Is Reality TV To Blame For Creation Of Mean Girls?

I am a personal fan of reality TV, which is why I have a reality category, ha-ha. But allegedly, the reality stars are getting the finger pointed at them as far as blaming them for creating a generation of mean girls.

Allegedly, new research has been found that reality television makes teenage girls more mean to each other.

A specific show, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, gets called having catty, bitchy, and disrespectful behavior, yet they’re the most famous family, and most followed on all social media.

Another show, ‘The Bad Girls Club’, is a show about 7 bad girls getting put into a mansion to work on themselves, but only end up fighting and arguing left and right, which some, if not most, will say promotes violence. Being a YouTuber, I also watch a lot of videos. When I watch fighting videos, a lot of them will add text relating to this show.

Impressionable young women, which make up the majority of the programs’ audience, begin to believe that the only way to get ahead in life socially, is to undercut and beat down their rivals.

Another show to give a perfect example to the previous statement would be ‘Love and Hip Hop’. That’s the main promotion in the music industry. You have to cut down your rivals and prove that you are better than them.

Statistics show that 16 to 24 year olds spend more than 28 hours a week on the internet or watching TV, constantly downloading programs to computers or smartphones.

Dr. Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz of the University of Missouri, said: “Regular reality TV viewing is associated with the belief that girls are untrustworthy. Social aggression is a normal part of girls’ relationships with each other, and that it’s necessary to be mean or lie to get ahead in life.”

Certain shows, such as Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta, have made it to where you cannot physically touch one another, after the explosive reunion brawl between all of the cast members. So, all they can do it argue, which is where the cattiness comes into play.

My Thoughts

I am in the middle about it. I mean, I was watching the bad girls club since the very second season, which would put me at the age of 15-16, but it never turned me into someone who wants to go out and fight people, or argue with someone over some petty stuff. Now, don’t get it twisted, I was catty and sassy. But I was like that my whole life, ha-ha. I still watch all of the shows I listed, including other reality TV drama-based shows, and I go about my life in a respectful, mature, professional fashion.

I feel like this is just a new genre added to the blame game. If you know about the blame game, then you know its about those critics who blame everything for the actions of others. Video games cause issues in men, horror movies cause people to kill each other, music causes people to believe in getting money and sleeping around, blah-blah-blah. I mean, I’m sure there is a small percentage of people in each category that do base their lives on these genres, but as to blame these genres for EVERYONES’ actions, I think is just plain nonsense.

What are your thoughts?



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