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The Closing Of My 2016

The clock is ticking, people! The new year is just four days away. With that being said, here’s a breakdown of my 2016 experience!

Can I just say that this has been one hell of a year. This is actually the first year that I have ever lived out of state. I was born and raised in Kentucky for 23 years. Then one day, my family was like “hey, you ready for New York?,” uh YES?!

It was the most amazing and the best decision that I have ever made in my life, literally. See, I’m the type of guy that struggles with decisions. I almost always second-guess myself. But with the decision to move, it was a no brainer. I never second guessed it. I think it was so simple for me, because moving out of state is something that I have always wanted to do.

The only thing that was hard for me, was leaving my mother, family, & friends. But the cool thing about my lifestyle, is that I get to visit them quite often, & while away, we make sure to keep in contact, because that’s how love and friendship really works.

I have learned to adapt in a whole new world. Let me be the one to tell you that New York & New Jersey are completely different from Kentucky. My way of life has even changed. There’s my Kentucky ways, and there’s my Jersey ways. I like to think of myself as a chameleon.

My family bond has never been as strong as it is today, and I am so very excited to see that we will continue to grow together into the coming year.

My mother, who has had numerous health issues for the majority of her life, is finally better than ever. She’s still healing, but let me just say she’s like 90% well, and I will surely f*cking take it!

I have been forming a beautiful bond with a man who took me in as his own child, the man that earned the daddy title, and I swear to you right here, right now, nobody else will ever have that title but him. My mother actually gets a little salty for the fact that I am now becoming a daddy’s boy, ha-ha.

there have been some low moments during this year, of course. There were some scares with my mother’s house during the middle of the year, but she pulled through like a true boss woman that she is! (Applause)

There have been some loss of loved ones this year as well, some that really hit home for me. I lost my great grandfather, which was the last of that generation of our livelihood. I also lost my pet cat, who I had for 15 years, he was literally my baby. I just recently mourned my best friend’s death anniversary of 2 years.

I have learned a lot about myself this year. I have grown, adapted, thrived, and conquered. I have done plenty of trial and errors, which I’m sure will continue into the new year, because that’s what constant growth is about.

Now, outside of my personal life, we have seen a lot of crazy events going on in the world. There has been so much mass terrorism, homicide, suicide, & too many hate crimes, death, suffering, & pain. Don’t even get me started with this election year.

I only hope and pray that 2017 brings peace, love, and happiness, like I find in my personal life.

Well, that’s my 2016 wrap up! How was your year?


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Princess Leia Passes On

The daughter of two of Hollywood’s biggest stars of the 1950s — actress Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher- has passed away at the age of 60. We all know and love her as the famous Carrie Fisher.

She will forever be my number one Princess Leia. She reportedly had a heart attack while traveling to Los Angeles from London. Medical personnel met United flight 935 upon arrival to assist the loving Princess.

Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Erik Scott told TheWrap that “at 12:11 p.m., the LAFD responded to LAX International Airport gate 74 for a patient on an inbound flight on cardiac arrest. Paramedics were standing by for the plane’s arrival and provided advanced life support and aggressively treated and transported patient to a nearby hospital.”

She went straight to the local hospital, and was put into intensive care, to try and get her stable. But after a few days of trying to stay above the waters, she sadly stepped out of our lives.

The family spokesperson released a statement on behalf of Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd: “It is with great sadness that Billie Lourd confirms that her beloved mother, Carrie Fisher, passed away at 8:55 this morning.”

Fisher was an amazing entrepreneur, to say the very least. She leaves behind one hell of a legacy. She was an actress in over 90 films, she wrote 11, herself. She even produced one. She also played herself in over 136 shows and documentaries. She also became a well known novelist, writing many stories. It is definitely safe to say that she will never be forgotten.

co-star and life long friend  Ford said in a statement released to the media – “I’m shocked and saddened to hear the news about my dear friend. Our thoughts are with Carrie, her family and friends.”

I couldn’t have said it any better myself. R.I.P my original Princess!

Source: ABC News YouTube


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Adam Saleh Fakeness

I’m sure that if you’re anything like me, then you are tired of hearing about Adam Saleh.

He posted a video online on the 21st of December, stating that he was being kicked off of a Delta air flight due to speaking in a different language. This shook the media, including myself, at first. I was literally livid to think that America could indeed let the racism take over themselves in such grotesque ways…

But me being the type of investigator that I am, I did my research.

He was not kicked off the plane for speaking Arabic. He was kicked off the plane for the fact that he has pulled numerous pranks while being on air planes. Such video titles include: Jumping off plane prank fail, Arabs on a plane, Counting down in Arabic while on a plane experiment, and my most favorite, I smuggled myself onto a plane to another city.

No wonder why they kicked him off! I fully back up Delta Airlines for making the decision that they did. I would have done the same thing.

We have so much terrorism going on, and pulling stunts like that could’ve scared someone, or even caused Saleh harm if someone felt it was an attack on terror.

He is too damn old to be playing games like this, with all the real terrors that we have taking place in our timeline. I personally hope he gets banned from all air travel.

He may mean no harm, but his actions come with consequences.

I was really perturbed when he tried to cry out about it being a hate crime on racism, even though he knew his history of his pranks!

So from now on, when you read more about Mr. Saleh, I hope you refer to this blog to help ease your mind. He is no victim in my eyes, & I wish that all the oblivious minds that are all over social media would take time to do their research like I do, to figure out the truth.

Here is a photo collage of his doings, be sure to check out the rest of my YouTube page for more videos on other topics!

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GameStop Disabilities

I have a story to tell. Today, my mother was so very sweet enough to go to GameStop to purchase some items for me for Christmas. She purchased Gears of War 4, Resident Evil 7, and a beautiful Pikachu figure for smash bros.

My mother knows that I love Pokemon, especially Pikachu, so when she saw it,  she just wanted to get it. So, she gets home, and hands me the gifts. I am of course jumping up and down with joy! Hell, even I thought the Pikachu figurine was just a nice decorative item. I then realized that it was for the Nintendo DS, specifically for the Smash bros game.

I told her that we should just return that one item so that she can get her money back. I was most definitely satisfied with the games alone!

So, I get in my car, drive up to the GameStop on Shelbyville Road, struggle to find parking, then wait in the long a** line. Once I get up to the counter, I inform the rude lady of the situation. She said to me “Well, its your mother’s money so all I can give you is a gift card, but no cash.” Oh really?

So I drove all the way back home, told my mother what happened, and she jumped up with a quickness, to get back to the store. We are both livid at this point.

The gentleman ends up helping us this time, and reads my name on the receipt, that’s right, my name was on the receipt the whole time. When he said that, I turned straight to the rude lady who tried to help me earlier and I said “You mean to tell me, my name was on the receipt, and you didn’t even bother to ask for my ID to verify? How did you even get hired?” Yes honey, I did, because I do not handle disrespect well at all. I mean, that was the most unprofessional interference I have ever had.

The manager of the store went on to say that, that is the store’s policy, even though they know it is very crappy, for lack of better terms. Also, let me just add, he said this to us BEFORE he realized that my name was on the receipt. Man, that store fell real quiet.

This brings me to their ‘crappy’ policies.

GameStop is all about ripping people off. You can trade in a 200 dollar game system, 30 games, and they literally offer you 30 bucks, if you’re lucky. You can bring in an item to return the same day you purchased, with the original receipt, and they will try to give you a weak gift card, instead of giving you your return payment, unless you go above and beyond by bringing every single person that came with you when you purchased, your social security card, your ID and your blood type.

I mean, even big corporations like Target and Wal-Mart are not that complicated, and GameStop doesn’t even come remotely close to them!

After I pick up my paid for RE7, I will never shop there again. At least not at this specific location on Shelbyville RD. So if you’re ever in the town of St. Matthews, here in Louisville, KY, then just go to Mall St. Matthews GameStop instead, where they know respect.

Someone should hit up a lawyer about them figuring out their return policies. *Sips Tea* I’m just saying.


Memories Of My Best Friend

This girl right here, was my best friend. Her name is Brittany, and she was like an older sister to me. We met in middle school, which was like 12 years ago, and we have been thick as thieves ever since. We did literally everything together. We slept in the same bed together, ate together, partied together, celebrated together, hell, we even had the same classes in high school! We were literally about that life.

She was an Aquarian, just like myself. She’s only 6 days older then me, being she was born January 22nd, and I was born on the 28th. Our friendship is like, a real spiritual one.. My brother passed away on January 22nd-which is in a previous blog dedicated to him- and she was born on that day, so I feel like the connection and bond was always meant to be.

We did a lot of things together, that we shared interests in. Every summer, we would go swimming, because we love the water. Every Autumn, we would go to haunted houses, because we loved that frightful life. Every day, we would sing songs, because we loved music. We would even holler at random people while driving! Man, those were the good days.

We were quite bad, if I must be honest, when in school. We did a lot of skipping together. But not in ways you’re probably thinking. She had bronchitis, so she was under the weather a lot, and I had very bad anxiety, so I never could handle the crowds like that. But we would always find out that we both stayed back and would end up getting together and chilling out.

A lot of people like looked at us as *itches, but on the contrary, we both had the biggest hearts, and everyone knew that. Brittany was the most caring, sweet, loving, goofiest person I have ever met, and she had that Aquarian attitude that wasn’t just going to let you slide with popping off, whether it be herself, or her family, if you messed with one, she was stepping in.

I don’t have enough time in the world to lay out everything that we’ve been through, nor do I really want to, because those are my memories to forever hold and cherish. I’m sure there are people in the world who can relate to that, when losing someone very close to them that they love.

But I will say that she knew me better than I knew myself. she knew when I was happy, she knew when I was sad, or even angry. She could read me, even when nobody else could. No matter what I was feeling, she knew how to get me back up on my feet.

It was two years ago today-now technically yesterday (Dec.23)-when I received the phone call. I had just got back from visiting NYC for the first time, and I went to spend a weekend with her. Then I came home, and just a week later, at 4:30 in the morning, my phone rang. It was not the kind of call I would have ever anticipated.

I lost my best friend, due to a car accident involving black ice- the same way I lost my brother; it’s too raw to see how much us three intertwine- when I was told, I just went numb. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t feel, I couldn’t hear, I was just, gone.

People really don’t understand how quick someone can be taken from your life. I was just talking to her the night before, then next thing I knew, I would never physically talk to her again, I would never hug her, wrestle with her, or laugh with her again.. At least not right now, because I do believe I will see her again one day. You must spend any and every moment you can with your loved ones, and let them know you love and cherish them. Because we don’t ever know what tomorrow will bring.

I am very happy, blessed, and honored to say that I do still see Brittany. She visits me quite often in my dreams. We’re always doing something fun and exciting, just like we used to do back in the day. I know that’s her way of letting me know that she’s still here with me, that she loves me, and watches over me.

I miss you, and I love you Bestie. #BFFLB 01/22/1992 – 12/23/2014 ❤


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Season Three of Scream Renewed!!

Yes! The news is in! It is finally official, the bloodshed will continue! Just like we already knew it would. MTV as renewed scream for their third season. We can expect six new episodes to premier in 2017!

If you’re a scream fan like I am, then you will recall the way the second season ended – on a total jaw dropping finale – when Emma’s all so loving boyfriend unmasked himself as the Lakewood killer. Now, I must say that I knew it was coming, due to the fact that I watched the original movies, so they have to keep the show and the film tied in somehow. Plus it all makes sense, because if you go back to the first season, then you can see where it all ties in! I guess Piper Shaw really was onto something when she took Emma too the lady’s house and pointed out Kieran… Crazy right?! So, I just knew, it was only a matter of time.

Nonetheless, I was still like OOOHHH GIRL! ha-ha. Especially when he admitted to banging Piper during the first season massacre. Too much spilled tea, honey!

The Scream team sits right along with us, anticipated for October 18th, when the MTV network airs a Halloween special. In this special, we will see Lakewood’s most unlucky teens travel to a remote island for a nice getaway, when a murder spree starts all over again! (Shocker, right?!)

Along with the bloodshed, seeds will be planted, along with some jaw dropping mysteries. We can say, the producers are good at doing that!

Check out the sneak peak below.



Are you prepared and excited for season 3???

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Lawrence, MA Horror – Teen Beheaded

It was a long and sad day for the parents of 16 year old Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino, when they reported him missing on November 19th in the county of Essex, in Lawrence Massachusetts.

His body was found around 2:45 pm in the Merrimack River, two weeks after the missing report was filed, by a woman who was walking her dog. It was just 30 miles from Boston.

It was tragic news, when his body was discovered, and he had been beheaded- they found the head near his body. The news literally shook the Lawrence community. He was murdered, decapitated, then thrown into the river.

Allegations point to Paulino’s High School classmate, 15 year old Matthew Borges. Borges has pleaded not guilty. He was held without bail while waiting for his court appearance next month. He will be tried as an adult for murder in the first degree.

As of right now, this is no motive being aired, so only speculation. Maybe a hate crime? One thing we do know for sure, is that this was not a random attack.

One day, in mid November, Paulino brought Borges to his house, while his family knew little about him. Then, just a few days later, Paulino left his home, never to return again. The police report does state that the two teens were smoking marijuana, the day Paulino went missing.

The only statement that Borges has given, was allegedly to a witness, and his words only consisted of “I did something bad.”

My heart goes out to Paulino’s family and friends during these real struggling times. I could not imagine dealing with something as severe as this. They are strong, and surrounded by love and support!

As for the murderer, I do not believe he acted alone. The autopsy alone took 11 hours, which means there was some serious damage. I don’t know any 15 year old that has that kind of power, to maim, murder, decapitate, and pick up another body and throw them down into a river. I hope the others are found, and justice is rightfully served.

This is something I never thought would happen on American soil. We don’t cut off heads here. My heart is literally breaking. God bless us all.



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Russian Ambassador Assassinated

I bring to you yet another breaking story. The Russian ambassador, Andrey Karlov, has been shot (assassinated) and killed in Ankara, Turkey, where he was attending a photo exhibition. It happened right before he began his speech on the opening of the exhibition, which was called “Russia in the eyes of Turks.” It has been confirmed that the shooter was a 22 year old police officer. Russia feels that it is an act of terrorism. This could trigger wars.

The shooter was wearing a suit and tie, dressed like a normal person attending the exhibition. He shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ which translates to ‘God is great’ in Arabic, during the attack.

Three others were also injured during the attack, though nobody else had been killed. The attacker himself, has been killed by the Turkish Special Forces.

There’s speculation made by a local newspaper, stating that the shooter shot warning rounds into the air before aiming at Karlov.

this also leaves an embarrassing movement in the security department. It has made Russia and Turkey visit their standards and strategies, while facing the Syria issue that is now on it’s sixth year.

The long term implications for the Russia-Turkey relationship, which had been close recently after plunging a year ago, were not immediately clear. But some speculate that the assassination will lead to a new chapter, saying it could bring the countries closer together in a shared fight against terrorism.

Spokesman for the US secretary of State “condemns” the act of violence, whatever its source. I guess this statement is a way to send condolences, right?

I pray that this does not start a war against nations. I do not believe it was an assassination from the Turks. I believe it was an assassination from terrorists. We are at war with terror here, and sadly, this will continue to happen while these nations just continue to let the terrorists prevail. ISIS has been going strong for all of six years now, and these nations are too busy funding the terrorists, instead of cleaning them off of the map.

Another thing that bothers me, is the fact that the ambassador had very little, to no security. I mean, its the ambassador of Russia! Why was he not properly secured? I understand people will come at me and say “but he was at an art show,” ok? I don’t ever see the president just walking around because he’s at a show. The political people are always covered, yet this ambassador was not. There’s speculation that the CIA was also involved, but I’ll just leave that in the speculation box. I’m sticking with terrorism on this one.

It’s insane to think about, all these terror attacks are getting more and more frequent.

The video below, shows the attack, the beginning has been blocked out, from here he was shot. BUT still, mature audience is permitted.


What are your thoughts on the attack? What does this mean for our world?





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Berlin Christmas Market Disaster

At least 9 people are dead, and over 50 people are injured, after a truck has crashed into a Berlin Christmas market on Monday in a major public square, more directly, in Breitscheidplatz. This crash is being investigated as an act of terrorism.

The driver was arrested nearby, and the front passenger died at the scene.

The truck was allegedly moving at a speed of 40 mph through a crowded pedestrian area, and the truck made no effort to slow down. People were “crushed” witnesses say.

Emma Rushton, who was there when the crash took place, stated that “there’s no way its an accident.”

Many officials have been concerned about the security surrounding the Christmas markets, and this is one reason why. Officials saw people under the truck, and covered with blankets. So sad and heart wrenching.

Earlier in November, USDS alerted Europe of heightened risks of terrorist attacks during the holiday season, and then all of a sudden, boom, disaster strikes.

It has a lot of relativeness to the truck attack in Nice, France, that left 80 people dead and over 400 injured, though nobody is currently tying the two together.

MY condolences go out to the loved ones awaiting for their family to return, and to the ones that lost their lives.

I will be following more of the story, but in the meantime, watch the video below.



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JCPS Justice Lawsuit

I’m from Louisville, Kentucky, so this touches me personally. My cousins go to JC public schools and deal with bullies. When I was a student, I was bullied at times. Nothing was being done about it back then by the school officials, and it seems as if they’re still not doing anything about it. So, six parents stepped up and filed a lawsuit against the school system! YAAAS!

It all started with the incident that took place at Crosby Middle School, when a student was repeatedly slapped in the face, while two staff members were present in the classroom. He was humiliated,. embarrassed, and intimidated. He begged, through up, cried and pleaded not to return to school.

Five parents and even a grandparent, say that the district continues to violate civil rights by not protecting kids while in the staff’s custody.

all six guardians gave the stories of what their children went through, during their time at Crosby Middle. Five of the six kids don’t even attend the school anymore, because the bullying got so bad.

“It got bad,” says Bethany Littlefield, a parent at Crosby Middle School. “In February of last year, he attempted to end his pain the only way he knew how – and I had to put him in Our Lady of Peace.”

Littlefield then went on to say that “this place is the survival of the fittest.”

That is no way that a public school in any state, should be defined. These are children, and I think the ones to blame are the ones they go home to. Start with the parents, then move to the school district, because the adults who watch the kids every day from 7 am to 3;45 pm, are also responsible. A school is not a place that should be considered or looked at as scary for kids, or make them feel like their lives are in danger, it should be looked at as a place of knowledge, to better ones’ life, and to see your friends.

JCPS will not release any comment regarding the case, since its still pending. I for one don’t blame them, because they know they’re wrong.

This is where my ‘Throwback Thursday’ comes in…

When I went to Waggener High School, I was in a few altercations, one in which one threatened to beat me up everyday, I reported the issue, as well as my mother, because my momma doesn’t play, and all the school did was “speak” to the aggressor. I was also in an altercation where there was a threatening letter in my English mailbox, I gave it to my teacher, she took me straight to the principal’s office, and the only thing principal Candice Conway did was shrug it off and say that there was nothing she could do, since there was no name on the paper… Really? Ok, cool. I am so pleased to announce that she did get fired the year after I graduated!

So now this has escalated to all of Jefferson County, because even though this incident is specific to Crosby Middle, it is not the only school in the district that has daily bully, unprotected, and violent issues regarding students.

I think its time we do some cleaning in the district buildings, and fire all of those who feel that they don’t get paid enough to deal with kids every day, and find more people who have a passion for kids and teaching.



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Texas Bill Requires LGBT Outing

This has to be one of the most disturbing posts I have written. If you follow any type of news, then you have probably heard about this crazy bill that is in the process of being passed, that will require teachers in school to out LGBT students to their parents… Crazy.

The bill that was filed by Texas State Senator Konni Burton, states that parents are entitled to full & complete information regarding their child’s academic performance, physical, mental & emotional health.

Though I do believe that parents are entitled to all thing that regard their children, I do not believe that it’s up to the school division to out the LGBT children.

Being a part of the LGBT community, as well as being an advocate, I can understand the emotions that the children have to go through, when coming out to the community, especially your family.

Equity Texas Chairman Steve M. Rudner stated that if your child doesn’t trust you enough to come out to you, then there’s probably a good reason. If your kid is gay, & can tell his teacher, but hasn’t told you, then you are the problem.

I can only partially agree with this statement. Yes, I believe there can be a good reason as to why a kid will tell others while keeping to a secret from their family. But I do not agree with the fact that if they don’t tell their parents, that their parents are the issue.

In some cases, yes, the parents can be very harsh on their kids for being LGBT, they disown, banish, beat, and abuse their kids, & my heart does go out to those poor kids that have to struggle.

But that’s not the case for everyone, at least it wasn’t for me. My family was very understanding.  My family actually knew my entire life! My mother did have a small emotional break down, but that was because of a previous incident as well as the fact that my friend told her instead of myself, which you can see in my video that I have linked to this post.

Both cases listed above, are damn good solid points as to why the only ones that should have the right, & the power to out their sexuality to the parents, are the kids themselves. If the parents are concerned with something like that, then they should be able to talk to their child about it.

I’m really curious to see how far this bill will go. I don’t personally think its right, but what are your feelings about it?

Check out my vlog about the topic, below.

Reality Snapbacks

Evelyn Lozada to be Returning to Basketball Wives!

Look, I am so damn pleased to know that my girl, Evelyn, will be returning to the franchise! She made the public announcement on The Real, in which she guest hosts.

When I heard this, I literally lost my mind! She was the fiery b*tch that made me looooove some basketball wives. I mean, lets face it, there were a lot of non mother****ing factors until she made the scene pop! XD

It’s a beautiful thing, really, because she’s returning to the place that put the name Evelyn on the map. I know she left the show of basketball wives Miami, to do her own show, which was beautiful to follow her own story the whole way, but I was very sad to see her go.

All I can say is this is a very amazing Christmas gift! Every season after she left, I would always say “its not the same without Evelyn.”

Now, let me be the first to say, when they brought Shaunie back, I was like yesss,  then they brought Tami back and I was like yasss.. Now Evelyn is returning & I was like YASSSS!!

Those three women are my idols! They’re funny, mature, ratchet, get in your face, kind of boss women and I just absolutely love it.

can I get a #SquadGoals?

The last time we saw Evelyn appear on the franchise, she gave the world her best Jackie Christie impersonation. I’m just saying, I cannot wait until they meet!

Evelyn stated on The Real that her and Shaunie want to change the direction of the show. Now, with that being said, I think it will be easier, because Shaunie, Evelyn, & Tami, being the OG’s that they are, will be able to clean house. But lets face it, everybody was pissed once Tami joined the cast, so I expect a third world war with Evelyn’s return! These ‘jump off’ cast members get scared every time an original makes an appearance, let alone sign the contract!

One thing that is concerning me is, I see a lot of allegations going around Tami and Evelyn having unfinished beef… This will truly hurt my heart if these allegations are true, because I need the OG’s to link back up just like in the old days. But I do remember their drama on the final season of Miami, so I guess I’m not too shocked.

But I do know one thing, I cannot wait for the next F***ING season to premier!!!! ❤ ❤

What are your feelings regarding the OG star returning?