Season Three of Scream Renewed!!

Yes! The news is in! It is finally official, the bloodshed will continue! Just like we already knew it would. MTV as renewed scream for their third season. We can expect six new episodes to premier in 2017!

If you’re a scream fan like I am, then you will recall the way the second season ended – on a total jaw dropping finale – when Emma’s all so loving boyfriend unmasked himself as the Lakewood killer. Now, I must say that I knew it was coming, due to the fact that I watched the original movies, so they have to keep the show and the film tied in somehow. Plus it all makes sense, because if you go back to the first season, then you can see where it all ties in! I guess Piper Shaw really was onto something when she took Emma too the lady’s house and pointed out Kieran… Crazy right?! So, I just knew, it was only a matter of time.

Nonetheless, I was still like OOOHHH GIRL! ha-ha. Especially when he admitted to banging Piper during the first season massacre. Too much spilled tea, honey!

The Scream team sits right along with us, anticipated for October 18th, when the MTV network airs a Halloween special. In this special, we will see Lakewood’s most unlucky teens travel to a remote island for a nice getaway, when a murder spree starts all over again! (Shocker, right?!)

Along with the bloodshed, seeds will be planted, along with some jaw dropping mysteries. We can say, the producers are good at doing that!

Check out the sneak peak below.



Are you prepared and excited for season 3???


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