Texas Bill Requires LGBT Outing

This has to be one of the most disturbing posts I have written. If you follow any type of news, then you have probably heard about this crazy bill that is in the process of being passed, that will require teachers in school to out LGBT students to their parents… Crazy.

The bill that was filed by Texas State Senator Konni Burton, states that parents are entitled to full & complete information regarding their child’s academic performance, physical, mental & emotional health.

Though I do believe that parents are entitled to all thing that regard their children, I do not believe that it’s up to the school division to out the LGBT children.

Being a part of the LGBT community, as well as being an advocate, I can understand the emotions that the children have to go through, when coming out to the community, especially your family.

Equity Texas Chairman Steve M. Rudner stated that if your child doesn’t trust you enough to come out to you, then there’s probably a good reason. If your kid is gay, & can tell his teacher, but hasn’t told you, then you are the problem.

I can only partially agree with this statement. Yes, I believe there can be a good reason as to why a kid will tell others while keeping to a secret from their family. But I do not agree with the fact that if they don’t tell their parents, that their parents are the issue.

In some cases, yes, the parents can be very harsh on their kids for being LGBT, they disown, banish, beat, and abuse their kids, & my heart does go out to those poor kids that have to struggle.

But that’s not the case for everyone, at least it wasn’t for me. My family was very understanding.  My family actually knew my entire life! My mother did have a small emotional break down, but that was because of a previous incident as well as the fact that my friend told her instead of myself, which you can see in my video that I have linked to this post.

Both cases listed above, are damn good solid points as to why the only ones that should have the right, & the power to out their sexuality to the parents, are the kids themselves. If the parents are concerned with something like that, then they should be able to talk to their child about it.

I’m really curious to see how far this bill will go. I don’t personally think its right, but what are your feelings about it?

Check out my vlog about the topic, below.


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