Resident Evil Maniac 

I want to dive on in to the amazing outcome of Resident evil 7! I have loved Resident Evil ever since the first one came  out on the Sony PlayStation. I’ve played every game that was made for the PlayStation, GameCube, DS, and the Xbox. 

So, of course I was going to be all about the 7th add on to the story! My mom actually ordered it for my birthday. Best gift ever! 

I will not lie, I had to wait until I returned  to my Jersey home before I could play it, since that is here my xbox is located. It was definitely worth the wait! 

I beat the game for the very first time within 11 and a half hours, screaming and jumping every step of the way! 😂

When they say fear comes home, they really mean it. Resident evil 7 is only the 3rd game to be held in complete first person mode, the first for both, the saga, and for Microsoft and Sony. RE7 is also the first of the franchise to get a new engine, known as the re engine, which makes it possible to play the game via VR! I’m so envious that only Sony has the VR system,  but at the same time, I’m cool with not having it, because, due to the early stages of the VR being out, the graphics are quite horrible. It is fun watching people play via VR though, because they get really scared! 😂

Now, back to the horror: the creators of RE7 really made sure to step away from the combat style of the games, which can be seen in Resident Evils’ 4-6, and took it back to the original style of surviving for your life against real horrors, crazy people, and life threatening puzzles/decisions. 

I won’t lie, I beat the game four times already, on every difficulty. My favorite is madhouse difficulty, which is the hardest difficulty of all. It’s really intense, and everything is switched up, so even if you beat it twice, once on easy and once on normal, like I did, I promise, you will still jump and scream, like I did, because everything is different on madhouse difficulty. 

Let me just say this, It’s Texas chainsaw massacre meets resident evil…. YASSSSS!!!! 

I love everything about this game. You have to really pay attention to the story to see how it all ties in together with the saga, I’m being honest when I say that it took my second play through to understand in detail.

There’s even a familiar name that we hear at the end of the story,which personally made my mouth drop, but I won’t give away any spoilers. 

I cannot wait to see where the story leads us. I’m excited that there will be some DLC’s releasing for the game, but what I am really excited for is to see the next chapter. It looks like Capcom is going to be switching things up on us, and I love it!!!

If you’re a fan of horror, or Resident Evil,the I highly recommend this game. You won’t be disappointed, unless you’re someone that only wants it for VR, then you maintain be a little disappointed. I would say check out some YouTube videos of the VR gameplay before making that rash decision. 


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