Throwback Thursday: Letters vs Texting

Do you remember back in the day when you’d spend so much time into writing letters to your friends? Do you remember adding your own style, technique, and even adding some art to them? Do you remember the excitement you felt when you received letters back?! Well, look at a few of mine! 

I have a box full of notes and letters from my middle and high schools days. Being a ’90s baby, we grew up in the middle of letters and texts. But back then, you had them texting limits and rates. Texts were not free until after a certain time, haha. Back then, in school, we took the time to write letters, and make them special. Outside of school we put even more effort into our letters, as we had more time to do so. The only internet we had to talk to each other was that instant message lifestyle on our dialup broadband computers! 

Now I will admit, I use my phone a lot now, if it’s not my phone, then it’s my tablet or my laptop. But I also continue to write, because writing is something I love to do.

But this does not happen for everyone, especially with this new generation l. In this day and age people are glued to their phones. People communicate through technology. Rather it be Instagram, Facebook messenger, twitter, or just a standard text. There’s no style, no self art, just plain text with an emoji here and there. Now I will say that, there are applications that allow you to add art and designs to make it “look and feel” more special, but the difference is, you pay for it, slap it on the text somewhere and call it a day. 

Back in my day, like I stated earlier, we took the time and did our own art. Now that’s Truly special, and the only thing you paid for it was with time and effort. 

The average person sends anywhere from 1,000 – 2,000 messages a month… but how many letters have you received from a loved one or a friend in the past year alone? 

The main problem with the change over, to me, is, in a text message, you can’t understand the person’s demeanor, feelings, or attitude. When you wrote a letter, there were ways to tell all of those things. It was so easy and simple to talk to one another, no matter the distance between the two. 

What are your thoughts?

do you miss those nice letters? Or do you just work with the texting and call it a day? 

Regardless, I hope you enjoyed this personal throwback of mine! 

Be sure to comment your thoughts, and bit that like button! 


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