Pokemon 20, Dex finally complete!

This is another ‘personal life’ kind of blog! I am too excited to keep this achievement to myself!!!

Can I just say, again, that I am a huge pokemon maniac. I have loved, collected, & played pokemon since the orginial came out in 1996.

Well, to jump right into business, this year marks the 20th anniversary, which all pokenerds already know.

As a specail kind of ‘thank you’-celebratory-gift set, the pokemon creaters set a specific mythical pokemon to drop each month this year, starting in february.

with that being said, I have collected every pokemon in every game, and transfered them down the line to the latest, which is currently Alpha Sapphire, so my pokedex read at 708 out of 721 (prior to Alola release).

Acquiring these pokemon was no easy task. Do you know how many generations it took me to get a Spiritomb? Let alone one of the mythicals? I thought I would never get them. Though I did love when the creators made it possible to catch Deoxys in the ORAS series. That’s love.

So when February rolled around, I was on it. First came Mew, then Celebi, all the way down to Genesect, then Meloetta, which is the final mythical pokemon, & it released yesterday AND is available to collect until December 24th via nintendo network! (So, tun on game system, click on mystery gift, click recieve via internet, & watch the beauty enter your life) So was 1 mythical pokemon each month, except in April, I think it was? They released Hoopa, & in October, they released Volcanion. Basically, two months out of the year, you got two mythicals!

So now, my ORAS Pokedex is 100% complete. I now have 721 out of 721, & though I have completed the other series pokedeks’, this is the official first one with every pokemon listed. When I got her, & the dex completed, I legit almost cried! In my 20 years of playing, I have finally caught them all! I must gloat a little bit, for the fact that I never cheated to get any, I waited to get them legitimately.

Now, even though Alola just dropped, I still technically have caught them all, due to the fact that I have caught the new releases in the Moon version.

But this is where horror & stress set in. I’m not sure how they’re going to do the national dex in Sun and Moon. There are talks in the streets that the creators will not be adding a national dex to the Alola series, & that instead, the dex will be located in the Pokemon Bank application- an app where you can transfer pokemon between games…

Which brings me to yet ANOTHER stressful problem. There are also talks in the streets that once you transfer your pokemon from other games into Sun & Moon, you will not be able to transfer them back.. This is actually a first between the DS games. I don’t like that, for the fact that I have collected a lot of shiny pokemon on my Alpha version, that I might want to keep working on that one, yet all the pokemon on the Alpha version are the ones I would transfer to my Moon version.

UGH!!!! Decisions, decisions. I guess it’s a good thing the Pokemon bank wont have the update to transfer to Sun & Moon until January, so I have time to figure it out.

Where are my PokeNerds at?!?! What are your stats? Any ideas on what I should do about the hassle of completing the moon Pokedex?


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