GameStop Disabilities

I have a story to tell. Today, my mother was so very sweet enough to go to GameStop to purchase some items for me for Christmas. She purchased Gears of War 4, Resident Evil 7, and a beautiful Pikachu figure for smash bros.

My mother knows that I love Pokemon, especially Pikachu, so when she saw it,  she just wanted to get it. So, she gets home, and hands me the gifts. I am of course jumping up and down with joy! Hell, even I thought the Pikachu figurine was just a nice decorative item. I then realized that it was for the Nintendo DS, specifically for the Smash bros game.

I told her that we should just return that one item so that she can get her money back. I was most definitely satisfied with the games alone!

So, I get in my car, drive up to the GameStop on Shelbyville Road, struggle to find parking, then wait in the long a** line. Once I get up to the counter, I inform the rude lady of the situation. She said to me “Well, its your mother’s money so all I can give you is a gift card, but no cash.” Oh really?

So I drove all the way back home, told my mother what happened, and she jumped up with a quickness, to get back to the store. We are both livid at this point.

The gentleman ends up helping us this time, and reads my name on the receipt, that’s right, my name was on the receipt the whole time. When he said that, I turned straight to the rude lady who tried to help me earlier and I said “You mean to tell me, my name was on the receipt, and you didn’t even bother to ask for my ID to verify? How did you even get hired?” Yes honey, I did, because I do not handle disrespect well at all. I mean, that was the most unprofessional interference I have ever had.

The manager of the store went on to say that, that is the store’s policy, even though they know it is very crappy, for lack of better terms. Also, let me just add, he said this to us BEFORE he realized that my name was on the receipt. Man, that store fell real quiet.

This brings me to their ‘crappy’ policies.

GameStop is all about ripping people off. You can trade in a 200 dollar game system, 30 games, and they literally offer you 30 bucks, if you’re lucky. You can bring in an item to return the same day you purchased, with the original receipt, and they will try to give you a weak gift card, instead of giving you your return payment, unless you go above and beyond by bringing every single person that came with you when you purchased, your social security card, your ID and your blood type.

I mean, even big corporations like Target and Wal-Mart are not that complicated, and GameStop doesn’t even come remotely close to them!

After I pick up my paid for RE7, I will never shop there again. At least not at this specific location on Shelbyville RD. So if you’re ever in the town of St. Matthews, here in Louisville, KY, then just go to Mall St. Matthews GameStop instead, where they know respect.

Someone should hit up a lawyer about them figuring out their return policies. *Sips Tea* I’m just saying.


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