Adam Saleh Fakeness

I’m sure that if you’re anything like me, then you are tired of hearing about Adam Saleh.

He posted a video online on the 21st of December, stating that he was being kicked off of a Delta air flight due to speaking in a different language. This shook the media, including myself, at first. I was literally livid to think that America could indeed let the racism take over themselves in such grotesque ways…

But me being the type of investigator that I am, I did my research.

He was not kicked off the plane for speaking Arabic. He was kicked off the plane for the fact that he has pulled numerous pranks while being on air planes. Such video titles include: Jumping off plane prank fail, Arabs on a plane, Counting down in Arabic while on a plane experiment, and my most favorite, I smuggled myself onto a plane to another city.

No wonder why they kicked him off! I fully back up Delta Airlines for making the decision that they did. I would have done the same thing.

We have so much terrorism going on, and pulling stunts like that could’ve scared someone, or even caused Saleh harm if someone felt it was an attack on terror.

He is too damn old to be playing games like this, with all the real terrors that we have taking place in our timeline. I personally hope he gets banned from all air travel.

He may mean no harm, but his actions come with consequences.

I was really perturbed when he tried to cry out about it being a hate crime on racism, even though he knew his history of his pranks!

So from now on, when you read more about Mr. Saleh, I hope you refer to this blog to help ease your mind. He is no victim in my eyes, & I wish that all the oblivious minds that are all over social media would take time to do their research like I do, to figure out the truth.

Here is a photo collage of his doings, be sure to check out the rest of my YouTube page for more videos on other topics!


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