Berlin Christmas Market Disaster

At least 9 people are dead, and over 50 people are injured, after a truck has crashed into a Berlin Christmas market on Monday in a major public square, more directly, in Breitscheidplatz. This crash is being investigated as an act of terrorism.

The driver was arrested nearby, and the front passenger died at the scene.

The truck was allegedly moving at a speed of 40 mph through a crowded pedestrian area, and the truck made no effort to slow down. People were “crushed” witnesses say.

Emma Rushton, who was there when the crash took place, stated that “there’s no way its an accident.”

Many officials have been concerned about the security surrounding the Christmas markets, and this is one reason why. Officials saw people under the truck, and covered with blankets. So sad and heart wrenching.

Earlier in November, USDS alerted Europe of heightened risks of terrorist attacks during the holiday season, and then all of a sudden, boom, disaster strikes.

It has a lot of relativeness to the truck attack in Nice, France, that left 80 people dead and over 400 injured, though nobody is currently tying the two together.

MY condolences go out to the loved ones awaiting for their family to return, and to the ones that lost their lives.

I will be following more of the story, but in the meantime, watch the video below.




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