The Pipeline Monster

‘You can’t drink oil, keep it in the soil!”

Many tribes have come together from all over the nation to take a stand & fight for their sacred land against the Dakoa Access Pipeline, which could potentially destroy their natural, clean drinking water. The pipeline would in fact run directly though their sacred lands and water systems.

There have been many documentary short films based on three tribes alone, in the Dakota pipeline protest, which are the Chiricahua Apache, Dine, & the Standing Rock Sioux Tribes. The voices of these young adults, pleeding and fighting to keep their lands safe for their future generations, cannot & should not go unnoticed.

“It’s the worst thing that can actually go through here,” says Samuel Evering, who is part of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

Water is a source to everything living, & at any time the pipeline could break, contaminating their reliable sources of fresh water. What will the children & the adults have to drink if it were to become contaminated & undrinkable? To protect the water is to legitimately protect human life itself!

Hundreds of veterans also plan to join the peaceful protesters in the fight to stop the pipeline. Michael A. Woods Jr., is a former Baltimore police officer, as well as a veteran of the military. He is also the one planning the trip. Thousands of people, veterans & non veterans, have already signed up to join him! They have already accumilated an astounding $250,000.

Woods said, “if the police want to be state sanctioned agents to brutually beat non violent veterans, people who have fought to protect this country, then that should be a signal to the rest of the world of what this country’s doing.”

Some well known faces have also joined the cause. The Divergent star actress, Shailene Woodly, has been down for the protest since day one. She was even arrested for it. Her arrest did not dim her fire, but instead made it burn brighter. She is still an active advocate to this day.

Neil Young has also demanded that President Obama ‘end the violence’ a the Dakota pipeline protest.

Other celebrity advocates include: Leonardo Dicaprio, Pharrell Williams, & Mark Ruffalo.

The pipeline has been approved to begin being constructed. This pipeline will reach 1,170 miles, at a price of $3.7 billion. The pipeline will transfer around 570,000 barrels of crude oil per day. It wil begin in the Bakken region of North Dakota, go through South Dakota & Iowa, ending right across the Missouri River, in Illinois.

Personal View

I will loudly and proudly state that I stand with the protesters.

I think that we have plenty of pipelines in this country already, which really baffles me. I saw someone upload a picture of all the pipelines with a caption of “I’m confused, which pipeline are you concerned about?” The reason this bothered me is the fact that this person could downplay the pain and suffering that these people are feeling. So let me break it down for you, if you’re like the person I just mentioned above…

  1. First of all, just because you didn’t protest the one in your backyard, doesn’t mean that these people have to roll over & play dead like you.
  2. The map of all the pipelines we have in this country, should be used as an accurate support system for the protesters, not as ammunition against them. If we really have as many pipelines as the map stated, then why do we need another one?
  3. Do we really need to pollute more of this world, especially when its in our own backyard? What about your children? Or the Future of this nation?
  4. Do I really need to remind you of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill back in 2010 that we’re still paying for to this day? Yeah, imagine if that was happening every othe day.
  5. We have so much technology to go Bio Green Energy, yet we keep sitting in the past, making everything ugly & difficult. I’d rather see solar panel and Solar mills, instead of these unnecessary pipelines.

How do you feel about the pipeline? Do you think its necessary? Or are you more concerned about the people of this nation?


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