Lawrence, MA Horror – Teen Beheaded

It was a long and sad day for the parents of 16 year old Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino, when they reported him missing on November 19th in the county of Essex, in Lawrence Massachusetts.

His body was found around 2:45 pm in the Merrimack River, two weeks after the missing report was filed, by a woman who was walking her dog. It was just 30 miles from Boston.

It was tragic news, when his body was discovered, and he had been beheaded- they found the head near his body. The news literally shook the Lawrence community. He was murdered, decapitated, then thrown into the river.

Allegations point to Paulino’s High School classmate, 15 year old Matthew Borges. Borges has pleaded not guilty. He was held without bail while waiting for his court appearance next month. He will be tried as an adult for murder in the first degree.

As of right now, this is no motive being aired, so only speculation. Maybe a hate crime? One thing we do know for sure, is that this was not a random attack.

One day, in mid November, Paulino brought Borges to his house, while his family knew little about him. Then, just a few days later, Paulino left his home, never to return again. The police report does state that the two teens were smoking marijuana, the day Paulino went missing.

The only statement that Borges has given, was allegedly to a witness, and his words only consisted of “I did something bad.”

My heart goes out to Paulino’s family and friends during these real struggling times. I could not imagine dealing with something as severe as this. They are strong, and surrounded by love and support!

As for the murderer, I do not believe he acted alone. The autopsy alone took 11 hours, which means there was some serious damage. I don’t know any 15 year old that has that kind of power, to maim, murder, decapitate, and pick up another body and throw them down into a river. I hope the others are found, and justice is rightfully served.

This is something I never thought would happen on American soil. We don’t cut off heads here. My heart is literally breaking. God bless us all.




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