Meryl Streep Speaks The Truth

Meryl Streep shook Hollywood and the nation when she gave an astounding speech at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards, regarding President – elect, Donald Trump, and his derogatory remarks about the special needs man during his presidential run.

I personally thought that it was amazing, beautiful, & well past due. It really was truly majestic to see someone, with decent wealth & power, to stand up and give the truth, especially on live television.

She laid into him without even using his name, because there’s only one person in the highest power spot of this nation that made an ass of himself by mocking someone with special needs.

“Hollywood, Foreigners, and the press” was her beginning statement before diving into the situation. She named a total of 10 celebrities with a brief story of their backgrounds before saying “Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners, & if we kick them all out, then all you have left to watch is football and mixed martial arts!”

She also defined that when someone on such a high, public, & powerful platform knocks someone down, it trickles down into society, and in a way, gives permission to all other people to do the same thing. I totally agree with, because everybody has role models, and looks up to someone, especially when it comes to the president of our nation.

Streep went on saying the most powerful quote, “disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence, & when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.”

A few actors, Like Mel Gibson & Vince Vaughn, did not seem real interested in her speech, but the majority of the room gave her screaming applauds.

Of course CNN reporter, Tucker Carlson, dived right on in with remarks, saying that she attacked and bullied him. He also said she was overreacting and very dramatic. He was very annoyed with the fact that she pretends to be an outcast, due to the fact that she is so wealthy, and it devalues the term.

I do watch CNN for reports, I will admit. But I do know that they are part of the mainstream media that will twist and turn anything that doesn’t go with what the powerful want. I disagree with Carlson’s statements. I feel that, even if she was only in a room full of other rich, Hollywood folks, she still gave the statement during live television. She literally turned her 3 second speech, which was given to her by the producers, into a 3 minute speech about the truth.

KUDOS TO MERYL STREEP!!!! I officially love her!

Agreeing with some of Trump’s actions, is a huge set back in our history. It should not be ok to mock, degrade, or abuse others because they’re not on your standards of life. America is about equality. We’ve had enough hate in this world, we should be trying to stop it in our own backyards.


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