Bitter day for my best friend and my brother’s anniversaries. 

Today is a very emotional day. Today is my late best friend’s birthday, as well as the anniversary of my brother’s passing. If you all have seen my previous December post about her, then you know all the details, and how tight and close we were, and still are, because we have our ways of remaining connected. 

My girl would be turning 25 years old today. It’s funny, because she always picked on me for being 6 days older than me, since my birthday is on the 28th. Damn it 😂 

We literally had 3 parties every year. One for her, one for me, and one combined. We knew how to throw down like true Aquariuns.  

When we were younger, we always did house parties. But the day we turned 21, we hit our first club together when I turned 21. We blew that bar out. I’ll never forget it. It was diamonds bar and pub. It was herself, her sister, her husband, my ex, and myself. We got real drunk, danced our asses off, and took many selfies! 

I truly do miss my best friend. This will be my second year celebrating without her, at least physically, because I know she will always be with my spiritually. 


Today also marks the anniversary of my brother’s passing, as I previously stated. So what once was a bittersweet day, is just a bitter day. 
If you read my previous December blog about my brother, then you already know a lot of the details. 

His birthday just passed on December 4th, which means he would be 27 years old. 

He passed away in 1996… it’s now been 21 years since he’s left us physically, and I miss him ever so much. He was my oldest, and only brother, so even though I talk to him all the time, it’s still quite lonely. 

But I know they’re resting in peace together-Brittany and Brian- and I know they’re celebrating each other’s birthdays with one another now, which makes me very happy. They both finally get to meet and learn about one another, like I had the pleasure of doing with them. 

Happy birthday Brittany, I’ll be throwing one back for you! I hope you and Bryan don’t get to tore up in heaven, but then again, it’s heaven, so I’m sure nothing can go wrong! 

I love you both so much and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you all again. 💙❤


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