Russian Ambassador Assassinated

I bring to you yet another breaking story. The Russian ambassador, Andrey Karlov, has been shot (assassinated) and killed in Ankara, Turkey, where he was attending a photo exhibition. It happened right before he began his speech on the opening of the exhibition, which was called “Russia in the eyes of Turks.” It has been confirmed that the shooter was a 22 year old police officer. Russia feels that it is an act of terrorism. This could trigger wars.

The shooter was wearing a suit and tie, dressed like a normal person attending the exhibition. He shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ which translates to ‘God is great’ in Arabic, during the attack.

Three others were also injured during the attack, though nobody else had been killed. The attacker himself, has been killed by the Turkish Special Forces.

There’s speculation made by a local newspaper, stating that the shooter shot warning rounds into the air before aiming at Karlov.

this also leaves an embarrassing movement in the security department. It has made Russia and Turkey visit their standards and strategies, while facing the Syria issue that is now on it’s sixth year.

The long term implications for the Russia-Turkey relationship, which had been close recently after plunging a year ago, were not immediately clear. But some speculate that the assassination will lead to a new chapter, saying it could bring the countries closer together in a shared fight against terrorism.

Spokesman for the US secretary of State “condemns” the act of violence, whatever its source. I guess this statement is a way to send condolences, right?

I pray that this does not start a war against nations. I do not believe it was an assassination from the Turks. I believe it was an assassination from terrorists. We are at war with terror here, and sadly, this will continue to happen while these nations just continue to let the terrorists prevail. ISIS has been going strong for all of six years now, and these nations are too busy funding the terrorists, instead of cleaning them off of the map.

Another thing that bothers me, is the fact that the ambassador had very little, to no security. I mean, its the ambassador of Russia! Why was he not properly secured? I understand people will come at me and say “but he was at an art show,” ok? I don’t ever see the president just walking around because he’s at a show. The political people are always covered, yet this ambassador was not. There’s speculation that the CIA was also involved, but I’ll just leave that in the speculation box. I’m sticking with terrorism on this one.

It’s insane to think about, all these terror attacks are getting more and more frequent.

The video below, shows the attack, the beginning has been blocked out, from here he was shot. BUT still, mature audience is permitted.


What are your thoughts on the attack? What does this mean for our world?






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