21 Week Pregnancy Diagram

In case you’re so mad about the “20 weeks abortion ban” than please check out this diagram. 

At 20 weeks, you’re child is 7 and a half inches long, which is the length of a banana. 

At 21 weeks you’re baby is big enough that it doesn’t need a zoomed in picture on the side. So again, think hard, before deciding in aborting and killing a 20 week old baby. 

I personally feel like the decision should be made by 9 weeks, which is a stretch for me, due to the fact that the diagram is very descriptive. 9 weeks is over TWO MONTHS to decide. That’s more than enough time, and I don’t want to hear any bs about “you can’t make a rash decision like that” because if that’s the case, then you clearly have feelings for the unborn child and should keep it. 2 months is long enough. 

I DO BELIEVE WOMEN HAVE A CHOICE, I do also believe however, that after a certain amount of time, it should be considered murder. If you don’t know how they abort fuller grown babies, then look it up, you’d jump right in line with me. It’s truly horrifying, disturbing and disgusting.  

It sickens me that animals can carry unborn babies which are protected by laws and have rights, but unborn human babies do not. 


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