My Happy Birthday! 

25 years ago today, I was welcomed into this world. 

It feels just like yesterday that I was learning how to crawl, and now, I’ve already lived a quarter of a century… I don’t know about you guys. But that’s completely mind blowing for me. 

I still feel like I’m 16 years old. I feel like I just graduated high school yesterday. 

Where does the time really go? I mean, it just flies by so fast! 

But enough about the logistics. I’m 25 today!! 

I’m thankful to live to see another year go by. I’m thankful to be surrounded by so many loved ones. 

I’ve gained a lot of experiences and life lessons along the way, and I’m still learning. I hope I continue learning until the day I die, because knowledge is a powerful possession. 

In my 25 years of living: I’ve lost, I’ve loved, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve succeeded, I’ve failed. I’ve grown. 

Today is going to be an amazing day! By far, the biggest celebration I’ve ever hosted, will be happening tonight! 

I get to celebrate this year in my old Kentucky home, with friends and family surrounding me! 

The most fabulous scene to be seen! 

I’ll be sure to post pictures in a post-party post… ha-ha. Say that 5 times fast for me? 

Much love on my birthday! Give me a shout out guys! Especially if we share the same birth dates! 💙❤💜

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‘Ze’ Is Taking Over 

As you can see, the LGBT community is working hard to make ‘Ze’ the new gender neutral pronoun the new adoption for he or she. 

I’m not really sure how I feel about this. I am part of the LGBT community, and I feel like there is only he and she. I do understand that there are people out there who feel like they’re trapped in the wrong body. I get it. But if you feel that way, then take the steps you need to take to get yourself in your comfortable body. I don’t feel like changing pronouns is going to fix any situations, but instead just complicate things. 

I may piss off my fellow LGBT family by saying this, but I really think this is just going to far. This is just going to lead to more bad outcomes than good, in my eyes. 

So now every person on the planet can be like nah I feel like a woman, so let me walk into the women’s bathroom and play with these women. 

I feel like a woman so I can go into the women’s changing room and get naked around these naked women and that’s ok bc I feel like a woman. 

We have to draw the line somewhere. Let the gender neutral pronoun be just that. 

I understand we all want our equal rights. But let’s make one step at a time. As a gay man, we still have a lot of equality issues to fight for. As well as the other categories of the LGBT. 

I’m in fear that if we keep pushing these barriers, they’re only going to end up backfiring at the end of the day.  

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Is Reality TV To Blame For Creation Of Mean Girls?

I am a personal fan of reality TV, which is why I have a reality category, ha-ha. But allegedly, the reality stars are getting the finger pointed at them as far as blaming them for creating a generation of mean girls.

Allegedly, new research has been found that reality television makes teenage girls more mean to each other.

A specific show, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, gets called having catty, bitchy, and disrespectful behavior, yet they’re the most famous family, and most followed on all social media.

Another show, ‘The Bad Girls Club’, is a show about 7 bad girls getting put into a mansion to work on themselves, but only end up fighting and arguing left and right, which some, if not most, will say promotes violence. Being a YouTuber, I also watch a lot of videos. When I watch fighting videos, a lot of them will add text relating to this show.

Impressionable young women, which make up the majority of the programs’ audience, begin to believe that the only way to get ahead in life socially, is to undercut and beat down their rivals.

Another show to give a perfect example to the previous statement would be ‘Love and Hip Hop’. That’s the main promotion in the music industry. You have to cut down your rivals and prove that you are better than them.

Statistics show that 16 to 24 year olds spend more than 28 hours a week on the internet or watching TV, constantly downloading programs to computers or smartphones.

Dr. Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz of the University of Missouri, said: “Regular reality TV viewing is associated with the belief that girls are untrustworthy. Social aggression is a normal part of girls’ relationships with each other, and that it’s necessary to be mean or lie to get ahead in life.”

Certain shows, such as Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta, have made it to where you cannot physically touch one another, after the explosive reunion brawl between all of the cast members. So, all they can do it argue, which is where the cattiness comes into play.

My Thoughts

I am in the middle about it. I mean, I was watching the bad girls club since the very second season, which would put me at the age of 15-16, but it never turned me into someone who wants to go out and fight people, or argue with someone over some petty stuff. Now, don’t get it twisted, I was catty and sassy. But I was like that my whole life, ha-ha. I still watch all of the shows I listed, including other reality TV drama-based shows, and I go about my life in a respectful, mature, professional fashion.

I feel like this is just a new genre added to the blame game. If you know about the blame game, then you know its about those critics who blame everything for the actions of others. Video games cause issues in men, horror movies cause people to kill each other, music causes people to believe in getting money and sleeping around, blah-blah-blah. I mean, I’m sure there is a small percentage of people in each category that do base their lives on these genres, but as to blame these genres for EVERYONES’ actions, I think is just plain nonsense.

What are your thoughts?



Hope Lives On 

I made this collage due to the fact that this January is the hardest of them all. My brother’s anniversary of death just passed, we’re at 21 years now. He passed on the same day as my best friend’s birthday, who passed away two years ago. This also marks two months since I lost my baby boy, who I had since he was just a kitten. He was 16 years old. 

With that, I found this beautiful art that I’d like to share with you all… 

“Despite of what’s been lost or what’s been gained, we are living proof that love remains.” Quoted by Collin Raye in his song, ‘love remains.” 

Reality Snapbacks

Real Housewives Of New York City Return!

Back in November, the RHONY began filming for their ninth season! I think it’s safe to say that it’s easy to learn the timeline of their recording process, since the NY series always starts off around November. But, the season recording was confirmed by Ramona Singer and LuAnn de Lesseps.

We may even get a glance at the wedding planning de Lesseps is doing for her event on New Year’s Eve. Which would mean she is already married? Unless the old, cheating man got smart and left the man-like, ex countess, wildebeest of a woman… Excuse me; I am just not a fan of LuAnn. She is very snaky, rude, & nasty.

A sad moment ahead of us is the fact that Jules Wainstein may not be returning to the show, due to the horrific drama that unleashed during her divorce during the end of the show. She was the new addition to last season. According to returning host, Dorinda Medley, it was a mutual agreement between Wainstein and the Bravo Network. She would not be able to give us a lot of insight into her life, due to the ongoing divorce, which means she would not be able to bring much of anything to the show.

Of course, Dorinda Medley is also returning, along with Sonja Morgan. Allegedly they still have issues and beef between them, so I am sure we will be seeing them continue to fight through their disagreements that may, or may not allow them to mend their broken friendship.

Accusations have continually been flying around that Dorinda has a drug problem, which I can personally believe in, since I have watched the show religiously. I can say without a doubt that she does have a drinking problem, just like Sonja did, until she finally got help. You go Sonja!!! Kudos to you!

I hope to see the return of Carole Radziwill and my all-time favorite, Bethenny Frankel. But the gossip around town is that Bethenny will not be returning, yet again – *frown face* – but again, this is just gossip that I hope is not true, because I feel that if Bethenny does not return, then Carole will also leave the show, due to the fact that her and Bethenny had such a tight friendship and really did mesh well with the other cast members.

Lord, make it right and let them return! But I guess we will just have to wait and see! I know we don’t have to wait too much longer before season 9 finally premiers!

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From Cable Telecommunications to Charter Communications, We Say Bye- Bye To Time Warner!

Time Warner is finally leaving Louisville. On August 13, 2011, Time Warner Cable bought out Insight Communications and all of its 11.4 million residential and business customers for 67 million dollars – which I personally thought was the best cable around, along with the best deals ever – and made instant changes to the system. We were with insight communications for a good 11 years, but once Time Warner Cable came into the picture, we left the cable company in a matter of 3 years, that’s how horrible TW is. We are not DirecTV customers, with ATT Uverse internet.

Every month, we were paying upwards to 300 dollars a month when we had two sets of movie channels, or downwards of 250 dollars a month when we cancelled the two sets of movie channels, & check this, when we decided to go to basic cable, we were paying 200 dollars a month! I mean, just total shit, if I may say so. I can remember my mother being on the phone with them every day, raising hell because they were always getting the bill wrong. We were not the only dissatisfied customers in the TW cesspool. They raped people, as far as pricing went.

Good news and great suspicion aroused back in May of 2016, when an announcement was made that Charter bought out TW and would be planning on changing it to Spectrum. Well this is now our reality! Charter is making some changes to the internet, TV, and phone services, starting with the name, Spectrum.

“Eventually, all markets with the Time Warner Cable will become Spectrum brand,” said Mike Hogan, spokesman for Charter Communication.

Spectrum will feature straightforward, national pricing with no contracts, no early termination fees, & is backed by a 30-day, money back guarantee. Spectrum is also investing in serveries in response to consumer complaints about the cable carriers as a whole. You know, basically cleaning up Time Warner’s mess.

There won’t be much change in the internet as far as the speeds go. The base will begin at 60 mbps, and the fastest will still be 300 mbps, while in some areas, people may only see 100 mbps. BUT, the good news about the internet change is, there will no longer be any more data caps, no more usage-based pricing or additional modem fees!

As far as cable goes, Spectrum will offer a Spectrum Mi Plan that offers 75 Spanish language channels, along with 20 local broadcast & popular English channels. All subscribers will also have access to the company’s TV app, which means you can access all of your favorite shows and channels on portable devices, such as tablets or cell phones.

Now, getting into the phone lines, Spectrum will also be similar to TW, providing unlimited local and long-distance calling in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands, as well as free 411 calls. You will also get free voice mail, call waiting, call blocking, and call forwarding.

Spectrum plans to add 20,000 jobs throughout the country, & the majority of them will be servicing customers directly. Spectrum will also be bringing the jobs back from overseas. These jobs include call centers, leaving more room for availability for technical support.

So it’s kind of a 50/50 shot for me that Spectrum will overpower Time Warner, but at least they’re jobs back here to help out unemployment rate nationwide!

Are you excited for the much needed change?!


Check Out The Channel 

Here is a small video collaboration from my account!

If you have an account and want to see my lovely sing alongs, then be sure to follow me! It’s the same as my Twitter name, which is: 0jitter_bug0


I’ve also added a handful of new videos to my YouTube channel! So be sure to check them out and subscribe so that you never miss out!

Link to my YouTube channel is pasted below. You can also access it though the YouTube Tab located on my page!

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Bitter day for my best friend and my brother’s anniversaries. 

Today is a very emotional day. Today is my late best friend’s birthday, as well as the anniversary of my brother’s passing. If you all have seen my previous December post about her, then you know all the details, and how tight and close we were, and still are, because we have our ways of remaining connected. 

My girl would be turning 25 years old today. It’s funny, because she always picked on me for being 6 days older than me, since my birthday is on the 28th. Damn it 😂 

We literally had 3 parties every year. One for her, one for me, and one combined. We knew how to throw down like true Aquariuns.  

When we were younger, we always did house parties. But the day we turned 21, we hit our first club together when I turned 21. We blew that bar out. I’ll never forget it. It was diamonds bar and pub. It was herself, her sister, her husband, my ex, and myself. We got real drunk, danced our asses off, and took many selfies! 

I truly do miss my best friend. This will be my second year celebrating without her, at least physically, because I know she will always be with my spiritually. 


Today also marks the anniversary of my brother’s passing, as I previously stated. So what once was a bittersweet day, is just a bitter day. 
If you read my previous December blog about my brother, then you already know a lot of the details. 

His birthday just passed on December 4th, which means he would be 27 years old. 

He passed away in 1996… it’s now been 21 years since he’s left us physically, and I miss him ever so much. He was my oldest, and only brother, so even though I talk to him all the time, it’s still quite lonely. 

But I know they’re resting in peace together-Brittany and Brian- and I know they’re celebrating each other’s birthdays with one another now, which makes me very happy. They both finally get to meet and learn about one another, like I had the pleasure of doing with them. 

Happy birthday Brittany, I’ll be throwing one back for you! I hope you and Bryan don’t get to tore up in heaven, but then again, it’s heaven, so I’m sure nothing can go wrong! 

I love you both so much and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you all again. 💙❤

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Teenage Son Murdered By Mother For Being Gay.

Here is a small cap of the story:

32 year old supermarket manager, Tatiana Lozano Pereira, from a small town near Sao Paolo, Brazil, confessed to stabbing her 17 year old son, Itaberli Lozano, multiple times until he died, for being gay. His body was found a week later, burned and buried in a field.

I have one word for this mother, and it is simply, bitch.

Tatiana, or bitch, made claims that her son used drugs and contently brought men to their home. But his uncle, Dario Rosa, Denied those claims, and added that Lozano was a hardworking and well educated teen.

For several days, the mother, or bitch, told the family that he had run away to live with extended family, but nine days later filed a missing persons report. The body had already been found 2 days before she filed.

In her first confession, the mother, or bitch, stated that they constantly argued and he eventually threatened her, her husband, and their 3 year old child, so she stabbed him in self-defense. She then woke her sleeping husband,Alex Pereira, 30,  to help her wrap the body, burn, and bury him. But her story changed when it was found that in December, Lozano reported his mother to local authorities. He also posted on Facebook December 26th that she hired multiple boys to beat him. The teens were charged and gave a statement: “the mother hired us to ‘teach’ him a lesson.”

Both the mother and her husband were arrested and are being held for 30 days. They’re both charged with murder and concealment of a corpse.

Here’s My Thoughts:

People, especially parents, like this, make me sick to my stomach. It is the most hateful, bitchiest, most disgusting thing someone could do to someone else, based on their sexuality, especially when its your own mother!

This really makes my skin boil. You sit there and murder your first born child, then drag his name in the dirt, making accusations to make him look like a teenage slut, with bad anger issues, while the rest of the family gives opposite statements, calling him well educated, loving and hardworking.

I do not believe a word she said. He was not aggressive, or threatening, and by the way, let me say this, if I threatened my mom, she would beat my ass to the point to where I would know better to never do it again. She would not murder me! HELLO!!! Anyways, I believe that she strictly killed him because she did not want nor believe in having a homosexual for a son. I’m sure it also gets a little deeper than that. I mean, she does have a 3 year old child with her new husband, so that was probably good enough for her.

I hope they get everything that they deserve. I would say the death penalty, but that would just be giving them the easy way out. She needs to suffer, long and hard, haunted by her own demons, and live with her regretful decisions every day, until it’s her time to go.

The murder and suicide rate is so high in the LGBT community, due to situations like this. This is why children are scared, and find it complicated to open up to others about who they really are. Yet people continue to turn a blind eye, like well, they were mental. I’m sorry for my language, but I call straight bull shit on that.

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Throwback Thursday: Letters vs Texting

Do you remember back in the day when you’d spend so much time into writing letters to your friends? Do you remember adding your own style, technique, and even adding some art to them? Do you remember the excitement you felt when you received letters back?! Well, look at a few of mine! 

I have a box full of notes and letters from my middle and high schools days. Being a ’90s baby, we grew up in the middle of letters and texts. But back then, you had them texting limits and rates. Texts were not free until after a certain time, haha. Back then, in school, we took the time to write letters, and make them special. Outside of school we put even more effort into our letters, as we had more time to do so. The only internet we had to talk to each other was that instant message lifestyle on our dialup broadband computers! 

Now I will admit, I use my phone a lot now, if it’s not my phone, then it’s my tablet or my laptop. But I also continue to write, because writing is something I love to do.

But this does not happen for everyone, especially with this new generation l. In this day and age people are glued to their phones. People communicate through technology. Rather it be Instagram, Facebook messenger, twitter, or just a standard text. There’s no style, no self art, just plain text with an emoji here and there. Now I will say that, there are applications that allow you to add art and designs to make it “look and feel” more special, but the difference is, you pay for it, slap it on the text somewhere and call it a day. 

Back in my day, like I stated earlier, we took the time and did our own art. Now that’s Truly special, and the only thing you paid for it was with time and effort. 

The average person sends anywhere from 1,000 – 2,000 messages a month… but how many letters have you received from a loved one or a friend in the past year alone? 

The main problem with the change over, to me, is, in a text message, you can’t understand the person’s demeanor, feelings, or attitude. When you wrote a letter, there were ways to tell all of those things. It was so easy and simple to talk to one another, no matter the distance between the two. 

What are your thoughts?

do you miss those nice letters? Or do you just work with the texting and call it a day? 

Regardless, I hope you enjoyed this personal throwback of mine! 

Be sure to comment your thoughts, and bit that like button! 

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21 Week Pregnancy Diagram

In case you’re so mad about the “20 weeks abortion ban” than please check out this diagram. 

At 20 weeks, you’re child is 7 and a half inches long, which is the length of a banana. 

At 21 weeks you’re baby is big enough that it doesn’t need a zoomed in picture on the side. So again, think hard, before deciding in aborting and killing a 20 week old baby. 

I personally feel like the decision should be made by 9 weeks, which is a stretch for me, due to the fact that the diagram is very descriptive. 9 weeks is over TWO MONTHS to decide. That’s more than enough time, and I don’t want to hear any bs about “you can’t make a rash decision like that” because if that’s the case, then you clearly have feelings for the unborn child and should keep it. 2 months is long enough. 

I DO BELIEVE WOMEN HAVE A CHOICE, I do also believe however, that after a certain amount of time, it should be considered murder. If you don’t know how they abort fuller grown babies, then look it up, you’d jump right in line with me. It’s truly horrifying, disturbing and disgusting.  

It sickens me that animals can carry unborn babies which are protected by laws and have rights, but unborn human babies do not. 

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Rapists Amongst Us

Here is an image collaboration that is taking the internet by storm..

This is real bothersome to me. These are just a few people who find it socially acceptable to rape women. Rather they’re joking or not, this kind of social issue is not something to be made fun of.

This reminds of me of the Brock Turner in Stanford rape case. He allegedly sexually assaulted and raped an unconscious girl at a party, and the judge decided not to give him any trouble because “his academics are so good and will take him far in life.” They said nothing should be too severe since it was only “20 minutes of action.” ARE YOU SERIOUS? It’s stupid officials like this in our country that  it easy for stupid people to post stupid statements about rape being ok.

The criminal justice statistics show that out of every 1,000 rapes, only 944 will be reported to the police! And only 7 will be lead to a felony conviction and only 6 will be incarcerated. Smh. What a healthy system we have, right?

We made the top ten countries with the highest rape crime, and guess where we fall? Number 1!! Outrageous. Canada, United Kingdom, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, France, Germany, India, Sweden, & South Africa also make the list.

This is one of the most disgusted issues I feel that we have in the world.

Look at famous singer and songwriter, Kesha, who has continually battled to free herself from her label because her manager constantly sexually assaults her, yet she loses because our nation gets to decide who has been raped, assualted, or hurt.

Woman get taped, end up getting pregnant, then looked down upon and trash talked for wanting to abort it, due to the fact that it’s not from a good place, it could carry the same issues as the rapist, and it wasn’t wanted!

That’s why I don’t see how people can make jokes about things like this. Sometimes, I do feel that this is one heartless ass world that I live in.

What are your thoughts on the situation?