the door with that little tiny ball of orange fur, & I just screamed.

Pooter was my very first four-legged pet, at least the first that wasn’t classified as a rodent. (Technical first four-legged pet would’ve been my gerbil). He literally fit in the palm of my hands, he was the tiniest little ball of fluff, & I just couldn’t stay away from him. I remember my mom always yelling at me to leave him alone, ha-ha.

We kept him in our bathroom, like my uncle, because he was so small, that we wanted to make sure he didn’t get hurt. But after like two weeks, we finally opened that sliding bathroom door and let him rome free! Well, as free as I would let him. I literally kept him glued to me.

Our place eventually became a zoo, as I am a huge animal lover, always have been, always will be. My mom bought me another gerbil, and I had a badass fish tank full of fish, inlcuding my favorite, angel fish. Pooter had a field day with them! Ha-ha. Don’t worry, no animals or fish were ever harmed. Pooter was always a bit of a scaredy cat. God love him.

Pooter was legit a part of the family. He moved with us every time, which was a total 3 times, before we settled. Except he never made to New Jersey with me. I always thought he would. 😦

he also gained many brothers and sisters along the way. We had buddy, Orange Juice, Smokey, Smokey, & Smokey. yes, ha-ha, three smokeys’, three different times. He also had Bella (puppy), Neveah (puppy), Pom-Pom, & piggy. Smokey #3, Pom-Pom, & Piggy where his last sibling when he passed. Smokey #3 is a lay, chunky, black and white cat, while Pom-Pom is a rather ‘special’ Pomeranian, & Piggy is a mini pug, which is why her name is Piggy! XD

Pooter was definitely always surrounded by love, and human food, thanks to mom!

He slept with me almost every night of my life for the 15 years that we had him. He always talked to me, & you’re damn right I talked back to him. We had a real special bond. See, Pooter had trust issues, so he didnt like being help, picked up, none of that. But when it came to me, he would sit in my lap, let me hold him like a baby, all of that! When he got older he also started coming around more often (when he was younger, he would run and hide when other people would come around). My old man defintely became ‘chill’ after a few years, ha-ha.

Everybody loved him, not one person was scared of him. Hell, he probably got more attention then I did! XD But that’s ok, because he was one hell of a loveable, fluffy kitty.

This was literally like my little baby. We grew up together. Both just babies when we met. I can only imagine how my momma feels.

People can be so cruel, and heartless when it comes to animal losses, & I’m just like, where I come from, we have hearts, and if you have a heart, after 15 years of someone or something being in your life, its going to hurt like hell when you lose it. Yet people will be quick to cry when they break their new iPhone 7. Bish please. He was my baby, and grew up to be my old man.

Pooter Butt will never be forgotten, & he will always be missed. He had a good life. Hopefully one day I will get to see him again.

Thanks for listening. Sorry if this story seems a little messy, the emotions and memories just kind of poured out.. Much love to all.



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