A Lovely Holiday Break

Welcome to the year of 2017! My official first post for the year! Kind of exciting, ha-ha.

I spent time with my family on New Year’s eve, which is something that I have not been able to do in such a long time, given the fact that they live in Kentucky, and I live in Jersey. So it was beyond magical for the majority of us to be together again.

Let me just tell you how blissful it was for me. Apart from the fact that three of my baby cousins could not make it, as well as my daddy, who was stationed in New Jersey for the holidays, the family that could make it, made one hell of a party, excuse my French.

My mother & my aunt-in-law spent the whole day cooking, my five other baby cousins were all running around playing with each other, my aunt was washing dishes while I was rinsing them, & both of my uncles were preparing the food for the table, while my grandpa and his lovely girlfriend sat and watched television. I also received a snap chat message from one of my baby cousins from Wisconsin, sending us her love and wishes.

This was so magical to me, because it literally felt like old times. I mean, the last time we had such a full house, has been a few years. There was so much conversation, love, and just pure happiness in the air. There was no drama, no anger, just pure joy.

I think that’s one hell of a way to enter the new year! Not to mention the fact that some old relationships got repaired. I’ll accept that as a late Christmas present, if I may!

I also received some news from my daddy back in Jersey. He has a job lined up for me when I return in February; I’ll mark this one as an early birthday present, since my birthday is just 24 days away!

Then, yesterday, my mother had a procedure done, that removed her small cancerous mass. The procedure lasted less than an hour, & she is now cancer free again. So, this year is off to one hell of a fabulous start for myself and my family, & I’m loving every minute of it!

Now that my break is over, It’s time to get back to work, & do what I do best… Spill some tea!

Let me just ask everyone, was your New Year celebration as majestic as mine?


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