My Roots In My Old Kentucky Home

Those of you who follow me, on my website as well as in my personal life, may not know where I come from. See, I was born in Louisville, Ky. But I was raised in Henry County, for about 4 years, until we got into a horrible car accident, which caused us to lose my older brother. After the incident, we moved to Oldham County, to a small town named La Grange.

Our family doctor is still located out in New Castle, because we have been going there for over 20 years, I mean literally ever since I was just a baby. Our doctor even considers me as his son; he actually hugged me so tight when we went in to see him on Tuesday. It’s also pretty cool that he used to live in New Jersey, which is where I now reside. I live 30 minutes away from where he grew up as a kid. The Tuesday was the most reminiscing moment of our lives. So much has changed, yet so much is still the same.

Our old apartment complex is located right behind the doctor’s office, so we drive passed it every time we leave. It even still has the same name.

This day was particularly special, because traffic was so bad on the interstate, so we decided to take route 146 instead. A decision we will never regret.

For those who don’t know much about Kentucky, route 146 runs all the way from New Castle Kentucky, all the way down to Westport road, which is basically the metropolitan of Louisville, which also directs us to our current house in St. Matthews.

So, taking route 146, we also passed through La Grange, which is where we moved to after leaving New Castle. We passed so many things that were new, as well as so many things that remain in business, even after 17 years of moving away. It was a real bonding moment when we passed our other apartment complex that we resided in while in La Grange. I remembered the apartment that we lived in, riding my bike through the complex, sucking on honey suckles in the back, & even where I would catch my bus every morning.

As we continued down 146, we hit Buckner Kentucky. What’s in Buckner you ask? Well, that’s where my mother used to work when she worked at the state prisons, Such as KCIW, KCPC, and Lutherlucket… That’s right; my momma is a bad bitch, so I wouldn’t mess with her, ha-ha.

We drove passed the gas station where we would always get our spicy chicken and potato wedges, which is still there!!!! I was in literal shock when I saw it.

It was the most beautiful, bonding road trip down memory lane that we could ever have.

Our lives have really changed since then. We moved back to Louisville in 2000, as soon as I finished third grade, & now we only visit when we go to the doctor. So the fact that we took our time, to really revisit our past lives, and to see where we have landed, has touched our hearts in ways that we always thought would be a negative void.

I will forever cherish this beautiful moment, and this will officially be the best throwback Thursday post that I ever write. I hope you enjoyed a piece of my personal life! ❤

Here is a video of the one and only New Castle Kentucky. I am proud to say that I was raised in one of the oldest small towns in this beautiful bluegrass state.



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