Evelyn Lozada to be Returning to Basketball Wives!

Look, I am so damn pleased to know that my girl, Evelyn, will be returning to the franchise! She made the public announcement on The Real, in which she guest hosts.

When I heard this, I literally lost my mind! She was the fiery b*tch that made me looooove some basketball wives. I mean, lets face it, there were a lot of non mother****ing factors until she made the scene pop! XD

It’s a beautiful thing, really, because she’s returning to the place that put the name Evelyn on the map. I know she left the show of basketball wives Miami, to do her own show, which was beautiful to follow her own story the whole way, but I was very sad to see her go.

All I can say is this is a very amazing Christmas gift! Every season after she left, I would always say “its not the same without Evelyn.”

Now, let me be the first to say, when they brought Shaunie back, I was like yesss,  then they brought Tami back and I was like yasss.. Now Evelyn is returning & I was like YASSSS!!

Those three women are my idols! They’re funny, mature, ratchet, get in your face, kind of boss women and I just absolutely love it.

can I get a #SquadGoals?

The last time we saw Evelyn appear on the franchise, she gave the world her best Jackie Christie impersonation. I’m just saying, I cannot wait until they meet!

Evelyn stated on The Real that her and Shaunie want to change the direction of the show. Now, with that being said, I think it will be easier, because Shaunie, Evelyn, & Tami, being the OG’s that they are, will be able to clean house. But lets face it, everybody was pissed once Tami joined the cast, so I expect a third world war with Evelyn’s return! These ‘jump off’ cast members get scared every time an original makes an appearance, let alone sign the contract!

One thing that is concerning me is, I see a lot of allegations going around Tami and Evelyn having unfinished beef… This will truly hurt my heart if these allegations are true, because I need the OG’s to link back up just like in the old days. But I do remember their drama on the final season of Miami, so I guess I’m not too shocked.

But I do know one thing, I cannot wait for the next F***ING season to premier!!!! ❤ ❤

What are your feelings regarding the OG star returning?



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