Pokémon Sun & Moon = Disappointment

I am VERY disappointed with the new Pokémon series, Sun & Moon.

I currently play the Moon version. The game itself is very nice, & very different.

If you read my last blog about the Alolan series, then you already know what the changes consist of, & how I feel about them.

This post is going to focus on just a couple of different changes that I very much cannot stand!

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the national pokedex, as well as how to get all of the previous gens into the new series. But with good research & detective skills, I was able to get the 411 on the update.

Deep inside of the Pokémon website, they explain what changes will be coming at the beginning of January 2017.

In the new year, there will be an update coming to the Pokémon bank, which is an app for the DS console, where you can transfer Pokémon back & forth from different games. (Pokémon  bank works with X, Y, & ORAS) In order to transfer from the remade original Red, Blue, & yellow series, as well as the other games- Black, White, Black & White 2, Diamond, Pearl, & Platinum- you must use the pokemon transfer app. This update will be able to support the new series, Sun & Moon. But here’s the catch. Unlike the other games you can use in the pokemon bank, you will not be able to transfer any pokemon back after you send them into Sun or Moon. So, once you put every strong pokemon you collected in the past series, you have to basically start your game over, and lose any success you have ever created.

Another thing that really just makes me so perturbed, is the national pokedex situation. Again, unlike the previous games, there will not be a national pokedex created for Sun & Moon! Instead, the Pokemon Bank will get a new feature, where it will have a built in Pokedex. The way it will work is, it will read all of your saved data from any games that you connect with it. Now again, the only pokemon it will read will be the ones you have caught, and the only games it will read will be Sun, Moon, ORAS, X, & Y.

Why does this irritate me beyond belief? Well, the pokemon transfer app is free to use, but the Pokemon bank app, is not. It costs $4.99 a year. Yes, I know its only 5 bucks, but that’s not the issue. Every game, since the beginning of the Pokemon journey, has always had the Pokedex built in the game, for free.

Plus, I cannot stand the fact, as a Pokemon collector, that my Pokemon cannot be accounted for in one game. I literally just completed the national Pokedex for the first time in my 20 years of playing it, in ORAS (read previous post on ‘Pokemon 20’ for full details) and now it’s like it’s getting wiped away. I am the type of person that I want to see my collected achievements, but I shouldn’t have to pay 5 bucks a year to check it out. I should just be able to pop in the latest game, and see my skills.

I personally think that Gamefreak went downhill with this one. I hope that this is something they’re just experimenting with, but something tells me that they are just going to keep doing this new feature just to make more money on top of the millions that they already make from us consumers.

#dissatisfied #iDoNotAprove





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