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Nexpaq Is The Next Big Thing! 

What is your ideal perfect kind of phone?

A phone that has extra memory? What about a very long lasting battery, no matter how long you use it? How about some additional loud speakers? How about one that can test your alcohol levels?

What if I told you that there is a special phone case out there that can do all of the above and more?!

I know it may sound crazy, but the creators at Nexpaq have really taken the bulls by the horns here.

The creators of Nexpaq have created these fabulous cases for phones that give you everything you ever wanted in your phone, no matter what kind you have.

They created the Phonepaq, which is specifically fit to the Apple and Android phones. They also created the batpaq, which is to fit all other types of phones so that nobody is left out. The batpaq can be looked at as a universal case.

Each of these cases have 6 open slots on the back, which is to hold the modules that have been created to give your phone everything that you ever wanted it to have.

I want to get to my favorite part, the modules!

  • Air Quality ($44.90) – This module literally does what the name says! It checks the air quality that you inhale. So for all of the health advocates out there, this one is for you!
  • Alcohol ($34.90) – This is like the coolest one I’ve seen by far. This nice little module literally can tell you what your alcohol levels are!
  • Backup memory ($39.90) – You no longer have to worry about that annoying iCloud backup process, with this nice module, you can backup right there and keep it with you wherever you go, and you don’t have to worry about others seeing your information, for example, if you share your iCloud or other storage services with multiple people!
  • Battery ($19.90) – This is my favorite. This module actually takes two blocks, but it gives you longer life for your phone! So, imagine if you bought two of these. Your phone would be long living!
  • Blank module (4.90) – this is for those of you who may not want any add-ons, or this may also come in handy if you have an empty slot that you want to close up!
  • Hotkey ($19.90) – This one is also pretty dope. This module has two buttons on them, which you can program for them to do whatever you like.
  • Laser pointer ($19.90) – I think this one was made specifically for the cat owners, ha-ha! This can also come in handy if you are trying to direct attention to those things that are out of arms reach.
  • LED flashlight ($24.90) – This will give you bolder notifications, brighter selfies, and a better way to see in the dark!
  • Loudspeaker (29.90) – My all-time favorite, as I am a music monger. These plus the built-in speakers, I think it’s safe to say the entire block may sing along with you!
  • SD card ($19.90) – A nice way to store your files, and they can go with you wherever you travel.
  • Temperature & Humidity ($39.90) – This can track the temperature of, well, literally anything, you, your cat, your coffee, your room, outside. Spot on readings, anytime, anywhere.
  • USB ($39.90) – This is the new way to share files with other devices and people, instead of the lengthy processes of emailing, plugging in and downloading, etc.!

I took the time to break down every single item, because they’re just too cool to leave out! Also, all cases and modules come in white or black.

The Phonepaq is $99 dollars, no matter what make and model phone you own. Same goes for the batpaq. So if you have a Nokia, or an iPhone, you’re going to pay $99.

These are some pretty pricey items, but that’s what happens when technology just gets too damn cool!

I will personally be getting one, and I think I’ll stock up on the loudspeaker, SD card, battery, and the USB!

Which items would you get for your phone?

See them all for yourself at !

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Blessings In A Backpack

Today I would like to talk about something a little more uplifting than usual. It’s almost the weeked, I feel good, & I want others to feel good too. No intense posts from me today.

Let’s talk about this amazing charity organization, Blessings in a Backpack.

Blessings in a Backpack are an organization that mobilizes communities, individuals & recourses to provide food on the weekend for elementary school children across America who might otherwise go hungry.

The vision is just as beautiful mission. Every school – aged child in America has the nourishment needed to learn and grow. As a leader in the movement to end childhood hunger, Blessings strives to ensure children don’t go hungry on the weekends by empowering individuals & communities to take action.

One in five American children face food insecurity – this is more than the populations of New York City, Los Angeles & Chicago combined! These children count on the federal funds and food that they receive during the school lunch, and for most, these are the only meals they get.

Over 92,700 children are involved in the program, helping over 1,064 schools in 47 states nationwide.

It was blessing within itself to be a part of Blessings in a Backpack. I served a weekend run with some former colleagues from our college campus, back in the summer of 2012. We were stationed in Louisville, Kentucky, and we assisted the children at Roosevelt Perry Elementary.

I have never seen so many beautiful, happy faced, grateful children in my life.  It warmed my heart to stuff all of their backpacks with as many goodies as we possibly could.

There are many ways to donate for the charity program. You can give money – which you can do one time only, or even set up to pay monthly – stock items, or even backpacks! Or, my personal favorite, which is what myself and my colleagues did, you can step in and help out personally. You can be the one to put all of the treats in the bags, and see all the children’s’ smiling faces!

If anyone is donating, here are the steps:

Money – Send checks to the following address – Blessings in a Backpack , P.O. box 950291 , Louisville, KY 40295.

Stock – Contact the Associate Director of Development at (312) 893-5508.

Give in-Kind (Backpacks) – The only backpacks that can be accepted are new standard backpacks, or drawstrings. Sadly, satchels, roller bags, messenger bags or clear or mesh backpacks cannot be accepted. Call (800) 872 – 4366 to donate!

You can check out the website, to see all of the full details. There, you can also click on the donate tab, and choose whichever way you would like to donate!

I think this charity is one of the most positive impacting tools to take the nation by storm, and it warms my heart to see them going so strong for so many years. Children need all the help they can get because they are our future. We take care of them now, they take care of us later. Plus, with all the nastiness going on in the world today, these kids really need to know what love and compassion is.

Here is my PowerPoint – turned video of our work at Roosevelt Perry Elementary in Louisville, Kentucky. I hope you enjoy it!

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White Privilege, Racism, & Hypocrisy

I think now is the time to really break down how the system works.

I was watching some videos, while doing some research. I always watch nationwide/world video events to stay on top of everything going on. Well, today I came across a video of a fellow blogger, I would assume, and he had a message about racism amongst white people…

This guy was an upmost mess. He started his video by saying he left his boyfriend, because his boyfriend began dating an older man, then added about how much he hates white people now. He then dived right on in, saying that all white people are racist, naturally, due to white privilege.

He gave a few examples of how generalization works. After he would mock a white person, he would hop back to his normal self, and give his ‘knowledge’. For example, he said all waters are wet, so it’s ok to use generalization…

This kind of worked for me, in terms of talking about OBJECTS. Objects and HUMAN BEINGS are completely DIFFERENT.

This really has bothered me on an astounding level.

What happens when white people generalize a whole race? We get called racist, which, is true. But a different race can do it to white people, and it’s completely ok? No, I think not, & that is where hypocrisy comes into play. That is also known as racism.

I don’t know what kind of history books people read, or what kind of dictionaries people use, but racism is not a definition used only against white people. As a matter of fact, let’s look at some definitions right now…

Racism: Racial discrimination or persecution

Race: division of mankind, based on skin color, etc.

With that being said, people who do the same exact thing to another race, or person with a different skin tone, while talking about how they’re segregated, are also racist.

You cannot classify everyone as a whole, just because there are a handful of people amongst a certain race, are who are in fact, racist. I stand up for all nationalities, skin colors, all of the minorities. I am a fighter for all, Freedom, equality, and compassion.

I think the dude in the video was really confused between white privilege and white power. White privilege does not make a white person an automatic racist. Someone who gloats about white power is a racist. This dude seriously needs to get his facts together before slipping off at the mouth.

This article is not just about white and black. This really happens between all races and nationalities that reside in the USA. There is one race, and that is the human race! The only way we can stop oppression and segregation is if we stop doing it to everyone that doesn’t look like us, or eat like us, or talk like us, or pray like us, etc. I can keep going, but I really think I made my point.

Here is the video I made earlier, regarding the same subject. Watch it, as it may help give more enlightenment.

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The Fate Of The Rainbow Community 🌈

There has been a lot of fear running through the all-knowing, fabulous LGBT community ever since trump has become president, especially when his VP, Mike Pence, stated that he would like to give electroshock therapy to help cure gay people.

We all know that Trump talked a lot of lies during his campaign, which he has stated in a lot of his speeches since he’s been in office. For example, now that he’s president, he has no interest in locking up Hilary Clinton, due to the fact that he no longer cares, now that he won the presidency.

So, what does that mean for the LGBT community that has made so much history in the past years?

Well, let’s see what we know. Trump has stated during his campaign run, that gay marriage should be left to the states. After he won presidency, he stated that he’s not focused on the LGBT community at this time, he’s too focused on banning religious groups from entering our country, and too focused on kicking out immigrants that help make this country. And of course, we all know how Mike Pence feels, but he doesn’t matter because he’s at the back of the line.

We do know that trump is a “hardcore Christian” which means he clearly cannot support same-sex marriage. He’s too “traditional” to allow growth in our nation. He does however, allegedly, support domestic partnerships. He then turned a leaf and stated that he opposes civil unions. I swear, he flips his beliefs as much as his tupé flips in the wind.

As far as discrimination goes, Trump refuses to support the equality act, and instead expressed support for the so-called first amendment defense act (FADA) and has even discussed how it can now be legal to fire, or not even hire people based on their sexuality in the work place. (Is this what the 1930’s felt like?)

But, sadly, it’s not just Trump. Now all of these conservatives are stepping into the light and showing just how backwards they really are. From racism, to sexuality.

People are even comparing homosexuality to incest, which, is really baffling to me.

I was taught that religion and politics were to always be separate. But I guess like everything else in America, this has changed.

Here is a video of me giving my opinion on Mark Dice and his foolish antics about comparing homosexuality to incest.

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911 Response Team

I do a lot of research. I feel like I need to really stress that, while talking about this subject. I’ve read documents, listened to emergency calls, and watched documentaries about the lifestyle of the emergency response team.

Let me just say, that a lot of these released documents are gut wrenching, emotionally unbelievable, and just down right scary.

One example that will forever haunt me, is one where an old lady called 911 due to the fact that she was scared about this man walking around the outside of her house late one night, and she lived alone. You hear her talking to the emergency rep, then she pauses for a second, before letting out these gut wrenching screams… The last thing you hear her say before the line disconnects, is that she can’t breathe.

Even though I’m the type to see so much good in the world, I know the world is, in fact, one f*cked up place, due to a lot of its inhabitants. A few family members have worked in prisons and jails, so I know the evil that exists.

Anyways, after doing all of this research, I became really intrigued with this kind of lifestyle, and the effects it can have on the people involved.

So I decided to do an interview with someone really dear to me, she has 9 years of experience in the emergency task force, so I just had to get her side of her experiences.

You will see the entire video interview below. I hope you all enjoy, this is my first interview ever and I’m very excited to share it with my viewers!

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Resident Evil Maniac 

I want to dive on in to the amazing outcome of Resident evil 7! I have loved Resident Evil ever since the first one came  out on the Sony PlayStation. I’ve played every game that was made for the PlayStation, GameCube, DS, and the Xbox. 

So, of course I was going to be all about the 7th add on to the story! My mom actually ordered it for my birthday. Best gift ever! 

I will not lie, I had to wait until I returned  to my Jersey home before I could play it, since that is here my xbox is located. It was definitely worth the wait! 

I beat the game for the very first time within 11 and a half hours, screaming and jumping every step of the way! 😂

When they say fear comes home, they really mean it. Resident evil 7 is only the 3rd game to be held in complete first person mode, the first for both, the saga, and for Microsoft and Sony. RE7 is also the first of the franchise to get a new engine, known as the re engine, which makes it possible to play the game via VR! I’m so envious that only Sony has the VR system,  but at the same time, I’m cool with not having it, because, due to the early stages of the VR being out, the graphics are quite horrible. It is fun watching people play via VR though, because they get really scared! 😂

Now, back to the horror: the creators of RE7 really made sure to step away from the combat style of the games, which can be seen in Resident Evils’ 4-6, and took it back to the original style of surviving for your life against real horrors, crazy people, and life threatening puzzles/decisions. 

I won’t lie, I beat the game four times already, on every difficulty. My favorite is madhouse difficulty, which is the hardest difficulty of all. It’s really intense, and everything is switched up, so even if you beat it twice, once on easy and once on normal, like I did, I promise, you will still jump and scream, like I did, because everything is different on madhouse difficulty. 

Let me just say this, It’s Texas chainsaw massacre meets resident evil…. YASSSSS!!!! 

I love everything about this game. You have to really pay attention to the story to see how it all ties in together with the saga, I’m being honest when I say that it took my second play through to understand in detail.

There’s even a familiar name that we hear at the end of the story,which personally made my mouth drop, but I won’t give away any spoilers. 

I cannot wait to see where the story leads us. I’m excited that there will be some DLC’s releasing for the game, but what I am really excited for is to see the next chapter. It looks like Capcom is going to be switching things up on us, and I love it!!!

If you’re a fan of horror, or Resident Evil,the I highly recommend this game. You won’t be disappointed, unless you’re someone that only wants it for VR, then you maintain be a little disappointed. I would say check out some YouTube videos of the VR gameplay before making that rash decision. 


Returning to Life! 

It’s been over a week since I’ve written anything! But don’t worry, I’m still kicking!

I’ve been gathering a lot of information about things going on in the world during my time away. I just haven’t been posting anything, due to the fact that I had to transition again back to reality.

Of course the last post you saw from me was regarding my birthday, which, was a real turn up time, let me tell you!

I had over 30 people at my house party, including a great surprise from my daddy who came down from Jersey.

The day after the party, my parents and I spent quality time together, due to the fact that he had to return home Sunday night.

I came back to Jersey that following Wednesday, so I made sure to spend some one on one time with my close friends and family.

From there, is when I transitioned from Kentucky, back to Jersey, so I have been spending the passed few days gathering myself.

I’m excited to say that I should be starting a new job within a couple of days! So my posts will be roughly once a day, or every other day, while my YouTube videos take the offset days.

A lot of things changing right now, but don’t you worry! I’m still here to deliver the tea! And let me just say, there’s a lot of sh*t I’ll be talking about!