Memories Of My Best Friend

This girl right here, was my best friend. Her name is Brittany, and she was like an older sister to me. We met in middle school, which was like 12 years ago, and we have been thick as thieves ever since. We did literally everything together. We slept in the same bed together, ate together, partied together, celebrated together, hell, we even had the same classes in high school! We were literally about that life.

She was an Aquarian, just like myself. She’s only 6 days older then me, being she was born January 22nd, and I was born on the 28th. Our friendship is like, a real spiritual one.. My brother passed away on January 22nd-which is in a previous blog dedicated to him- and she was born on that day, so I feel like the connection and bond was always meant to be.

We did a lot of things together, that we shared interests in. Every summer, we would go swimming, because we love the water. Every Autumn, we would go to haunted houses, because we loved that frightful life. Every day, we would sing songs, because we loved music. We would even holler at random people while driving! Man, those were the good days.

We were quite bad, if I must be honest, when in school. We did a lot of skipping together. But not in ways you’re probably thinking. She had bronchitis, so she was under the weather a lot, and I had very bad anxiety, so I never could handle the crowds like that. But we would always find out that we both stayed back and would end up getting together and chilling out.

A lot of people like looked at us as *itches, but on the contrary, we both had the biggest hearts, and everyone knew that. Brittany was the most caring, sweet, loving, goofiest person I have ever met, and she had that Aquarian attitude that wasn’t just going to let you slide with popping off, whether it be herself, or her family, if you messed with one, she was stepping in.

I don’t have enough time in the world to lay out everything that we’ve been through, nor do I really want to, because those are my memories to forever hold and cherish. I’m sure there are people in the world who can relate to that, when losing someone very close to them that they love.

But I will say that she knew me better than I knew myself. she knew when I was happy, she knew when I was sad, or even angry. She could read me, even when nobody else could. No matter what I was feeling, she knew how to get me back up on my feet.

It was two years ago today-now technically yesterday (Dec.23)-when I received the phone call. I had just got back from visiting NYC for the first time, and I went to spend a weekend with her. Then I came home, and just a week later, at 4:30 in the morning, my phone rang. It was not the kind of call I would have ever anticipated.

I lost my best friend, due to a car accident involving black ice- the same way I lost my brother; it’s too raw to see how much us three intertwine- when I was told, I just went numb. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t feel, I couldn’t hear, I was just, gone.

People really don’t understand how quick someone can be taken from your life. I was just talking to her the night before, then next thing I knew, I would never physically talk to her again, I would never hug her, wrestle with her, or laugh with her again.. At least not right now, because I do believe I will see her again one day. You must spend any and every moment you can with your loved ones, and let them know you love and cherish them. Because we don’t ever know what tomorrow will bring.

I am very happy, blessed, and honored to say that I do still see Brittany. She visits me quite often in my dreams. We’re always doing something fun and exciting, just like we used to do back in the day. I know that’s her way of letting me know that she’s still here with me, that she loves me, and watches over me.

I miss you, and I love you Bestie. #BFFLB 01/22/1992 – 12/23/2014 ❤



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