JCPS Justice Lawsuit

I’m from Louisville, Kentucky, so this touches me personally. My cousins go to JC public schools and deal with bullies. When I was a student, I was bullied at times. Nothing was being done about it back then by the school officials, and it seems as if they’re still not doing anything about it. So, six parents stepped up and filed a lawsuit against the school system! YAAAS!

It all started with the incident that took place at Crosby Middle School, when a student was repeatedly slapped in the face, while two staff members were present in the classroom. He was humiliated,. embarrassed, and intimidated. He begged, through up, cried and pleaded not to return to school.

Five parents and even a grandparent, say that the district continues to violate civil rights by not protecting kids while in the staff’s custody.

all six guardians gave the stories of what their children went through, during their time at Crosby Middle. Five of the six kids don’t even attend the school anymore, because the bullying got so bad.

“It got bad,” says Bethany Littlefield, a parent at Crosby Middle School. “In February of last year, he attempted to end his pain the only way he knew how – and I had to put him in Our Lady of Peace.”

Littlefield then went on to say that “this place is the survival of the fittest.”

That is no way that a public school in any state, should be defined. These are children, and I think the ones to blame are the ones they go home to. Start with the parents, then move to the school district, because the adults who watch the kids every day from 7 am to 3;45 pm, are also responsible. A school is not a place that should be considered or looked at as scary for kids, or make them feel like their lives are in danger, it should be looked at as a place of knowledge, to better ones’ life, and to see your friends.

JCPS will not release any comment regarding the case, since its still pending. I for one don’t blame them, because they know they’re wrong.

This is where my ‘Throwback Thursday’ comes in…

When I went to Waggener High School, I was in a few altercations, one in which one threatened to beat me up everyday, I reported the issue, as well as my mother, because my momma doesn’t play, and all the school did was “speak” to the aggressor. I was also in an altercation where there was a threatening letter in my English mailbox, I gave it to my teacher, she took me straight to the principal’s office, and the only thing principal Candice Conway did was shrug it off and say that there was nothing she could do, since there was no name on the paper… Really? Ok, cool. I am so pleased to announce that she did get fired the year after I graduated!

So now this has escalated to all of Jefferson County, because even though this incident is specific to Crosby Middle, it is not the only school in the district that has daily bully, unprotected, and violent issues regarding students.

I think its time we do some cleaning in the district buildings, and fire all of those who feel that they don’t get paid enough to deal with kids every day, and find more people who have a passion for kids and teaching.




One thought on “JCPS Justice Lawsuit

  1. I can’t believe I just found this article!!! Thank you for your support! My son was finally transferred and is doing much better…. it’s going to be a long hard road but we got this!!!

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