The Closing Of My 2016

The clock is ticking, people! The new year is just four days away. With that being said, here’s a breakdown of my 2016 experience!

Can I just say that this has been one hell of a year. This is actually the first year that I have ever lived out of state. I was born and raised in Kentucky for 23 years. Then one day, my family was like “hey, you ready for New York?,” uh YES?!

It was the most amazing and the best decision that I have ever made in my life, literally. See, I’m the type of guy that struggles with decisions. I almost always second-guess myself. But with the decision to move, it was a no brainer. I never second guessed it. I think it was so simple for me, because moving out of state is something that I have always wanted to do.

The only thing that was hard for me, was leaving my mother, family, & friends. But the cool thing about my lifestyle, is that I get to visit them quite often, & while away, we make sure to keep in contact, because that’s how love and friendship really works.

I have learned to adapt in a whole new world. Let me be the one to tell you that New York & New Jersey are completely different from Kentucky. My way of life has even changed. There’s my Kentucky ways, and there’s my Jersey ways. I like to think of myself as a chameleon.

My family bond has never been as strong as it is today, and I am so very excited to see that we will continue to grow together into the coming year.

My mother, who has had numerous health issues for the majority of her life, is finally better than ever. She’s still healing, but let me just say she’s like 90% well, and I will surely f*cking take it!

I have been forming a beautiful bond with a man who took me in as his own child, the man that earned the daddy title, and I swear to you right here, right now, nobody else will ever have that title but him. My mother actually gets a little salty for the fact that I am now becoming a daddy’s boy, ha-ha.

there have been some low moments during this year, of course. There were some scares with my mother’s house during the middle of the year, but she pulled through like a true boss woman that she is! (Applause)

There have been some loss of loved ones this year as well, some that really hit home for me. I lost my great grandfather, which was the last of that generation of our livelihood. I also lost my pet cat, who I had for 15 years, he was literally my baby. I just recently mourned my best friend’s death anniversary of 2 years.

I have learned a lot about myself this year. I have grown, adapted, thrived, and conquered. I have done plenty of trial and errors, which I’m sure will continue into the new year, because that’s what constant growth is about.

Now, outside of my personal life, we have seen a lot of crazy events going on in the world. There has been so much mass terrorism, homicide, suicide, & too many hate crimes, death, suffering, & pain. Don’t even get me started with this election year.

I only hope and pray that 2017 brings peace, love, and happiness, like I find in my personal life.

Well, that’s my 2016 wrap up! How was your year?



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